Speakeasy #12

Welcome to the social thread at the Progressive Pub. Here at the Speakeasy, you can metaphorically put your feet up, grab a virtual beverage from your resident bartender (me), and socialize with the regulars. Gab, share recipes, share news, rage about your problems or the problems of the world, discuss impending vacations, share book recommendations, talk about your jobs and your families, your hopes and dreams, and pretty much anything else you want. Everyone is welcome, just be kind to one another (and leave bigotry at the door).

Speakeasy #12
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844 thoughts on “Speakeasy #12

  1. 351

    Have fun in Bucharest and don’t worry – you’ll do great! You’ve been picked for this because you’re awesome and you should always keep that in mind.
    Also, don’t worry about the layover in Paris – if someone asks you about football tell them about the NFL and you’ll be safe and uncontroversial.

  2. 353

    Have fun in Bukarest

    Re: weather
    The sky is an unknown colour I can only describe as “not the customary grey” and there’s a bright yellow dot in it. Dunno what to make of it. Maybe I should ask grandma if she’s seen anything like this before. I mean, at 94 she has seen lots.

  3. 355

    Oh noooooooo! Wait, it wasn’t a first – just a new page. New pages don’t count.
    Something I’ve just heard: in Turkey there are record high temperatures (44C during the day and 38c) but they all turn the air-conditioning off to save on electricity since power and fuel is extremely expensive there.

  4. 358

    Somebody tell me I’m a good girl.
    Because instead of dragging my sick ass to work I dragged it to the doctor’s. Not that he could help me with a cold, but he could put me on sick leave. I’m a little proud because I took care of my health even despite the fact that this is the worst time of the year for being sick and that we’Re really stretched thin in the team.
    Of course I’ll return come Thursday which is the deadline for the final grades…

  5. 359

    You did good. I should have done that too, but instead I now go to infect my co-workers. :/

    Pics! Also, enjoy your time there!

    There is nothing happy about a summer this hot 🙁

  6. 360

    I suppose if Giliell is a good girl then you’re a bad boy, AlexanderZ 🙂
    In all seriousness, sure it’s better to stay at home when you’re sick so Giliell did well. It’s a really sad state of affairs when people are expected to go sick to work, probably infecting their co-workers instead of taking care of themselves. BUt that’s what most of us are either directly or indirectly forced to do or conditioned to do.

    I’m really proud of myself for ignoring work email. I only check it once a day. We actually had an instruction from HR that we have to regularly check our email during vacation. Technically, I’m doing it regularly just probably not as often as they would expect me to 🙂

    Capitalism is harsh.

  7. 361

    Well, I’m in the fortunate position of currently having a job where sick leave depends on you being sick, not so much on other factors. First time in my life. Still, if you know how much you’re asking of your colleagues, you think twice about it. And if you’ve been conditioned to put others always first, it’s kind of a victory for self-care.

  8. 362

    Giliell, good on you. I hope you can actually rest while you’re home sick, instead of taking care of everyone else.

    Anyone want a mug of iced tea? Or at least tepid tea? It’s too warm out there for hot drinks this morning.

  9. rq

    I will work on pictures once I return from the Queen concert tonight (YES, IT’S TRUE, the apocalypse is nigh – the participants of an official, government-type police/forensics conference were gifted with tickets to a Queen concert). 😀
    Oh, here, this is the view from my hotel room (actually only half the view, I took a panoramic shot this morning but internet is slow and I’m short on time because Queen).

  10. rq

    Oh, and well done Giliell, I hope you get well very soon and that the kids give you some time to recuperate!

    Also *higs* and *hugs* to the multitude (free, as always, no charge)!

  11. 366

    giliell, self-care is important.
    You done good!

    Beatrice, if they said “regularly” rather than “often”, you’re golden.

    rq: Nice view!
    What is/are the collection of white buildings with all the archways?

  12. 367

    So, we’re in Slovenia. I bought 2 folding chairs for my balcony, dad looked them over and wondered whether it will be easier for me to carry them to my apartment with or without a box.

    Spot the reason I almost facepalmed myself to death once I was out of his hearing range.

  13. 368

    Kindly offering help is out of the question, I guess?

    Have fun

    So, Mr was at home for a short while today because we signed over our souls signed the mortgage with the bank and he watched football for a while.
    Me, I’m always cheering for the team playing against Germany and my anti football grumpiness has kind of rubbed off on the kids, so when the little one asked Mr which team he cheers for and he said “Germany”, #1 gave him a side glance as if he’d proposed we get a cockroach farm for pets.

  14. rq

    *thumbs up* for #1 *snicker*

    That would be the Parliament Palace, seat of the Romanian administration. It’s quite large. To put it mildly.


  15. 371


    hint: I hear people use cars to transport stuff all the time . 😉

    I mean, we’re in Slo, so he’ll drive us back to their apartment, load the chairs out and then I’ll have to carry them with me to my apartment.
    … *facepalm*

  16. 373


    Technically, I’m doing it regularly just probably not as often as they would expect me to

    I once had to go visit a Registered Dietician (a person who has a haunting feeling that someone, somewhere, is enjoying a meal).
    I said I liked okra and she said that’s fine, okra is good for you, eat more of it. So, on the way home, I stopped at a place and got a yuuuuuge box of breaded, deep fat fried okra, took it home, covered it with salt and hot sauce. Yum yum.
    Also a “probably not what they would expect” situation.

  17. 374


    Technically, I’m doing it regularly just probably not as often as they would expect me to

    That’s actually illegal in Germany if you’re below top management. Holidays are for your recreation and you cannot relax if the Damokles’ sword of work is hanging over your head. There are actually many companies where work email is turned off after hours: employees cannot read or write any. That way your employer can’t get just another 30 minutes of unpaid work out of you when you’re “just replying to that one mail” and the employees can actually relax because they won’t miss anything important after 5 pm.
    Me, I have to check my work email once after 6 pm which makes sense because you never know when you have to cover for somebody else and might have to be there an hour early or tell your boss they have to find somebody else because you have a doctor’s appointment you’ve been waiting for for three months.

  18. 375

    Germany is the developed world, the rest of us are just pretending. (I don’t think everything is perfect in Germany, of course, but it looks like in some areas it’s way way ahead of many other places.)

  19. rq

    Germany is the developed world, the rest of us are just pretending.

    *highfive* for the rest of us, Beatrice.
    Seriously, I’ve been meeting people from the developed world here, and it’s frightening how advanced they are. 😐

  20. 377

    Re football, my thoughts are as follows:
    1. I note that in the US if you go outside one day and find flags flying everywhere, the reason is a guessing game and kind of a nasty one: Did you forget about a national holiday? Was there some tragedy that everyone feels the need to wrap up in a flag after? Is there yet another damn war starting?
    In Germany, if you go outside and see a bunch of flags, the differential is EM versus WM. But it’s obviously football.
    2. I root for Germany because I’m doing the immigrant “Deutscher als dich” thing. Plus the team is multicultural and it’s always fun to point out to the AfD types that Mustafi and Gomez are responsible for their team winning in the first round.
    3. I call it football to annoy my friends in the US and because US-American football is mostly played by running around with the ball in someone’s hands which means the name makes no sense whatsoever. We should rename it “soccer” because soccer doesn’t mean anything in particular, as far as I know, and call football football like the rest of the world. And take up the metric system.

  21. 378

    The last time I was in the US, I got so annoyed with the “non-developed world” characteristics of the place that I had to say to myself, “Okay, I’ll just pretend that I’m visiting a developing country and it’s really silly to get annoyed when they don’t do things the way we do back home.” Which not only helped cut down on the frustration at the lack of public transportation, the guns everywhere, and the poor maintenance on the hotel, but was also completely true. That is, I was pretending to do exactly what I was really doing.

  22. 379

    I’m back after being off sick with a cold that I obviously caught off Giliell over the web!

