Guys, all women deserve to be treated with respect and decency.

There’s something rotten in the world.

Something that is responsible for everything from one on one fisticuffs up to and including global conflict.

Something that is responsible for atrocities in every city, every town, every country the world over.

Something whose toxicity has inflicted innumerable examples of physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual abuse upon roughly half the population of the planet

Yeah, us.

I have a friend (a woman) who is looking for a roommate–not a guy. She did not elaborate on why (and I would not ask), but I can hazard a few guesses.
Those guesses remind me of the danger that men have posed and continue to pose to women.
Sexual assault.
Sexual harassment.
Street harassment.
Boundary violation.
Physical abuse.
Emotional abuse.
Psychological abuse.
(Not a complete list)
I am reminded of Schrodingers Rapist. That women do not know the character of men when they first encounter them. A mental calculus has to be made and with as often as men commit battery/assault, rape, sexual assault, and more, I completely understand women taking care of themselves first and foremost. If that means avoiding men, wanting nothing to do with men, not wanting to live with men, or even saying “I hate all men”, so be it. It is their safety and well-being that is and should take precedence.
But it does not have to be this way. If I strain, I can juuuuuuuuuuuust imagine a world where men are not a threat to….

…you know what?
I cannot even imagine that world. I wish I could, but the world we live in has seen so much violence against women at the hands of men…SO MUCH FUCKING VIOLENCE…that imagining a world without that violence?
Imagining a world where friendship with a woman is completely accepted by men…accepted, understood, and welcomed. With no reference or thought of hurt feelings, whining about no sex, and no whining about “friendzones”…
A world where a woman could be roommates with a man and her biggest concern is “Who’s turn is it to wash dishes?”
We do not live in that world. We live in a world that is all too often a goddamn nightmare. A nightmare of horrific proportions.
A nightmare that is
Its on us, guys.
We can do better.
We MUST do better.
And if you consider yourself a decent person…
A decent human being…
A decent guy…
You WILL work to treat women with decency and respect.
All women.
Not just white, cishet, abled, NT, women.
Trans women.
Trans Women of Color.
Physically or mentally disabled women.
NeuroDivergent women.
Women of Color.
And all variations and permutations of the above.
I know we can do it guys.
So lets fucking DO IT.

Guys, all women deserve to be treated with respect and decency.

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    (incidentally, if you’re a troll or MRA or antifeminist and you don’t like this post, sucks to be you bc you’re not getting through moderation and your comment is going to be deleted. My house. My rules. And you fuckers are not welcome. Yes, that includes the shithead whose comment was just deleted.)

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    To be clear, that’s “Michael Shermer, proven rapist based on the preponderance of the evidence, presented after the statute of limitations expired”, not “proven beyond a reasonable doubt”

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    I never claimed that it was “proven beyond a reasonable doubt’. I’m not in a court of law, so I don’t feel the need to add such a legal disclaimer. Based on the preponderance of the evidence, I do believe Michael Shermer is a rapist.

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