Castlevania on Netflix: I’m sold!


Sense8 soundtrack cover.

Netflix is really doing a good job wooing in new viewers like myself. Sense8 Season 1 (which I still have to finish) has been great, and I have a Christmas episode and Season 2 to look forward to. Captivating characters. An interesting premise. International locations. And a diverse cast.  Good, solid show.

The Defenders
Promotional image of the Netflix/Marvel original series, Defenders, which debuts later this year. Image contains shots of Mike Colter, Charlie Cox, Kristin Ritter, and Finn Jones as Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the Culturally Appropriated Iron White Savior Fist.

Then there are the Netflix/Marvel joint original series. Hoo-boy, Daredevil was AMAZEBALLS, and set a standard for the other Netflix/Marvel shows to meet. Jessica Jones, though a completely different tone, and vastly more difficult subject matter, actually surpassed Daredevil’s first season in quality (and Kristin Ritter just works magically as JJ).  Daredevil Season 2 was not as tightly focused as the first, but benefited from the introduction of the Punisher (who’s getting his own series in a few years). I’ve not finished Luke Cage yet, but what I’ve seen has been great. Colter plays him so close to the vest, and I like that. He’s not a stereotypical black character on tv and we desperately need greater diversity in the roles black men play in our entertainment.  I’ve not mustered the wherewithal to watch Captain Cultural Appropriation by way of the White Savior Trope aka Iron Fist, and I’m not completely sure I ever will (they should have cast an Asian actor in the title role, and there are ways to work with the character’s history to avoid the numerous tropes of Asian characters in film and tv). Despite my ambivalence towards Iron Fist, I plan on watching Defenders.

But Netflix hasn’t stopped there. They’re giving me something else to watch and just from the teaser it looks AMAZEBALLS.  With a drop date of July 7, the dark medieval animated series Castlevania (based on the old video game, and written and executive produced by Warren ‘The Authority’ Ellis) has my mouth watering. Take a gander at the teaser:

With Ellis (a writer who has produced so much content that I love) as the helm of this and with that kind of animation, I feel like this is going to be a pretty darn awesome series. Wonder What Netflix is going to hit us with next.

Castlevania on Netflix: I’m sold!

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    they’re pretty wild. i’m guessing next is another adam sandler movie, where he plays a multiple personality case where each personality is an offensive stereotype – racist, homophobic, and misogynist. then they’ll turn around and drop a standup comedy special by someone totally on point with the social justice, then another tv show that is great but has some seedy flaw running through the whole thing. still i need to get netflix again so i can see some of the stuff i’ve missed since we lapsed – especially luke cage.

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    I would rank Daredevil s01 as the best, with Jessica Jones a very close second. Didn’t like DD s02 that much, but yeah, Jon Bernthal was definitley the high point, hands down the best Punisher I’ve seen. Luke Cage was good (Mahershala Ali, damn, he’s so awesome and cool sitting there with his electric piano). Iron Fist was so, so, SO bad and boring that it really made me angry. Look at that promo image, it even sucks there…

    Anyways… Castlevania = AMAZEBALLS <3

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