Pop Culture Link Round-Up 10.6.14: Comics Edition

Marvel continues trying to appeal to its female readers.  Spiderwoman, Elektra, Storm, Black Widow, the all female X-Men, She-Hulk, Angela, Thor, Ms Marvel, and Captain Marvel all feature women as the star of their own books.  That number is about to grow by one, as Marvel has just revealed another new ongoing series featuring a woman:  The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

I really can’t believe I just typed that.  There are some characters you just never think of ever getting their own series, and SG is one of them.  But really, who cares if she seems like the “right” character to get their own title? Marvel is making a concerted effort to appeal to women. That’s what is most important. And the various female-led titles aren’t all from the same mold.  Squirrel Girl looks to be a unique book:

The series, which arrives nearly 23 years after her debut, marks Squirrel Girl’s first as a headlining hero. The announcement states that the series will follow Luke Cage’s former nanny as she heads off to college for a whole new set of adventures. The title also contains an adjective — “unbeatable” — not yet used by Marvel comics, setting the titular character apart from her “uncanny” and “amazing” peers.

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Might FOX be planning a live-action X-Men series?

It was only a matter of time before the X-Men joined the television rumor mill.

According to Bleeding Cool, Fox Studios might be developing a live-action X-Men television show with a fair amount of interest amongst studio heads and producers. This is the first significant news on a X-Men television project since X-writer/producer Simon Kinsberg said in March that television was a strong option for the franchise.

While no other information is available yet, it’s safe to assume that Fox won’t use any of their marquee mutants for television. The core X-Men will appear in X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016, and any B-list mutants would likely be held for another big screen project. If we had to speculate, the show would most likely feature stalwart or ancillary X-Men, such as the New Mutants or Generation

I like the idea of a New Mutants series. Or Generation X (we had a pilot for a Gen X series, but the less said about that, the better).  Or Young X-Men.

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Rumor Mill Time:  Will Sony and Marvel Pictures work together to add Spider-Man to the Cinematic Marvel Universe?

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Remember:  The Flash debuts Tuesday, October 7 on the CW!

Pop Culture Link Round-Up 10.6.14: Comics Edition

Any Buffy Fans out there?

“I lost a friend tonight and I may lose more.  The whole Earth could get sucked into hell and you want my help because your girlfriend’s a big ho’?  Let me take this opportunity to not care!”

“My life happens, on occasion, to suck beyond the telling of it.”

“The Slayer’s a robot? Did everyone know the Slayer’s a robot?”

Season 2.  Season 3. Season 5.

I’m a Buffy fan.

A big Buffy fan.

A huge Buffy fan.

(Although I do like Faith the bestest.  Due to her conflicted nature, she’s got more moral gray areas than Buffy, which allows, IMO for a greater range of stories.  Plus I love Eliza Dushku.)

Anyways, I stumbled upon a lil’ sum sum from Zimbio-a fan created intro to an animated Buffy show. Stephen Byrne knows his shit!

But what gang…there’s more.  Images.  There be images!

Any Buffy Fans out there?