Music That Moves Me 11.15.14

I really love getting to hear new songs that just rock.  These are songs that I hear and immediately want to bust out on the dance floor and move to.  Over at Weodmusic, I discovered one such song, Ingrosso & Alesso’s ‘Calling (Lose My Mind)’ featuring Ryan Tedder.  As soon as I hit play, I could feel the music move through me and there I was, washing dishes, and jamming in the kitchen to a song I’d never heard before, but am incredibly glad I did.

oooh, and here’s another one:

and now, because I’m in a Deborah Cox mood a song that makes me feel so good that it makes me cry (yes, I’m crying as I listen to this song. It strikes such a powerful chord in me. I can’t explain it. It’s like when I get extremely angry, I cry. Starting to wonder if emotional extremes just cause me to cry…)

‘Absolutely Not’

Uh-oh, I’m on an old school (for me) roll. Here’s some Melanie C ‘I Turn To You’:

Aaaaaand one more. A little Tamia ‘Stranger In My House’ remix by Thunderpuss:

Damn! I’d forgotten how powerful the natural high of being amped up on good music can make me.  Wish I lived in a city with a good gay bar to go dancing at (well that and some money to go partying with).

Music That Moves Me 11.15.14