Frivolous Friday: My Floofy Cat

Frivolous Fridays are the Orbit bloggers’ excuse to post about fun things we care about that may not have serious implications for atheism or social justice. Any day is a good day to write about whatever the heck we’re interested in (hey, we put “culture” in our tagline for a reason), but we sometimes have a hard time giving ourselves permission to do that. This is our way of encouraging each other to take a break from serious topics and have some fun. Enjoy!

I have a wonderful floofy loud Maine Coon cat named Tegan. She yells at me all day long, and I love her enormously. We made her radioactive once, but the only superpower she has is incredible cuteness.

So, for this Frivolous Friday you get cat pictures. You’re welcome.






Frivolous Friday: My Floofy Cat

7 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday: My Floofy Cat

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    I like your sense, in particular that one called sense of humor. “A degree in Science Stuff” (appropriately capitalized) is worth a lot a midnight oil, indeed. I look forward to seeing more “stuff.”

      1. They often are. I’ve had cats who’ve offered traps, cats who love belly rubs, and cats who don’t make up their minds until your hand touches the belly. I keep band-aids about. 🙂

        1. Tegan will put up with belly rubs from me, but not anyone else. I think I just have enough experience to know the right spots. Plus everyone else is a little too careful with her and I play kinda rough and she likes that. She’s a very playful kitty for one that’s at least 10, possibly older.

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