Power differentials can make consent difficult to obtain

Content Note:
Discussion of sexual assault, sexual harassment



One thing I’ve seen in discussions about rape and sexual assault over the years is that many men have a poor or nonexistent understanding of power differentials (though men aren’t the only ones who have this problem, I’m speaking here to guys bc we are the people responsible for the majority of sexual assaults). To be sure, there are men who feign a lack of understanding, but actually

Image on white background. Lists essential elements necessary consent, stating: Consent is: 1-active. 2- based on equal power. 3- a choice. 4- a process.
A quick guide to understanding consent.

know damn well what power differentials are. I’m not speaking to that group in this post (other than to say that you’re predatory assholes).

For those trying to wrap their mind around the concept of a power differential for the first time, I invite you to think of your current occupation and/or any classes you may be taking. Think about who your boss (manager or owner). Think about your instructors.  If you *are* the boss or instructor, think about the employees you have or the students in your care.

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Power differentials can make consent difficult to obtain