Outraged conservatives have a new target

The list of subjects that cause conservatives to bristle with fury is quite extensive. I daresay one could fill up each space on a bingo card with a subject that makes conservatives seethe with anger. In fact, let’s try it out:

  1. The Affordable Care Act
  2. immigrants
  3. queer people
  4. Common Core
  5. Happy Holidays
  6. multiculturalism
  7. black people
  8. President Obama
  9. atheists
  10. liberals
  11. feminists
  12. “entitlement culture”
  13. “PC” culture
  14. anti-discrimination laws
  15. contraception
  16. mainstream media
  17. environmental regulations
  18. people who fail to demonstrate proper obedience to authority figures
  19. Communists
  20. Marxists
  21. Socialists
  22. gun control
  23. evidence-based sex ed
  24. Planned Parenthood
  25. (who needs a free space with all the shit conservatives get pissy over) minimum wage increases

Unfortunately, I’m out of room on my bingo card, and there’s a brand-spanking new addition to the list of subjects that conservatives blow their tops over:  Joss Whedon.

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Outraged conservatives have a new target