Dear readers, I could use some assistance

E-begging time, y’all.

Unemployment sucks (and since I quit, I cannot receive unemployment compensation). I’m living in a small town that doesn’t have many job options*. For the last few months, I’ve been paying bills by selling items on Ebay and some help from relatives. There are not enough items moving on Ebay sadly, but my family has thankfully been able to help with rent. I have half of what I need ($412) at present, so if anyone is in a position to donate (here’s my PayPal), it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone!

If you can’t donate, no worries. I understand that many people might not be in a position to donate. If you can’t, please consider spreading the word on social media.

*I have a tentative bright spot on the horizon, but the restaurant doesn’t open until the middle or the end of July so that cannot help me at the moment.

Dear readers, I could use some assistance

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    Hang in there man. I’m in a similar boat – unemployment isn’t enough to pay for the bills and (irony alert) yet it is too much income to qualify for food stamps.

    Keep plugging away and things will get better.

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    I’ve been there too and I hope you come through a tough time ok. By the way I love your comments and views in the Pharyngula commentariat and just found out about your blog here so I’ll be reading this too!


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    Would it be possible for The-Orbit to set up a permanent donation/support page for any and all authors that accept support? Or a monthly post? Links to PayPal or Patreon or bookstore etc.

    I’m readjusting my patreon support and would like to redirect some of that to Orbit authors who request/require it.

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    I don’t think we could set something up for the entire network. Individual bloggers have their own Patreon’s set up (which is something I haven’t done as yet). Pretty much everyone here accepts support (AFAIK, we all have donation links to Patreon or PayPal on our blogs), and I’m reasonably certain everyone that blogs here is appreciative of all the support (financial or otherwise) that we receive from our readers.

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    rich rutishauser:
    Thank you!
    Prior to launching The Orbit with the rest of my fellow bloggers, I was at Pharyngula regularly. For around 5 years, I was a regular there. But as with many people, I drifted away (in no small part due to the time I’m spending blogging here), though I still read PZ’s blog and comment occasionally. Glad to have you reading!

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    Fellow Wage Slave:
    (love the nym)
    I just got hired at a restaurant, which opens mid-month, so things should be on the upswing for me financially in the not-too-distant future. Thank you.

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    Hopefully things will improve. I saw this at PZ’s place. I’m not an all the time reader, but I appreciate a lot of what you’ve had to say as a commenter and writer. I kicked in a few bucks. Wish you well.

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    Hey, do you need anymore help?

    I know I haven’t been posting for a while. Been getting some weird issues when I try. It thinks it knows me, then when I post it says it thinks I’m an imposter. And even before that I hadn’t been getting the email updates for posts I commented on.

    Point is, I’m able to send some digital bits from my PayPal to yours at this time if you still need it. I’d hate for your furry family members to have a difficult time.

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    I started a job a few weeks ago, but we’re so overstaffed that I’m not making much money at all. I’m straining, but I think I’m just able to pay most of my bills this month, but it’s not leaving me much left over. I’m not in the *dire* place I was when I first made this post, but I am still pretty darn broke.

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