My faith in the Justice League movie just increased

Here’s yet another trailer released by DC at San Diego Comic-Con: Justice League part 1. One of my biggest gripes with Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was how oppressively bleak and dour it was. It was as if Zack Snyder sucked all the joy…all the fun…all the excitement out of the characters (and all the color for that matter; just look at the color palette for the film). It was just dark and dreary throughout. I was worried that his Justice League films would follow suit. Well, if this Justice League trailer is any indication, things might be looking up for this film. Dare I hope to actually *enjoy* the movie? We’ll see.

(edit: it would be more accurate to state that this is footage assembled in the fashion of a trailer, rather than the official Justice League trailer)

My faith in the Justice League movie just increased
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4 thoughts on “My faith in the Justice League movie just increased

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    Well, Randian ideals mesh well with super, less so with hero.

    It’s probably unfair to compare Snyder to Miller, who seems to have a nearly Christian distaste for humanity and civilization (judging by Sin City, the Dark Knight Returns, and Batman Year One, he seems to see any population center as Times Square, 1981). Dawn of Crybabies owed a lot to DKR, but Snyder didn’t seem to have actually read it.

    However, Snyder’s Superman seems singularly uninterested in helping people unless his hand is forced or he cares personally about the individual in question, and his Batman is almost eager to kill.

    I’d say that neither one seems to present heroes who are particularly heroic, but the comparison is unfair because Miller’s “heroes” are psychopathic, if not psychotic.

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