Attention all Nazis!

When the Nazi doth choose
To venture outside
To push for the white man’s

To his right, he must cuck
his Hitlery head
His heart filled bigly with

To his left, he must cuck
his jackbooted head
His eyes with a much worried

“No danger” “No danger”
He sighs with relief
His mind had been frightened
for days.

“We move from the shadows
to the mount where we stand
Nevermore shall we cower and

“Now is the time”
he ponders with glee
“To put an END to the white

Consumed as he is
with his Master plan,
The nasty alt-fellow
be unaware.

Of the one, no two, no three
who appear.
“Three against one? You know
tis not fair.”

From a distance they stand
brass knuckles in hand
Each of them speaks
as one mind.

” ‘Fair’, you would ask, you foul
scented ass?!
What fairness have you shown
to our kind?”

” ‘Fair’ is a word you Nazi’s know not.
We KNOW of the word that you do.
you knew it then & we bring it now
thru FORCE we will end you.”

From the ashes of ash

and dust of the dust
Though you’ve once more appeared,
Know you this

and know you now
This time tis YOU who shall be afeared.”

(inspired by Richard Spencer’s most recent encounter with anti-fascist protesters. Which, like his fist-to-face encounter earlier this year, did not go well for him)

Attention all Nazis!

One thought on “Attention all Nazis!

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    Generally I don’t like poetry, this is a rare exception. I like this poem even better substituting Christian for Nazi, that should be okay since Hitler was a member of the Christian gang in good standing I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. Of course we can’t ask him personally but I’m sure the current crop of his Christian gang imitators would agree.

    Especially appropriate as a counter point to the Christian assholes who start banging on their little drums particularly loudly around this time of year.

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