How did MRA’s spend International Men’s Day?

November 19.

International Men’s Day.

A day that’s All About the Menz.

Collectively, how did MRA’s spend it?

Did they:

Work to Increase awareness of prostate cancer and the need for regular health exams?

Organize rallie to overturn marijuana charges, release non-violent offenders, or eliminate the war on drugs?

Set up mass email or snailmail campaign whereby they demanded of their state officials greater funds for mental health services with the goal of reducing the number of men who commit suicide?

Speak out against the culture of toxic masculinity on college campuses that stifles male expression and encourages harmful behaviors to oneself and others?

Write letters en masse to their elected officials demanding government programs to aid male victims of sexual assault?

Debut an evidence based online resource aimed at educating married men in the middle of divorce on their options for child custody?

March on Washington demanding a reorganization of our military bc they don’t want any other men dying to protect corporate interests?

Launch a website for male survivors of sexual assault to anonymously share their stories without fear of being called liars or being emasculated?

Did they publicly declare their rejection of patriarchy bc it hurts men too?


(warning: this post may cause you to laugh uncontrollably at the thought of MRAs doing any-fucking-thing other than harassing and abusing women and whining about when men get a day for them, only to turn around and do absolutely nothing constructive on that day)

How did MRA’s spend International Men’s Day?

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    Yeah, their “activism” seems to consist solely of punching down against people they hate, while using all of the above issues as an excuse to bully them. They don’t give a single flying fuck about any of the above issues, they just want to use those issues as a bludgeon to shut up women.

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