Racism’s dead, huh?

Deniers of racism love to assert that racism is a thing of the past, that the U.S. is a post-racial society (we have a black POTUS, so that means…absofuckinglutely nothing). If one follows the news, it’s clear that such a belief is utter balderdash and is directly contradicted by reality (the shared one we all live in. Not the faux reality created by outlets like FOX “News” or the Blaze). Here are five recent examples of racism in the U.S.:

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Racism’s dead, huh?

Defending the indefensible

I’m growing increasingly frustrated by the historical ignorance on the part of many Southerners. In the wake of the June 17 act of racial terrorism that took the lives of 9 African-American churchgoers in Charleston, SC, a debate has reignited over the Confederate flag (which has flown over the South Carolina state capitol since 2000). On one side of the debate are those who argue that the flag represents white supremacy, slavery, and treason. On the other side are those who think the flag is a symbol of Southern heritage and freedom from tyranny. The supporters of the flag are attempting to revise history with proclamations such as “The Civil War was fought over states’ rights”, “The Confederate flag represents bravery, valor, and heroism”, and “The Civil War wasn’t just fought over slavery”. The only proper response to the previous claims are (IMO) “no, it wasn’t”, “no the fuck it doesn’t”, and “hell yes it was”. While I’m sure that many people are genuinely ignorant of the causes of the Civil War and the symbolism of the Confederate flag (owing to deliberate attempts to paint the Southern states in a positive light in the wake of the Civil War), I have no doubt that many other people know full well what they argue for. Whatever the case may be, it disgusts me that whether intentional or not, people are defending the indefensible. To understand the reasons why supporters of the Confederate flag are deeply wrong, a little history lesson is in order. The following is a broad overview of the causes behind the Civil War.

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Defending the indefensible

The legacy of the Confederacy lives on in white supremacists like Dylann Roof

Congregants honor the nine people murdered last week at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. They were slain in a terrorist attack by a white supremacist attempting to incite a race war.

Last week, 21-year-old Dylann Storm Roof drove two hours from his home in Columbia, South Carolina to Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. After being welcomed in with open arms by the African-American churchgoers, Roof sat. And sat. And sat. A little over an hour after he arrived, he jumped back into his car and sped away, leaving behind the bodies of 9 people he shot to death in a horrific act of racial terrorism that has justifiably outraged the nation. Thanks to a perceptive florist, the 14+ hour manhunt for the killer ended in Shelby, North Carolina, more than 245 miles from Charleston. Following his arrest, he has been charged with 9 counts of murder and possession of a firearm. His bond is set at $1 million. The shock and bewilderment felt by many USAmericans upon first hearing of his deadly crime largely centered around “why would someone do this”. The answer to that was made apparent less than 24 hours after his shooting rampage:
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The legacy of the Confederacy lives on in white supremacists like Dylann Roof

It was an act of terrorism by a white supremacist

You can’t go a day without hearing someone say “The United States is a post-racial country”. In other words, racism, racial discrimination, and prejudice based on race are all things of the past. Leaving aside the fact that people who feel this way have an incomplete understanding of racism (seriously, they need a 101 lesson), these ignoramuses are also blind to the individual examples of racism that occur all the damn time. Normally I would list 5 examples of racism in the United States, but today I’m going to focus on one example.

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It was an act of terrorism by a white supremacist

White USAmericans need their own Ghandi or MLK

The face oppression in all 50 states.

They face remarkable levels of discrimination.

In all areas of society they are underrepresented.

In all walks of life, they face increasing marginalization and victimization.

No, I’m not speaking of Black people. Or Asians. Or Hispanics. No, the group under attack…the one most in need of help…of being saved…that group is white people.

Please refrain from laughing.

Yes, here in the United States in 2015, white people face a grave, grave danger. One so monumental that white nationalist group American Renaissance recently held a debate on whether or not the “race problem” in the U.S. could be solved “within the U.S. political system”. The debate was held during their annual convention last month in Tennessee and featured several swell folks, including a fringe racist figure (but who cares about that, since racism is over in this country), a former KKK attorney (who probably lets black people use his restroom), and a few mainstream conservatives (I’ve heard they’re all really wonderful people):

Last month, the white nationalist group American Renaissanceheld its annual conference in Tennessee, bringing together fringe racist figures like AmRen’s Jared Taylor, the National Policy Institute’s Richard Spencer, and former Klan attorney Sam Dickson with activists who have ties with more mainstream conservative movements, including former National Review columnist John Derbyshire and onetime CPAC speaker Peter Brimelow.

American Renaissance is tied to the leadership of ProEnglish, a regular sponsor of groups such as CPAC.

The event included a debate about whether “the race problem” can be solved within “the U.S. political system,” with Brimelow and Derbyshire arguing that it can, and Spencer and Dickson arguing that it cannot.

Spencer argued that white Americans are becoming marginalized and victimized by an increasing non-white population, a problem that can only be confronted by finding “a white-advocate Martin Luther King or a white-advocate Gandhi” who can similarly “start from a position of weakness and capture people’s imagination.”

Again I say: no laughing

Yes white people are being marginalized and victimized, and a look at some statistics shows how awful it is for white people in the United States:

  • The majority of police officers are white
  • 65% of politicians are white
  • In the boardroom, corporate CEOs are overwhelmingly white
  • Of the more than 1.2 million licensed lawyers in the U.S., 88% are white
  • In the physician workforce white people again make up the majority racial demographic
  • Roughly 82% of public school teachers are white
  • The vast majority of journalists are white
  • More than 89% of those who receive lead roles in films, 87% of film directors, 92% of film writers, and 94% of lead actors in broadcast comedies or dramas are white (source)
  • Nearly 77% of active circuit court judges, roughly 90% of senior circuit court judges, almost 75% of active district court judges, and almost 90% of senior district court judges are white (source)
  • The vast majority of credited, solicited creators of comic books at Marvel and DC (the largest comic book publishers in the U.S.) are white
  • White people are the majority racial demographic among Major League Baseball rosters
  • Among college and university presidents, white people dominate
  • In 2011, white people made up 79% of instructional faculty members in U.S. colleges
  • By a landslide, the majority of business owners are white

I could go on and on (and on and on) about the plight of white people in this country. They are clearly being pushed to the fringes, have diminished representation in all walks of life, and wield an ever-shrinking amount of political and economic power. How anyone can look at the above figures and reach any conclusion other than white people are marginalized, oppressed, and discriminated against due to their race is beyond me. Clearly they need an inspirational figure…someone like a Ghandi or Martin Luther King, Jr…to capture people’s imaginations and work to address the social, political, and economic inequality facing white USAmericans.

 Ok, now you can laugh.

Disclaimer: the mockery contained in this post (yes, it was mockery) is aimed at the idea that white people face oppression, marginalization, discrimination, and/or inequality because they are white. Other factors, such as sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, and class do indeed affect white people (on the whole though, they are affected to a lesser degree than People of Color, bc contrary to people who think like Bill ‘domestic abuser’ O’Reilly, white privilege does exist), but again, none of that is because they are white.

White USAmericans need their own Ghandi or MLK