Irresponsible Gun Owners of America 2.6.17

On a regular basis, individuals across the U.S. demonstrate that they are not responsible


gun owners. Oh, they may have passed a background check (or not, bc there are flaws in the federal background check requirement) and obtained a license and/or a permit, but have they demonstrated-prior to owning a gun-that they aren’t an aggressive individual with a hair-trigger temper? Have they shown knowledge of how to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence? Do they know how to properly clean a gun or that firearms and alcohol are a bad mix? Do they know how to correctly store a gun (especially in a home with children)? Sadly, a great many people don’t (or if they do, they disregard this knowledge). And those that don’t should never be allowed to own firearms bc they are irresponsible. Here are five examples of irresponsible gun owners:

You  know those stories you read that are so bizarre you question if they aren’t satirical or outright fictional? This first case of an irresponsible gun owner is one of those.

This guy thought he was shooting at a zombie

According to the criminal complaint, the incident happened near the intersection of Memory Lane and Cowern Place East. Police who were summoned there at about 5 a.m. Saturday were told by the resident he was awakened by a gunshot and the sound of glass breaking in his room.

Investigators determined the bullet had entered through a window, ricocheted near the head of the man’s bed, and struck a second wall.

Just outside the residence, police noted 24-year-old Ryan Mathew Stanislaw walking with an AR-15 rifle slung over his neck.

“I’m out here making sure my neighborhood is safe,” he told officers, allegedly smelling of alcohol. “I didn’t see the cops, so I figured I’d do something.”

Stanislaw told police that he was shooting at “a zombie” up the road.

His rifle was taken; it had green-tipped Hornady .223-caliber bullets,which are marketed as zombie-killing bullets: “Each round is loaded with a special, neon green, polymer-tipped Z-Max bullet that delivers devastating expansion and was specifically designed for zombie elimination. You never know when the impending zombie apocalypse will begin, so make sure you’re prepared with extra magazines and bugout bags stuffed full of this effective zombie specific ammunition.”

Reeking of alcohol and wielding a gun. That’s a not good combination and could lead to a deadly situation fast. Which it very nearly did. If you can’t be responsible enough with your firearm to ensure it’s locked away safely so that your drunk ass can’t easily get to it, then you shouldn’t be able to own a gun.

Also, *no* neighborhood needs the protection of an inebriated wannabe Rambo roaming the streets with a zombie killing gun.

Also, also, I kinda want some of whatever shit he was on that made him think he saw a zombie.




On second thought, no, I don’t want any.


The next irresponsible gun owner is yet another candidate for “People Who Should Never Own A Gun”.

Sheriff: Woman shoots neighbor in cat-dog dispute

Deputies charged Leanna Grace Perkins, 26, with attempted murder and shooting into occupied property. Perkins was jailed on $350,000 bail and appears to have no criminal history, the sheriff’s office said.

Perkins told deputies she heard someone blowing the horn and when she looked outside, she saw a man in a car. She said she thought the man was going to open the door to get out, claimed she was in fear and shot in the direction of the car, according to the sheriff’s office.

Picture for a second our closest star: the sun. It’s a pretty hot ball of plasma (while it’s not the hottest star out there, it’s still pretty toasty). Now imagine all that heat being transformed into rage and anger, and all that rage and anger manifesting in my head almost every time I hear someone (whether civilian or law enforcement official) use the “I feared for my life” excuse when they shoot someone. Yeah, I hate that excuse, bc it’s so frequently used to justify the use of deadly force in situations in which deadly force is most decidedly *not* justified. Like this one! I mean FFS, she saw a man who exited his car and she thought he was a possible danger?! What, was he black or something (bc everyone knows all black men are ooogity boogity scary).

“The totality of all the evidence indicates that victim and suspect only knew each other because of a reported history of problems with pets going on the property of the other,” the sheriff’s office said in a news release. “Family members of Campbell stated that on this day he left to go to the suspect’s house and tell her that her cat was on his property and for her to get it before he let out his dogs.”

Campbell never left his vehicle and only blew the horn to get Perkins to come outside, the sheriff’s office said. “All indications are that Perkins was the only one with a weapon,” the office said.

All indications also point to one inescapable truth:  Perkins should not be allowed to own a gun, bc she is reckless and irresponsible.

 Police: 2-year-old shoots 1-year-old in the face in a car

Baton Rouge police say a 2-year-old shot a 1-year-old sibling in the face inside a parked car in north Baton Rouge, leaving the infant in serious condition.

Police spokesman Sgt. L’Jean McKneely says the shooting was called in to EMS at 7:23 p.m. and occurred at a parking lot near a strip mall.

McKneely told The Advocate ( ) that there were two adults around but he’s not sure how the 2-year-old got a hold of the gun. He says the family drove the injured child to the hospital rather than wait on EMS.

McKneely says the shooting is still under investigation.

You don’t get a much more clear cut example of irresponsible gun owner than someone who is so careless with their firearm that a child can acquire it.

Cops: Fla. man shoots in trailer park over neighbor’s loud generator

Florida Man is at it again.

That alone should tell you enough about this ridiculous excuse for firing a gun.  Would it surprise you to know that he was ::gasp:: under the influence of alcohol? I know, shocker.

Deputies responded to the neighborhood in Hammock Beach around 10 p.m. and arrested Timothy Hawk, 61, on charges of reckless discharge of a firearm and use of a firearm while under the influence of alcohol, The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.

Police said when they arrived they heard a few gun shots, and a neighbor was able to convince Hawk to come out of his trailer. Hawk complied and told officers he was only shooting at raccoons that were digging in his trash “because he wanted to do some target practice,” according to The Daytona Beach News-Journal.

But neighbors told police that Hawk was angry because a neighbor’s generator was too loud and he couldn’t sleep. They then told police Hawk “decided to make his own noises” and shot his rifle around the area.

I get it.

Not being able to sleep because some loud, irritating noise Just Won’t Stop. But this is still no excuse for breaking out your household killing machine.  This is not self-defense, or in the defense of the safety of others. Nor is it a time of war. Nor is it even in the defense of one’s home (though I despise Castle Doctrine bc human life > property, I recognize that it is a thing that exists).

Incidentally, shit like this should result in the revocation of your right to own a gun. If you cannot be a responsible firearm owning citizen, you should not be allowed to own one. Sadly, there are few conditions in which the right to bear arms can be revoked.


Man shoots neighbour’s cat because it ‘looked at him like he owned the place’

He also shot the cat because it pooped on his property. Sounds like a totes reasonable use of a gun. NOT.

Heidi Hatheaway, whose son found the injured animal, described the incident as “pathetic”.

“It was the most saddest thing to see a little animal, literally tears running down its face,” Ms Hatheaway told News 6.

The culprit said it was a “poor judgement call” to shoot the cat and claimed he did not know it belonged to a neighbour.

He admitted to shooting cats in the past but said he had always missed.

Oh, so that makes it ok? Dude, these are cats. They aren’t sabretooth tigers scratching at your door demanding five pounds of your flesh. You don’t use a gun against them.

Given his casual, nonchalant use of firearms in the past, this guy is another nominee on the ‘should not be allowed to own a gun’ list.








Irresponsible Gun Owners of America 2.6.17