Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Welcome to Scrappy Deviation, the new home blog of Benny Vimes. This blog is part of The Orbit network, and I’m excited to be a part of this new endeavor.

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Unlike many of the other bloggers on this network, I have not had a blog of my own for quite awhile. I have, however, been part of the excellent blogging network, Skepchick for many years, as a blogger and editor at Queereka, administrator of Skeptability, and writer on Skepchick itself. There I wrote about queer culture, neurodiversity, and the way fans interact with popular media. I look forward to continuing to talk about these issues here, plus a LOT more!

I look forward to discussing social justice issues related to some of my own identities, both marginalized and privileged. These include the facts that I am transgender, queer, polyamorous, autistic, fat, adopted, white, male, kinky, atheist, and others. I also look forward to learning more and writing about the experiences of others, in order to elevate the voices of people of other backgrounds and experiences than me.

I am also a geek and a fan, so I will definitely spend time writing about the books, movies, and TV shows I’m enjoying. If you’re looking for discussion on animated films and shows, or SF/F audiobooks then I hope you will enjoy those posts!

Finally, I’m a student of science (specifically, an undergraduate in Environmental Science), and will absolutely be writing about the things I’m learning and the experience of being a non-traditional student. I will occasionally share some of the undergrad (and eventually graduate!) level scientific concepts that I find particularly interesting, so I hope some of you will be curious to discover more about all areas of science.

So welcome to my blog, and welcome to The Orbit!

Allow Me to Introduce Myself
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    I’m a trans man in his 30’s as well. Also fat! And queer! I’m so happy you are doing this! Please write about all the things! I plan on abusing exclamation points on your blog.


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