    The view from your hotel is very nice rq . I hope you enjoyed Queen.

  23. 380

    I hope all the Brits here have plans to vote today, to remain. No pressure or anything, it’s just that only racist conservative politicians will win if UK leaves EU.

  24. 381

    Beatrice I’m a Brit and I will decidedly vote to remain! Apart from anything else, I don’t want to be on the side of the racists and bigots.

  25. 382

    …..the thing about this vote is that, if you went by the people I have as friend on Facebook, it would be a landslide for the remain camp. However, if you follow the media, it’s too close to call. I wonder how much influence the media have on this. Also, maybe I’ve weeded out the bigots and racists from my facebook account!

  26. 383

    Completely switching the subject again, there’s a paper in JCO about CML survival. In Sweden, it approximates average survival, that is to say, having CML doesn’t make that much difference in your life expectancy. “I don’t think it’s the same in the US,” I thought, so I ran the numbers. It is, indeed, different in the US with survival being lower at all ages. Guess what happens if I exclude people with no insurance from the analysis? Go on, you’ll never guess. It’s a total click bait worthy shock!

  27. rq

    Technically speaking, tonight marks the tenth anniversary of me living in Latvia.
    But I’m not in Latvia tonight.
    So: does it count? 🙂

  28. 385

    Happy Anniversary, rq! I think it totally counts: it’s not like you’re counting time you spent out of Latvia off the ten years, right?

  29. 389

    My condolences, bragimike. I only hope the US doesn’t decide to try to top your country’s act of electoral self destruction by voting Trump. Also, about that Scottish independence vote. I understand that one of the arguments used to obtain a stay result was that Britain would block an independent Scotland from entering the EU. If that’s no longer an issue…

  30. 390

    Yes Dianne , Scotland have every right to ask for another independence referendum. This time I would wholeheartedly support them if they wanted to leave and align with Europe.

    It’s a complete mess.

  31. 392

    That could have gone better.
    If this referfuckingrendum showed one thing it’s the weakness of the left to establish an alternative vision, be it within or outside of the UK.
    Of course there’s going to be some fatal irony when Scotland, NI, Gibraltar and probably Wales leave the Union.
    Do I now need to book the guest room for British national friends who need to leave?
    But congratulations, Leave campaign. You thrashed your economy. Let’s see if we can get ours back on track again

  32. 393

    Oh, cool, now Labour’s going to backstab Corbyn because obviously the reason Remain lost was because they weren’t fascist enough.

  33. 396

    Can I just for a moment be selfishly grateful that we finalised the house purchase and sold the shares we needed to sell three weeks ago?

  34. 397

    @396: Yes. This is probably a good time to buy, if you’re in a position to do so and have an interest in that sort of gambling, but a terrible time to sell and I’m glad you got everything done before the mess!

  35. 398

    As a British subject not permitted to vote, let me add how much this sucks. My deep sympathies with all my fellow UKers on this day of the sad victory of ignorance and small-minded bigotry.

  36. 400

    My sympathies to you folks who live in the UK. Is there any way that seceding from the EU could be prevented at this point? I’ve read comments from some folks on Facebook that Parliament has some degree of say in the final decision. Is this true?

    Related: this has me scared a bit more for November, bc the anti-immigrant climate and fear mongering over multiculturalism that proved so influential in the decision of many to vote for the UK to leave the EU is eerily similar to what we’re seeing from the GOP here in the US.

  37. 401

    Yet another proof that direct democracy is a moronic idea. Also see: women’s suffrage in Switzerland.


    now Labour’s going to backstab Corbyn

    Labour spokesman says Hodge/Coffey no confidence motion is a “self indulgent act” when party should be coming together


    this has me scared a bit more for November

    C’mon, wouldn’t you like to see America great again, my friend?
    Seriously though, I doubt that UK would really secede from the union, but it does embolden the fascists the world over. I think that Trump’s victory is unlikely, but his loss may be accompanied by lots of violence.

  38. rq

    For my UK friends. You’re more than welcome to follow the final suggestion (this popped up on my FB feed, not my photo, found on the internet – fantastic).
    Yes, the vote was a huuuuuuge point of discussion on this last morning of international training. We had two UK participants (one from England+Wales, one from Scotland) and one from Ireland, so there was a lot of opinion going around. And then the rest of us little post-Soviet states staring at each other wondering what this means for pro-Russian propaganda within the country (or even Russian attitudes towards ‘us’). It was pointed out that in future European co-operation projects, please don’t forget about the UK.
    So, in short, my sympathies, and it’s been a good ten years, but I think the first order of business is to get the kids’ Canadian passports in order.

    *hugs* and *higs* and I’m home now and… I wanted to say ‘safe’, but you know what, I just stepped out of a fantastic collegial bubble and I think I’ll go back in for the weekend and worry about things starting next week.

  39. rq

    There were bets going on around which country is next: Denmark, Sweden or Finland? Or is the Scandinavian bloc just going to abscond in toto (taking Estonia with them)? 😛

  40. rq

    That moment when you remember you’ve been gone for a week, unplugged the boiler before you left and did not plug it back in when you got in last night.
    It’s either a cold shower or I try to last until the sauna tonight. :/

  41. rq

    Also, every vote counts, and trying to make statement with how you vote can backfire.
    Which is actually a subject that came up yesterday, with the idea that many people voted Leave in order to move that ‘Leave’ percentage up, without actually thinking that the Leave side would win… even though polls were so close.

  42. 408

    Well, something completely different
    Mr and I have done our first joint DIY and Ikea scouting trips. There are some interesting things we didn’t know existed (ceramic tiles in wood optic), some things that we need to discuss further (like what colour to combine our kitchen and bedroom furniture with since of course the colour we bought our stuff in 9 years ago is no longer available) and some things where Mr is just fuck annoyingly male.
    We were discussing the kitchen and what we still need and I said I need more storage because now we have the small larder next to the kitchen and stuff in the kids’ room. And he was “oh but we have the basement”! I explained that I won’t always run to the basement for a can. You know, maybe I would for the first three weeks. Stuff would just be in the way and stand around and we would have chaos again. And he goes on to lecture me about storage and stuff and that if you buy a can on Monday to use on Wednesday you take it to the basement and then take it up again when you need it and I almost freaked out. He isn’t fucking here Mondays or Wednesdays. He doesn’t have to do the shopping next to working and taking care of the kids and doing the cooking, right? He doesn’t get to tell me that I MUST have those 3 extra minutes every time.

  43. 409

    I decided to watch the whole Croatia Portugal game, but this is sooo boring. End it, please, just end it. Bring on the penalties so that I can go to sleep.

  44. 410

    Tell me I shouldn’t feel bad.

    So yesterday mum informed dad he was going to drive my stuff to my apartment, she suggested this morning but he made a face. So we didn’t make a deal when they’d come, since it depends on the weather (he has low blood pressure with the meds) and his asshole quotient of the day.

    And now my mom calls me they are going to be on their way in a couple of minutes, so they are going to be here in 30minutes tops.
    *looks at clock*
    Sunday 8:30
    It would have been nice to know in advance.

    The thing you need to tell me I shouldn’t feel bad about: dad didn’t visit my old apartment even once, so I really shouldn’t care that this one is still a bit in shambles and that it won’t make a great first impression, right? He’d have comments about a palace, let alone this.
    I just spent a week with him, and sincerely wished we could just leave him in the retirement home where we went to visit grandma’s sister. That’s mean, I know, but also a reflection of the great relationship we have. So I shouldn’t give a fuck what he thinks, right?

  45. 411

    Shit, and now I’m crying because this is probably the one and only time he visits, and the place is shit. I haven’t even unpacked everything. Book cases are hanging from the wall, and I don’t even have a friend to ask to repair them. And I forgot how to fold the bed back into the couch.

