Screw the Rules; I’ve Got Jesus!!

Hey all,

I’ve noticed a THING while doing my escorting thang over last weekend.  You know last weekend, with the Easter and the Good Friday and all of the reproductive rights bruhaha that is involved?

Yeah, I had a great Easter weekend.

So, right, that thing I noticed.  While I was attending the yearly Planned Parenthood counter-protest on Good Friday. I noticed that a few “protesters” had broken off from the designated area for fetus-worshipers, and had set up shop right behind our designated area for the sane.  It was a group most liberal minded gatherings should be used to: The Big Sign Damning Groups of People to Hell!!


A trio of awesome (with fuckery in the back!)











A couple of people wondered out loud how they could get away with moving their little protest right in the way of our food trucks (yeah, we had food trucks and musical acts to keep our side entertaining).  Who gave them the right to break the simple rules that have been set out for both years for years?

My guess is a little thing I’m calling (with a hat tip to TV Tropes): Screw the Rules: I’ve got Jesus!

Why else would people suddenly assume the rules don’t apply to them? Why else would we have Saturday after Saturday after Saturday of people breaking even the simple rules of politeness by pestering complete strangers, demanding their personal information (names, medical issues, etc), and never taking “fuck off”  for an answer? Why else would they feel it’s okay to try to cross property lines and get into places they are legally not allowed to be in?  Why else would it be considered “taking a stand” for people to rise and recite the Lord’s Prayer in protest of not being able to pray at a government meeting anymore?

Because Screw the Rules: I’ve got Jesus!

Just think about it.  Liberal protests get tons of cops attending. Occupy encampments got busted by the cops for trespassing. Those vested charity folks you see downtown who smile and then ask for money for Amnesty International or Save the Children take “no” for an answer.  They don’t chase you down the sidewalk on some fucked up guilt trip. And if I walked into a church sing “God Is Not Great” I would be rightly asked to leave.

Hell, if I walked into a church singing Solstice Carols, declaring my allegiance to the Old Ones, I’d probably be escorted off the premises by the cops and be on the Six O’Clock news.

The sheer gall of protesters and others who think they are endowed with a special exception baffles me sometimes.

Screw the Rules; I’ve Got Jesus!!

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