My faith in the Justice League movie just increased

Here’s yet another trailer released by DC at San Diego Comic-Con: Justice League part 1. One of my biggest gripes with Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was how oppressively bleak and dour it was. It was as if Zack Snyder sucked all the joy…all the fun…all the excitement out of the characters (and all the color for that matter; just look at the color palette for the film). It was just dark and dreary throughout. I was worried that his Justice League films would follow suit. Well, if this Justice League trailer is any indication, things might be looking up for this film. Dare I hope to actually *enjoy* the movie? We’ll see.

(edit: it would be more accurate to state that this is footage assembled in the fashion of a trailer, rather than the official Justice League trailer)

My faith in the Justice League movie just increased

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To gaming consoles this summer:

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To theaters at the end of the year:

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To theaters in a little over two weeks:

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to the small screen this summer:

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YouTube fan creates awesome trailers for movies that will never happen

YouTube user and comic book fan Alex Luthor has a penchant for creating unique movie trailers. Through a melding of movies, television shows, video games, and even unseen TV pilots, Luthor has created trailers for comic book movies that will probably never be produced by Warner Bros. or Marvel Studios. Still, that makes me appreciate the effort he took to create believable trailers like the following:

Marvel vs DC

Avengers vs the X-Men

and his most recent video, which pits the heroes of the Marvel and DC universes against a powerful force:

YouTube fan creates awesome trailers for movies that will never happen

My dream All Female Justice League team

Hypothetical thought game time: seven member, all female Justice League: go

Hmmm…so many wonderful choices.  It needs to be a good mix of personalities and power.

Dove II
Terra III

and of course:

Wonder Woman (in her real costume)

So that’s my team:  Wonder Woman as team leader, Stargirl, Grace, Starfire, Skyrocket, Terra, and Dove.  I wanted some diversity of experiences, perspectives, ethnicities, sexualities, and fighting styles on the team.  I also wanted some overlap between some of the characters so they could bond. Hence having young characters like Terra and Stargirl on the team (I also wanted some youthful characters to be able to learn from the more experienced heroes, and to see differing views on being heroes), or warriors like Wonder Woman and Starfire.  From a personality perspective, there could be potential for a clash between the nonviolent Dove, and the scrapper Grace, or even Starfire.  With Grace on the team, you have one out  LGBT character (and I don’t care what anyone says, Diana is open enough to be questioning or bisexual).  Skyrocket’s military background nicely pairs with Wonder Woman’s warrior training (though obviously in different ways), perhaps to the extent of them being co-leaders. Like Grace, Skyrocket brings ethnic diversity (and yes, I want that on a team).  As for powers, there’s the physical heavy hitters like Wonder Woman, Grace and Starfire, the technology based heroes in Stargirl and Skyrocket, and the geokinetic Terra.  The other reason I wanted Dove on the team was that she’s not super powerful, but her abilities and natural skills (which are amplified as Dove) can be quite useful, especially for stealth missions.

My dream All Female Justice League team