  46. 413

    Look at it like this: Now there’S definitely a lot to complain about, an objective mess. You know that.
    If he showed up once you were ready he’d certainly make you feel bad about all the nice things you spent so much work on.

  47. 414

    Every time your dad opens his mouth to criticize you just keep thinking of him in that retirement home. That should take the edge off.

  48. 416

    and then I feel stupid when all goes well, they aren’t mad because I made an arrangement to go to coffee, because I hadn’t known they’d come.
    had to come home though, because pain. Period. worse ever

  49. 419

    threadrupt but…

    rq @405:

    “I thought the article was clickbait or humour because of the title, but apparently it’s a thing.”

    Oh, FSM ! Please tell me we’re NOT going to be hearing the same thing post-US election in November !

    *can’t… noooo don’t make me… (!!!) [NOT EVEN AS A JOKE] …. make me type President T…T….Tr….. NOOOOO !*

  50. 420

    Been having internet access issues for a few weeks.

    On top of everything else I can’t trust that I haven’t been hacked. (On the other hand, being unemployed there’s not much in my bank accounts to steal anyway. 🙂 )

    [Always look on the bright side of life — Eric Idle ]

  51. rq

    I’m getting ‘page not found’ for your FB link 🙁 I think it’s because we’re not friends and you probably have restricted access set. Maybe you can just blockquote the text here…?
    Also, I’ve been reading the racist incidents, and I actually have a friend of mine going on about the differences in white privilege felt by western Europeans and eastern Europeans (a lot of anti-Polish jokes going around, for example) and that it’s laughable that all white people should be seen the same. 😛 Anyway, that’s a bit of an aside, because any of that racism is absolutely atrocious, and I hope it doesn’t escalate!

  52. 424

    here you go rq , my Facebook post:

    Probably my last post on the referendum:

    Thanks to all those who voted leave.
    Thanks for endangering my pension.
    Thanks for making my daughter’s future a lot more uncertain.
    Thanks for making my brother’s life potentially more complicated.
    Thanks for making Eastern Europe a lot more vulnerable.
    Thanks for making Farage and Boris Johnson into legitimate politicians rather than buffoons.
    Thanks for making me feel I should apologise to all my European friends and family.
    Thanks for turning your backs on the desperate and those in danger.
    Thanks for making this a country that validates racism and bigotry.
    Thanks for being on the same side as someone who is prepared to kill a politician for disagreeing with them.
    Thanks for making me wish I was Scottish.
    ……or at least lived in Scotland!
    Thanks for me losing any respect for the British voting public.
    Thanks for creating a country where being ‘different’ is potentially dangerous.
    Thanks for putting my livelihood in jeopardy.
    Thanks for putting workers rights and human rights in jeopardy.
    Thanks for putting maternity and paternity rights in jeopardy.
    Thanks for making me feel embarrassed to be a citizen of this country.
    Basically thanks for nothing……
    No, doing nothing would have been preferable to voting to leave.

  53. 425

    …also rq I agree about the racism thing. My main reason for posting the link was to illustrate that Britain has now tacitly endorsed the far right groups. The attacks simply illustrate how much bolder these groups feel they can be.

  54. 426

    Well, I think you summed up the feelings of many Europeans as well. Not that I’m a big EU fan, it’s way too much in favour of big business and too little in favour of social welfare, not to forget the flaying of Greece and the tactical mass murder be apathy in the Mediterranean, but until there’s a perspective to replace it with something more humane, we can’t throw vulnerable populations to the wolves.

  55. 427

    I agree Giliell , the EU is by no means perfect, but it’s better than the alternative. Together there’s a better chance of doing the right thing.

    I am scared for what my country has so rapidly descended to. My nieces have ‘foreign’ sounding first and second names. How long do you think it will be before they receive some abuse?

    And all the while I have ‘leave’ voters crowing about how great it is. SWOTI is very strong, but I try to resist.

  56. rq

    What Giliell said.
    And what you said.
    No, the EU isn’t perfect, it’s very far from it, but it has a lot of good things going for it (one of which are the ease with which such exchanges of experience and knowledge and skills that I saw last week can be organized, in addition to all the other work/educational exchanges out there working on the basis of free borders and etc.).
    Also, thank you for this:

    Thanks for making Eastern Europe a lot more vulnerable.

    I know you have other reasons for remembering to put that on the list, but it’s still nice to see.

  57. 429

    *hugs* and *moar beer* for bragimike.
    I’m sorry that your country seems to be doing a Race to the Bottom with my country.
    My thin, frail hope is that Trump crashes and burns of his own volition—which, unfortunately, only deals with one of the symptoms. After that, it’s just a matter of short time before the next oozing pustule manifests.


    Can I just for a moment be selfishly grateful that we finalised the house purchase and sold the shares we needed to sell three weeks ago?

    By all means! There is no need for you, personally, to go down with the ship.

    *hugs* for CaitieCat.
    We all seem to be stuffed in this handbag….


    I think that Trump’s victory is unlikely, but his loss may be accompanied by lots of violence.

    His more rabid followers are both heavily armed, and violence-prone.
    Oh, yes—and small-minded and petty and vindictive, as well.
    Awesome combo.

    *massive hugs* for Beatrice.
    Do you think he’d react well to your asking him whether he’s there to visit you, or to visit your stuff?


  58. rq

    Ugh, I don’t want to be at work tonight. I seem incapable of getting anything done. And I can’t even blame the robots this time!

  59. rq

    *reads cecily’s comment*
    *scrolls up*
    Oh! *hugs* bluentx!!! I’m not sure if this will post at all, since I seem to be unable to post from work as of today. 🙁 But it’s lovely to read you!

  60. 432


    Hi All!

    Just back from my 2 week vacation, what’s new? 🙂 Kidding…..

    I’m will-and-truly ‘rupt, but will try to claw my way back to being current.

  61. rq

    That’s just shit. 🙁
    I hope you find a decent place at a decent rate well before the cut-off date.

  62. 441

    This whole Brexit fiasco and the British response of disbelief in actions having consequences shows why direct democracy isn’t, in fact, a democracy (because if your choice isn’t informed it isn’t really a choice) and why referendums don’t work (because if a single vote that you regret the day after can affect your country and the world irreversibly then it’s a piss-poor way of deciding anything).
    I’m ignorant about British law, but why exactly is a referendum a binding decision anyhow? Article 50 says that to withdraw a country must decide so according to their constitution. Wouldn’t that mean that the power to withdraw is still with the parliament and that the referendum is nothing more than a very expensive poll?


    Can I just say: Iceland, you are some wonderful motherfuckers


    Speaking of IKEA – my mother has bought some DIY furniture from it and brought it home. She instructed my father to assemble it, which, naturally, he is incapable of doing because he’s incapable of doing anything, but obviously too much to admit it.
    I’ve offered my mother to pay for someone to assemble it (I also can’t do it, at least not in my current state), but no – were now committed, apparently. So the living room looks like a construction zone.

    And speaking of feeling bad – this summer is really doing a number on me. It’s painful and pretty disgusting. I hope it will be over already, but it has only just began.

  63. 442

    @dalilama: Can they do that? I thought legally there had to be a reason for an eviction and that the landlord had to tell the tenant why they were being evicted. Are you in a position to consult a lawyer about this?

    @Alexander: It wasn’t a binding referendum. That’s part of the problem. It is my understanding that saying, “Screw the voters, we’re not going” is essentially political suicide and invoking article 50 is essentially political suicide so the British politicians are kind of stuck. Which means so is the EU.

    @Giliell: Yeah, Iceland! By the timing of the fireworks last night, I have the feeling that Iceland was the local favorite around here. Can’t imagine why…

  64. 443

    Dalillama that sucks. I know it’s small comfort, but at least you have some time to sort things out. I hope things work out.

    rq you’re right that I am more conscious of the situation in Eastern Europe than your average Brit. But part of that is because of you and this lounge that helps to keep me informed. So thank you!

    AlexanderZ : what Dianne said! That was always the danger with a referendum. Although technically it’s advisory rather than binding, it would be considered incredibly undemocratic to ignore the ‘will of the people’. Even if the people make a colossally stupid decision which they will pretty soon regret.

    I’m an England football fan, but go Iceland!

  65. 444

    Further Brexit stuff:

    As you know I work at the University and they are so concerned that they have had to sent up a dedicated website for the fallout from leaving the EU.

    Also my Head of School has issued this statement:

    In terms of EU science funding, I would strongly encourage you to continue to engage with it and apply for new support. There is every possibility that we will remain full members of Horizon 2020, and even if we don’t there are likely to be transition arrangements that will continue to fund on-going programmes. If we give up on EU funding at this point and we do ultimately leave Horizon 2020, then one very likely consequence is that less funding will be put in by the Government to replace any lost EU support, which means that the overall UK science budget will shrink dramatically.

    Is there is no hyperbole in saying that my job is in danger. And there are people in my department, including academics, who voted to leave! It’s turkeys voting for Christmas/Thanksgiving.

  66. 446

    Just for you rq , here’s the running order for our Russian concert:

    Overture from Colas Breugnon – Kabalevsky
    Circus Polka – Stravinsky
    Dr Zhivago Theme – Jarre
    Prince Igor – Borodin
    Symphony No 5 Finale – Shostakovitch

    Procession of Nobles – Rimsky-Korsakov
    From Russia with Love (James Bond Theme) – Clarinet Solo – Barry
    Coronation Scene from Boris Godunov – Mussorgsky
    Cirque Russe – Written by our conductor
    March/Waltz 2/Dance 2 from the Jazz Suite – Shostakovitch
    Firebird Berceuse & Finale – Stravinsky

    There’s some lovely stuff in there. The Symphony No5 Finale has some current resonance which is not lost on our conductor!

  67. rq

    Ooooh, thanks, bragimike! That does indeed look like a good program. There’s very much there on the list that I would like to hear! 🙂

  68. 448


    I am so sorry.
    Also, what Dianne said, @440.

    And speaking of Dianne @440:

    It wasn’t a binding referendum. That’s part of the problem. It is my understanding that saying, “Screw the voters, we’re not going” is essentially political suicide and invoking article 50 is essentially political suicide so the British politicians are kind of stuck. Which means so is the EU.

    Which is kinda the bind that the less-bigoted end of the Republican party finds themselves in; they’d dearly love to Dump the Trump, but it’d be political suicide to pull some of the shady-but-legal ploys they could use—those playing those cards would nark the voters that put them in this fix, and they might well Never Be Elected Again.
    Trump has a bad case of Extremely-Contagious Political Leprosy.
    And, at some point, someone is going to have to take the grenade, throw themselves under the bus, and accept Trump’s VP position.
    I know it’s petty—but the sense of chickens-have-come-home-to-roost schadenfreude is delicious. Play the Southern Bigotry Strategy, then crawl into bed with the Religious Right—what the hell did you think would happen???

    bragimike, Procession of the Nobles is a favorite of mine!

  69. 450

    I’d totally come over to assemble it for you. I actually like assembling Ikea furniture. It’s like a Lego box.
    But seriously, can you ask a friend or colleague to help? Most people are a bit like Labrador pups: Tell us we’Re good boys/girls and we’Re happy to help.

    Apparently about 1.1 million people have Bregrexit

  70. 451

    Dalillama, sorry to hear about the eviction. Moving usually sucks in the best of circumstances, but *having to* just makes it more stressful. Good luck in locating a new place.

    rq that Iceland video is great. I got hooked into soccer mainly due to a good friend who is a big fan but also from 2004 when Greece won the Euros (I’m half-Greek). I’m definitely following Iceland and hope they continue to advance.

    cicely, *hug* reciprocated.

    Still trying to get back into “work mode” – doesn’t help when MrsB and Son are home now for summer break. 🙂 But, hey look, a 3-day weekend coming up. Nice.

  71. JAL

    So, I decided to call into work today. I wasn’t feeling it. I couldn’t make myself get dressed and I knew forcing myself to go would make it worse. It’s been really hard lately and stressful.

    I tell Roomie. He says “Okay, but don’t make a habit of it.”

    That’s not what I needed to hear. Of course I’m not going to. This is the first day in 6 months that I’ve called out. Meanwhile, he has. Yesterday was for the car, takes every 4th Wed off to teach a class at the library at night, and has called out for just not wanting to go to work.

    So, yeah it pissed me off. I stormed off to get dressed and fucking go anyways but still couldn’t do it. Instead, I breathe deep, came back out and I told him it’s not a big deal but I didn’t appreciate that comment. I don’t say that to him when he calls out for whatever reason. I needed support not hypocritical judgement.

    He FLIPS out. Storms out, comes back in throws the car key around saying “the car is yours now” and he’s going to take the bus. Comes storming back in 5 mins later and it’s talk of “I hate everything, I want to kill myself” and starts throwing his stuff around. Slams the door again, saying “I’m just going to buy a pack of smokes” while glaring at me like it’s my fault.

    He’s been trying to quit with patches that I bought for him and hasn’t had a cig in 5 days.

    This is not my fault. I did nothing wrong damn it.

    I’m just trying to repeat that to myself and calm down. Of course, Little One is out of school and freaked about the whole thing.

    He really, really needs to go back on his meds. I kinda want to tell him he needs to because I can’t do this, but I don’t know if that’ll make it worse or if it’s an asshole move.


  72. 453

    I missed the Brexit vote & fallout. Thanks for your post and perspective. Ugh, that really sucks.

    *hugs* to any other UKers and anyone else in need of. I currently have a surplus, help yourself.

  73. 455

    Hello! 🙂

    I’ve been away for such a long time that I’m not even going to try to catch up, but I feel like I should at least lurk for a while to get an idea of how everyone is doing. First, though, let me leave here this pile of *hugs* that I brought. I see that everyone is still shocked at the UK’s recent act of collective stupidity…



    from 2004 when Greece won the Euros

    Don’t remind me of that!

    (Yeah, we lost the final…)

  74. rq

    Stupid work computer, putting me in the spam queue.
    In any case, here’s a stack of *hugs* with no few specially marked for JAL.

    Also, here’s some photos of two hot men hard at work – not just pretty faces!

  75. 463

    Yet another item of stupidity on the referendum: The Daily Mail (Right Wing rag), having told their readers to vote leave, is now blaming the result on……..gay marriage! Predictable I suppose, but still the hypocrisy is breathtaking.

  76. rq


    I had one yuesterday at work and it’s stuck in Tony’s spam queue, I was hoping it owuld come out. 🙁 It was full of wonderful things about the concert – I would love to hear it live, is what I would like. There’s the stuff that I like (Stravinsky! Borodin! Kabalevsk… oh wait, I associate him with routine exercises :D) and the stuff that I don’t know as well, so I hope it goes very well! Thank you for posting the list.
    And sorry for the poor response, I was hoping the spam queue would spit me out again. 🙁

  77. 468

    For some more fun, apparently the Belorussian president misspoke in a speech and instead of ‘develop’ said ‘get undressed’ (and get to work).

    I want to speak a language where this is possible

  78. 469

    Can I be really honest with you all?

    Since Friday I’ve been thinking about, and reading up on, what to do if I witness a racially motivated attack. I’ve been very very fortunate that this has never happened to me in my *mumble* years in this country.

    The thing is I’m not sure how I would react under those circumstances. It’s easy defending everyone’s rights with people I know, but the possibility of having to confront a stranger scares me. I want to do the right thing and speak out for those who need my help, but I feel that my cowardice will prevent me. I know that they always say that you shouldn’t put yourself in danger, but what about the ones being abused? Would filming the altercation on a mobile phone and telling the police be a start?

  79. rq

    Also belated hello to Nightjar. *waves*

    You know it’s a power that should only be used for good.

  80. 471

    Well, here’s my “plan” (I think that planning ahead removes a lot of the confusion when the situation happens)
    -Take out the phone and record
    -Talk to the person who’s being harassed/attacked (physical fights are, of course, a different matter. I don’t know if I had the gut to get involved)
    Thus the person under attack gets support and gets to decide what to do with it.
    I think confronting the racist bastard and forcing a confrontation removes agency from the person under attack. It should be their call on whether to confront the racist or not.

  81. rq

    Nope, I still hate robots.
    It overheard our plan to work around its plot, so now I’m worried that it’s planning a counter-plot

  82. 474

    Good to see you round these parts. I was thinking of you a few days ago, wondering how you were doing.

    I think filming such a situation is a good idea where possible.

    Hugs and commiserations to everyone across the pond dealing with the fallout over Brexit.

  83. 475

    I have no idea how I would react witnessing any kind of attack. I hope I would be of the right state of mind to tape it and call the police if necessary, but I can’t promise I wouldn’t be a cowardly coward.

  84. 476

    You’re right—it is not your fault. Roomie seems to be tantruming like a child.

    *pouncehug* for Nightjar.
    I fall out of currency so often, here, that it’s become the New Normal. 🙁

    Anne, that is super cool!

    bragimike, I don’t see how anyone can know how they’d react to things like that. Running the play in imagination, in advance, just doesn’t have the immediacy of an actual occurence.
    As a Whimpering Coward, and despite imaginary heroism in any number of FRPG circumstances, I suspect that I would stand mute and embarrassed, then kick myself vigorously after the fact.

  85. rq

    Well, I know what I would do, because it happened once and I was most definitely the coward.
    I didn’t even call the police. I’ve been rightfully ashamed of myself in the intervening years, but I still can’t guarantee a second such experience would end any different.

  86. 479

    Hi rq, Tony and cicely! *waves*


    The Daily Mail (Right Wing rag), having told their readers to vote leave, is now blaming the result on……..gay marriage!

    What the…? I cannot even imagine what the “reasoning” (for lack of a better word) behind that could be.


    I think confronting the racist bastard and forcing a confrontation removes agency from the person under attack. It should be their call on whether to confront the racist or not.

    That’s a good point. In addition to removing agency from the person under attack, I can imagine that initiating or escalating a verbal confrontation may cause even more anxiety and fear in some situations. Some words of solidarity and offering help/protection directly to the person may be more appropriate. I also have no idea how I would react and like others here, I’m afraid of ending up being the coward…

    Somewhat on this topic, I haven’t been watching much television lately, but I’ve heard there’s a TV show over here right now called “What would you do?” where a group of actors simulate these kind of situation on the street to test how passersby react. I think their goal is to make people think about what they would do when confronted with such a situation, and to make them more likely to act. There have been episodes about things like abuse of the elderly, racism, domestic violence (a woman standing next to a train-station with a suitcase is verbally and physically abused by her husband), homophobia… as sad as it is, it seems to me they will never run out of topics.

    Oh, I found the homophobia episode on youtube with english subtitles.


    Good to see you round these parts. I was thinking of you a few days ago, wondering how you were doing.

    Good to see you again! 🙂 I’m doing OK, just lots of work. Most of it at the computer, which means that I prefer to spend my free time away from it. I will have to take look around the blog and the network soon. Seems like there’s a lot of interesting blogs here and the place looks very nice!

  87. 480

    That was a long comment, but you know what? I’ve been writing research projects and other stuff with strict word limits, and it’s sooo refreshing to finish typing something and not have to do an immediate word count, go back, and cut words.


    I need a vacation.

  88. 481


    I went in for an interview with the General Manager of Bennigan’s, an Italian inspired restaurant in the US (apparently one of the first casual dining restaurants in the country at that), and was hired. The store used to be a franchise store, but closed down over a year ago. It’s reopening as a corporate store.
    I’ll be back to bartending of course.
    We open on July 18.
    I’m so looking forward to working again. It has been a year.
    And money will be nice to have in my pocket once again.

  89. 482



    But seriously, can you ask a friend or colleague to help?

    No, it’s now a matter of Honor. Imagine if said friend would show up with a larger tool than my father’s. Can you comprehend what that would do to his fragile ego?

    I second what everybody have said – your friend is being a self-centered asshole.

    Hi, Nightjar!

    Recently a pair of crows have been sitting on the clothes lines outside the living room and peeking inside. I think it’s cute, but my mother freaks out.
    Also a dove flown into the living room and hoped on the sofa. My cat was MIA and didn’t defend his home.

  90. 483

    Tony, congratulations!

    Alexanderz, Emily would be thrilled if crows came and peeked in her window. One of the scrub jays did come all the way to the patio roof to look for her – she puts peanuts out for them on the roof of the shed on the back of the yard, and it got tired of waiting.

  91. JAL

    Congrats Tony!!!!

    I’ve never heard of Bennigan’s but now I want to go to one 😀

    (P.S I dropped out of sight before I found out…but did your aunt let you keep your pets at her house?)


    Thanks everyone, it really helps. He came back from work late after hanging with his friend and I was already in bed. This morning he was sullen and cranky and didn’t want to set him off because we had to get to work.

    I’m finally back home relaxing and I plan on talking to him after Little One falls asleep tonight. Wish me luck, I’m going to need it… :/

  92. 486

    Congrats Tony . That’s great news! I’m really pleased for you.

    JAL you are definitely not in the wrong here. I hope things get better.

    Thanks everyone for your reassuring comments. If I’m confronted with a situation I really want to make sure I do something positive. Given the mandate that the far right have been given by this referendum result, I expect more of these situations will arise.

    What frustrates me (read – makes me livid) is that I saw this as a very likely consequence of a leave vote, which is one of the many reasons I wanted to remain in the EU. I’m no prophet and I’m no cleverer than other voters, so if I could see the result, why couldn’t they? Or maybe they didn’t care, but just wanted ‘sovereignty’. Either way, I’m holding them all culpable for any racist, and probably homophobic attacks, that have/are and will happen. Someone is going to get killed because of this, I’m convinced.

    There’s an annual meeting for people of Ukrainian descent coming up this weekend. There’s dancing and music and food and lots of drink. I hope there’s no trouble, but for the first time it’s a concern of mine.

    As you can see I’m not a happy bunny at the moment.

  93. rq

    The event should be fine, our brains are good at imagining the worst possible things that could happen. Still, I understand your concerns, I can only hope that with time, things also settle down a bit. :/

    Someone is going to get killed because of this, I’m convinced.

    Yeah, me too. 🙁

  94. 488

    Oh my fucking gods I need some hugs. And chocolate. And somebody to come and collect this day, it was ill manufactured.

    First there was trouble in my school. None of my fault, but the boys of the 6th grade I have after the second recess decided that they couldn’t hear the bells ring and therefore stayed on the sports field. I don’t know which one of my colleagues forgot to supervise them, but that’s no excuse, neither is all the bullshit they tried to tell me afterwards.

    Then, when I finished I saw there was a call on my phone. I called back and got #1’s school’s answering machine. What had happened? I tried to call my MIL, nobody answered. I called the after school daycare and they didn’t know anything. My MIL called me back. School had called her because #1 misbehaved, freaked out and therefore couldn’t go swimming with the class. And the teacher, who’s btw the headteacher offered her she could come to her class instead and the kid refused and the fucking headteacher decided to call my MIL instead????.
    First of all, if you can’t deal with a distressed 8 year old girl you have no place running a primary school. Second, is she aware she’s risking my ability to have a job? My MIL is the best person in the world and she’s always there when I need her, but if school makes a habit of dumping their problems on her she might one day say she can’t do it anymore.
    Third, what does she think she taught #1? Oh, right, if you misbehave and then decline doing what the teacher says you get a few extra hours of free time….
    Oh, I’m welcome to call her back, only she didn’t give me a phone number (probably for the better, because I might loudly agree with #1’s assessment that she’s stupid)

  95. 489

    Giliell, [hugs], and I agree with you and #1, that head teacher [eyeroll].

    I overslept and if Patches came asking about breakfast, I didn’t hear her. I dragged myself out of bed 40 minutes late for cat feeding and found the Elder Daughter taking care of them for me. I suspect this is going to be one of those days when nothing much gets done.

  96. 490

    How Brazil is receiving tourists for the Olympics…


    Tony, great news!! Congrats and I wish you all the best for the job and lots of success for the restaurant!


    Recently a pair of crows have been sitting on the clothes lines outside the living room and peeking inside.

    That’s awesome. I’ve been waking up to the sound of crows outside but they don’t get that close. Last week a bird sat on the clothes lines but it was a domestic canary that had obviously escaped from someone’s cage. Beautiful bird, it was a red mosaic. Couldn’t catch it. I hope it made it to safety and not to a cat’s mouth.

  97. rq

    I usually look forward to the Olympics, with a major side-eye towards the excess of spending most countries engage in… but this year, for Rio, I’m actually a bit worried as to how things will go. :/


  98. 493

    No worries. I completely understand.

    Thanks for the well wishes and congrats everyone.

    I noticed PZ just put up a post about e-begging where he signal boosted my recent post about needing money. It’s funny, bc he wrote that “[…] he doesn’t even like me very much” which isn’t true. Sure, I take issue with his support for Ophelia when she went down the transphobic rathole and a few other things, but that means at best that I don’t hold him in the same regard that I once did. Doesn’t mean I don’t like him. I still would like to meet the guy one day. His personality and his blog contributed a great deal to where I am as a person today, and that’s something I very much am appreciative of.

  99. 494

    The Academy responds to call for diversity by just adding goddamn everyone

    So happy and relieved that you have Achieved Employment!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    JAL, good luck with The Talk.


    Someone is going to get killed because of this, I’m convinced.


    Yeah, me too. 🙁

    Me three.
    🙁 🙁 🙁

    *tall stack of hugs* for giliell
    See if you can’t get some trade-in value on that defective Day.

    At what point does it become clear that the Rio Games should be cancelled?
    I do not see any way that this can end well….

  100. 495

    I read the article about the Academy Awards earlier and was quite happy.
    (from the link)

    Facing criticism about its overwhelmingly older, male, and white membership and increasingly vocal concerns about the film industry’s ongoing diversity problem, the Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts And Science, the honorary organization responsible for awarding the Oscars, has responded by… well, trying to add seemingly goddamn everyone it had, for one reason or another, forgotten to invite into its membership. As part of a major overhaul, the Academy sent out an unprecedented 683 membership invitations today to film industry professionals, almost half of them women, and 41% of them people of color.

    I mentioned this on FB-I’m struck by how this has turned out bc one of the things critics often say of social justice advocates is that we need to temper our outrage and anger with more civility. That playing nice works better to achieve our goals and that anger just turns people off and makes them not listen.
    And yet.
    Here we have a case of anger and outrage leading to some of the change that many people have been calling for for some time now.
    Seems anger and outrage over social issues can be effective.
    Imagine that.

  101. 496

    *hugs* for Giliell
    Congratulations to Tony!

    The Olimpics should be canceled, but it’s also a damned shame how much has already been spent on them. That money was needed elsewhere, public servants being just one part of that.

  102. rq

    Well, after that round of rage-weeding the terrace, the house has moved up from Abandoned to looking merely Derelict, approaching Unkempt (Husband did mow down the weeds in the lawn last night).
    At least the roses look pretty.

  103. 499

    You have pretty bugs in your garden rq .

    Giliell we’re always trying to emphasize to our daughter that bad behaviour has consequences. I’d expect the school to reinforce that.

    In defiance of the prevalent attitude of the British public I’m going to enjoy some Eastern European culture tomorrow, while I still can. It’s the annual Ukrainian ex-pats meeting. There’ll be music and dancing and food and drink. It should be fun!

  104. 500

    Tony, congratulations!

    Giliell, sorry about that day. I hope today was better produced and will start looking into the most efficient way to make the chocolate tour of Heidelberg.

    Although this year has been fine for me personally, between the “Brexit” results, the US primaries, and the FPÖ getting another chance at Austria, I’m feeling like this year should be declared a screwup and that we should reload from the last saved game. Um, we did save at the end of 2015, right?

  105. 502

    @bragimike: Horrible thought just occurred to me from the middle of nowhere: “We already replayed 2016 fifteen times. This IS the best outcome.” Either my player character just broke the fourth wall and spoke to me or I’ve got a sick imagination. Or both.

  106. rq

    Honestly, I think the pillow fort is the best place to be. Regarding the world, I’ve been having some very down and depressing thoughts about the state it’s in and prospects for improvement, and honestly, I don’t really feel safe around myself right now. Which of course doesn’t help (but y’all certainly do!).

    I’m going to go enjoy the thunderstorm outside; maybe it will cut off electricity to the lab and cause some electrical-like issues with some of the wiring that may or may not result in widespread smoke and perhaps some flame… of course, only after I go home for the night.

    Anyways. Been trying to keep my face up publicly, but on the inside, I really don’t like the current level, but I don’t know how to finish it and get to the next one.

  107. 509

    Chocolate tour sounds amazing. I’m currently charging the camera batteries.
    I told the family “I’m back when I’m home”

    Well, the day was marginally better. The 6th grade more or less behaved. The phone talk to the headteacher was bad for my blood pressure.
    Apparently my fault is not being able to read her mind and she’s totally unable to admit that she may have reacted wrong.
    I think I know from her description where the thing went totally Wahoonie-shaped: When #1 loses control, she can only get it back herself. If people constantly try to calm her and talk to her she can’t calm down and self-regulate and gets only more and more upset.

    Also, yes please, let’S reboot 2016…

    Though, does anybody need a kitten in about three months time?

  108. 513

    Hi Everyone,
    I had to pop in to say…….
    Congratulations Tony!!! I hope the new job is a great fit.

    I have been plodding along, getting there and all that 🙂 Hope all is well with everybody(I skimmed) hugs/higs and chocolates for all who want them.

  109. 515

    Hi, Cal!

    *hugs* galore.
    For me 2016 is going relatively good. I haven’t even been hospitalized once this year. As for world affairs – I honestly don’t think there ever was a “good” year. Usually it’s just looking back with rose-tinted glasses.
    In the short term things may look rough, but the trend is relatively benign in the mid term.


    “[…] he doesn’t even like me very much”

    Probably PZ’s way of protecting you by distancing himself since, as he wrote, he’s the real target of most FTB-centered trolls. Everyone else is just a collateral.

  110. rq

    Hey Cal!! Good to see you! And glad to hear you’re generally okay. 🙂 Hope things continue that way! ♥

  111. rq

    So I come back to my desk to the Postal Service singing “What does it take to get a drink in this place? How long must I wait?”. (Fuck you, robot overlord.)

  112. rq

    Luckily, I have trapped the Postal Service on my aged iPod, and they play at my every request. It’s quite magical. 🙂

  113. 529

    HI folks
    I had the wonderful privilege of meeting Dianne and her family and also pelamun, if anybody remembers him from way back on Pharyngula. Pictures of the event can be found here.

    Just download any pic you’d like and yell at me if you want me to delete something.

  114. 531

    Does anyone have more on this:
    Hacked Emails Reveal NATO General Plotting Against Obama on Russia Policy?

    The Intercept is the home of Glenn Greenwald, but otherwise it’s a marginal outlet at best with a bit of a tinfoil hat bias. Greenwald himself didn’t write this article, but Lee Fang is a known name. However, there is only one (questionable) source for this and as far as I could find any other news groups reporting on this are related to Russia in one way or another.

  115. rq

    Haven’t seen this on the local news yet, but I will keep one eye open to this. If true, it would be very interesting. I suppose. For a certain value of ‘interesting’.

  116. 534

    What, again?!
    … hell.
    Well, I’m Baghdad, I suppose. And Istanbul. And way too many places I haven’t read about because western papers don’t consider them newsworthy.

    Too bad nuking the whole planet from orbit is a rather irrational answer to too much death and destruction.

  117. 536

    Some part of me thinks that these are the death throws of ISIS, because they’re militarily on the retreat.
    Part of me thinks the other part is just trying to keep me from despairing.

    Ah, yes. #1’s principal would like me to be available 24/7, but guess who wasn’t in school this morning at two minutes to 8…

  118. 538

    Giliell I sympathise about your issue with #1’s Principal. I had an academic here complain that I didn’t have an out of office on my email over the Christmas period, when the whole university was off.

    We had a good time at the Ukrainian camp on Saturday. My daughter loved the singing and dancing. I was my Father-in-Law’s drinking partner! Just a shame that the weather wasn’t better.

  119. 539


    Some part of me thinks that these are the death throws of ISIS, because they’re militarily on the retreat.

    Probably it is; I’m frankly amazed they’ve made it this long. They’ve got no long-term plans worth the name and less than zero capacity to actually run the territory they occupy. They were always going to burn out in a few years (as a military force; depending on neighboring governments the area might be troubled by groups of bandits calling themselves ISIS for some time to come, but in terms of being a quasi-professional military force they have a very short potential lifespan.)

  120. 540


    Since it’s inappropriate in the relevant thread on Pharyngula, I just want to say that your new name has reminded me of theGirl Genius comic.
    I’ll have to keep that in mind until some rainy weekend because it will take some time to read up all that I have missed since I stopped reading and I just know that I won’t be able to stop unless I reach the last available panel.

  121. 542

    Sorry, it was bad attempt at a joke, since Mike seems capable of writing long(ish) repetitive comments but also keeps shortening your name whenever they address you.

  122. 544

    Re: ISIS
    They may be slowly being defeated, but despite ISIS’ claims to some greatness it was mostly restricted to the Sunni parts of Iraq and Syria. They rebelled previously and will probably rebel again.
    But I might be wrong.

  123. rq

    I feel smarter every time I read a comment not by Mike.
    Though it is amusing how apparently ‘Gil’ is now an accepted (and polite, since obv. Mike asked about it :P) form of ‘Giliell’.

  124. 546

    Another amazing webcomic I found about yesterday:
    Stand still. Stay silent

    “Stand Still. Stay Silent” is a post apocalyptic webcomic with elements from Nordic mythology, set 90 years in the future. It’s mostly a story about friendship and exploring a forgotten world, with some horror, monsters and magic on the side.

    It’s been 90 years after the end of the old world. Most of the surviving population of the Known world live in Iceland, the largest safe area in existence, while the safe settlements in the other Nordic countries; Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, are small and scarce.
    Countless mysterious and unspoken dangers lurk outside the safe areas, the Silent world, and hunters, mages and cleansers will spend their lives defending the settlements against the terrifying beings. Because of a great fear towards everything in the Silent world no official attempts to explore the ruins of the old have been made, and most of the information about it has turned into ancient lore, known by few.
    But now, at last, it is time to send out an research crew into the great unknown! A poorly funded and terribly unqualified crew, but a crew nonetheless.

    ALL the recommendations!

  125. rq

    Because I needed another timesink. 😀
    (I’ve been ummm wasting time at work on Captain Awkward lately. It seems easier than dealing with actual work shit.)

  126. rq

    Seriously, I’m going to retreat to that comic, Beatrice, because the world is just not co-operating.

  127. 550

    Can I disassociate myself from the ‘Mike’ of whom you speak! I’ve read the thread in which they participate and I can’t say I’m impressed!

    rq the body count is terrible. But remember, it’s the whole of Islam that’s the issue. /sarcasm.

    Are you managing to keep the robots under control?

  128. rq

    I have declared the one unco-operative robot officially dead. Dead to me, at least. I have also advised the Boss of the situation, and will be henceforth refusing to work with said robot until it has been fixed. And not the imaginary software issues, but the actual mechanical issues.
    I call that a win!

  129. 554

    I actually don’t even object to “Gil” when used by, you know, friends.
    It’s funny how those guys instinctively use the power of naming* while simultaneously claiming that no such thing exists.

    *Only works down the power gradient. Your boss will get away with giving you a nick or mispronouncing your name, but you don’t get away with doing so with the boss.

  130. 555

    Is it bedtime yet?

    Giliell and rq, thank you for all your hard work in That Thread. I keep thinking I ought to say something there, but you and the other good people have already said it all. Over, and over, and over…

  131. 558

    When will adults learn that none of them has ever been or will ever be as interesting to a 9 year old as a box of Legos?
    Oh, wait, the adult in question is my mum, scratch that…
    She’ll never ever put anybody else’s needs above her own emotional needs. I suppose I was a bad daughter again by not showering her with attention when the kid wouldn’t, but if you show up at 6 pm you have a decent chance of catching me at making dinner.

  132. rq

    I love my siblings, and all, but it’s the unfunny comment about coming home from work late at night that makes one of them a real nuisance.

  133. rq

    Okay, what’s the policy on becoming a godparent to a sibling’s child while not really being a godbotherer anymore yourself? Should I tell them? Should I just go with it? Should I refuse the honour?

  134. 562

    To me, “godparents” is a secular job. OK, it helps that the German word “Pate/Patin” doesn’t have “god” in it. Historically , while the church had their dirty paws in it, it was a secular job as well. You had to take care of the kids should the parents die.
    I have godparents for the kids and I am godmother to my friend’s kid. To me it means: I want you to be a part of my kid’s life.

    I’m totally done and exhausted.
    After the first two periods today our project week started. My project is photo collages and to make them we went out to take pics. We walked some kilometres around the village, mostly uphill, and I really can’t keep up with 14 year old boys. And then we had a work meeting to discuss the grades. I’ve been on my legs for 13 hours straight.

  135. rq

    I suppose I’m mostly asking because it will be a religious affair and my family doesn’t exactly know that I don’t actually accept any form of deity, much less a catholic one.
    So although I suppose it doesn’t really matter, I’m wondering if I should bring it up at all. I mean: I’m thrilled about being asked, but I’m not looking forward to the church bits. Can’t help feeling like I’m lying about the parts where I have to agree to help the parents raise the child in a christian environment. (Well, I am lying about that… and I don’t really like lying, not so much to a god of some kind, but my sibling, I guess.)

    (The Latvian word for godparents has the word ‘cross’ in it, but I’m not sure if that’s due to christian influence, or older than that, because the old Latvian word for baptism is krustības* (umm, ‘a crossing’?), while the newer one is kristības (more directly referencing christ).

    * Usually occurring around 3 months of age, and pretty much the moment when the baby was given a name and thus considered viable and a person; before the 3-month cut-off, the baby wasn’t considered a person, and the krustības could, in fact, entail the godparents going off into the forest with the baby and not returning with it, esp. if it showed signs of illness or sickliness; I suppose 3 months was considered a kind of survivability barrier. Those pagans, eh. <- This may be highly inaccurate information based on biased reports from outdated cultural studies performed in the 18th century or so.

  136. 564


    I can sympathize, being in a similar situation right now. My godfather is about to have a kid*. I don’t know if I’m going to get asked, I don’t even know if they plan on baptizing the kid, but I have good reasons to think that if they do choose to baptize, they will ask me. And what’s really making me anxious is not so much that one morning at the church, but the fact that some priests insist that you need to have the Confirmation in order to become a godparent, and I don’t. And I really don’t want to do it, for obvious reasons. So I get all nervous just thinking about what I will do if that situation arises. I don’t want to tell them that I don’t think their child is worth that bit of sacrifice, but I also don’t want to go through it. *sigh*

    Well, for what is worth, my godfather is an atheist and my family knows that I am an atheist. So even his wife insists on baptism, maybe he will be sympathetic enough to find a, um, less bureaucratic priest. 🙂

    *For context, I know godparents are usually about the same age as the parents, but for some reason my godfather is my cousin who is only 10 years older than me! He was 12 when I was baptized.

  137. rq

    At least my papers are in order, so to speak, but I sympathize: Husband’s sister recently got married – she wanted the church, so they went through the pre-wedding marriage course with the local priest, and of course, her boyfriend-at-the-time turned out not to be confirmed. He promised to get it done by the end of summer, and the priest ‘let’ them get married in church anyway (they’re expecting in July, so this was probably for the good of the forthcoming baby’s soul), but I don’t think he’s going to. Which is fine with me, but there’s a few other people not taking it so well. :/
    I suppose in one sense why not go through the motions and just say the words because they don’t mean anything anyway, but it’s weird how it’s not quite so easy…

  138. 566

    I’m godmother to a catholic boy, though I wasn’t there when he was baptised, but my sister was /(who’s also godmother to him) and the priest let her participate in full, even though we’re thoroughly un-baptised people. Probably depends very much on where you are. I don’t think religion deserves respect but people do, and if it’s important for them that you share a moment with them in church, I don’t care. (Though the catholic communion was boring as fuck)
    Tomorrow I’ll go to the leaving ceremony of my school in church.
    What bothers me much more is that the little one’s school starts with a church service and you can’t simply leave her home because it would cast her as an outsider. That makes me angry.

  139. rq

    I’d been floating along with religion not interfering in my life too much, but the past couple of days it’s been rearing its head again, and it’s really made me think how hassle-free it is to live without it.

  140. 568


    What’s funny is that the other day I was talking to my (catholic, confirmed) mother about this and she said “well, I know some people who just told the priest they would get it done afterwards but then never did, maybe you can get away with that *shrug*”. But some years ago my (atheist) father, who was not confirmed at the time but was already godfather, had to do the confirmation before he was able to be godfather of another girl. Otherwise the priest would refuse to let him participate in the baptism. IIRC, he was supposed to attend 6 sessions before being eligible for confirmation, but didn’t show up for 3 of those and apparently no one noticed/cared. I guess it depends a lot on the priest.

    I suppose in one sense why not go through the motions and just say the words because they don’t mean anything anyway, but it’s weird how it’s not quite so easy…

    Indeed. I don’t really like being required to lie or pretend to believe something I don’t. But whatever. If I have to lie to the priest either way, I may well try to follow your brother-in-law’s example. At least I already know that my mother won’t care…

  141. rq

    Never too late to resurrect a vuvuzela! You have my sympathies, Nightjar.
    I think I’m just going to have to settle with my own feelings about the religious part, because there’s no way I’m going to refuse the honour. And there doesn’t seem to be a good strategy to avoid the religious part, and I have all my religious certificates anyway…
    Plus the kid is adorable and I was already determined to gift her all the adventure and science books, but now I’m going to double down on that determination and make sure that whatever trend other people are setting in their gift giving to her, that I go against it (so an excess of pink means more other colours; an excess of ‘masculine’ pastimes, something ‘girly’!). This is my plan.

  142. 573

    [crawls out of pillow fort] [refills hugs] [retreats to farthest, darkest corner of pillow fort, curls up in a tight ball and hides]

    My mother. My mother’s old dilapidated house. Why does everybody expect me to fix everything for them when I can’t even fix me?

  143. rq


    So Eldest (and therefore by default his brothers, too) has been asking a lot of questions about babies and how they’re born lately and what they look like when brand new, which is normal, considering Husband’s sister is expecting. (There’s also the small matter of requesting a sister, but…) I’m here to complain about the fact that (a) the conversation puts me on edge even though I know it’s normal, factual information that they need to know (in general terms, at least) and that (b) while I’m trying to sound casual, I’m coming off as dismissive. Eh. Probably just another thing I have to work on for myself. 😛

  144. 576

    Re god-parenting: Most of my friends are atheists, so this has never really come up. We never had my daughter baptized and no-one complained. rq as you want to be a part of the child’s life I’d accept the offer and grin and bear the church bit. Let’s be honest: you wouldn’t be the first person to lie in church. 😉

    One advantage in this country is that most people really don’t mind if you don’t follow any religion. It’s odd that we have a state religion, but most are pretty relaxed about it…..there are still the usual zealous types, but they are a minority.

    Beatrice your imposter syndrome lies! *hugs*

    Anne *hugs* I’m never far from the pillow fort, so I’m there if you need me.

    BTW Happy Birthday to me!

  145. rq

    Happy birthday, bragimike! (Sorry they misspelled ‘Mike’ on that cake so badly, I tried to tell them…)

    Let’s be honest: you wouldn’t be the first person to lie in church.

    You’re right about that!

    Also Beatrice your impostor syndrome is indeed lying to you hardcore. *hugs*

  146. 578

    Thanks for the cake rq ! If I take my glasses off and squint at the screen from 5 yards away, it could say ‘Mike’.

    I’m off for a parent’s meeting at the nursery and then a visit to school. At least we get to go out for a meal this evening.

    Everyone, have a drink on me.

  147. 579

    Happy Birthday, bragimike!

    Anne and Beatrice, *hugs*

    My very old mp3 player decided to die today. I guess I will have to buy a new one, but I took a look at the newer models and I don’t like them. I loved this one. I’m sad 🙁

  148. rq

    Awww, I hope you find a suitable replacement that you can fall in love with all over again! 🙁 I had to update my phone a while back and the new one felt weird for ages, but I discovered that technology has, indeed, moved forward, and the new one is now pretty nifty, so go on and give the new mp3 players a chance! 🙂

  149. 581

    Happy Birthday, bragimike.

    Yeah, this week is not getting any better. I’ll be in the pillow fort. Hopefully I’ll be able to crawl back out by Sat, to go see my friends’ band play their 25th anniversary show (their very first show was playing for my 25th b-day party, in the living room of the house I was at college 🙂 ).

  150. 587

    *hugs* to one and all!

    Happy birthday, bragimike!

    re: sex talk
    When I was 6 my parents threw me a book about human sexuality for children and locked me in a room with an easily embarrassed grownup (a friend of theirs).
    They later told me that it was the worst hour of her life.

    The bosses in my work started playing practical jokes on me.

  151. 588

    Well, that was interesting. Our modem cocked up its toes last night, so after we got home from our already scheduled family trip, Husband and I went out and bought a new one. Also Aged Mum has mold in her house. BiL is arranging for an inspector, so at least someone besides me is helping.

    But anyway, hugs for all in need, extra sparkly natal day hugs for bragimike. Bragimike, a wise friend of mine says that your birthday actually runs a whole year, until the next one. So if you don’t have a good day on the date, you have plenty of time to make one happen.

    Family trip was to the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival. I have a Wonder Woman bracelet from one of my favorite artists; it’s soft black leather with a sterling plaque stamped “Wonder Woman” with little stars on top of a copper plaque with more stars. It fits perfectly and called me by my true name, and I had to have it.

    But now I can’t get the printer to talk to the new modem. Gah, I hate technology.

  152. 589

    My comment isn’t visible but it says I already said that. Grrrr argh.

    Well anyway, our modem died last night. We have a new one but now the printer won’t talk to it. Hugs to all and sundry.

  153. rq

    1) I’m a terrible mother and my kids don’t respect me and they will all grow up to be horrible white bigots.
    2) Apparently there’s 300 000 euros lying around for a new bus but no money for a new lab. Thanks, Obama!
    3) Thanks, Justin.
    4) The world is a terrible place.

    I’m going to go remove the pits from 3 kilos of sour cherries and make sour cherry jam. