The Sensational Spider-Gwen

Last year, Marvel Comics announced a crossover within the Spider-Man family of books called ‘Spider-Verse’. Leading up to that event was a mini series called ‘Edge of Spider-Verse’. Each issue featured brand-new alternate reality versions of spider characters from the mainstream Marvel Universe. One variation, Earth-65’s Spider-Gwen, received an overwhelmingly positive response from fans even before her one-shot hit the stands! Created by writer Jason Latour and artist Robbi Rodriguez, Spider-Gwen’s popularity has resulted in fans writing songs, creating custom-made hoodies, and creating art–lots and lots of art (the groundswell of support for Spider-Gwen has also led to an ongoing series which debuts today-check here to find your local comic book shop). While I’ve featured some examples of that art in the past, there’s plenty more to show off, hence this post. Hope you enjoy!

(from msciuto)
(from David Dunn)
(from veNtriX)
(from Thegerjoos)
(from Celine Kim)
(from Joel Gomez)
The Sensational Spider-Gwen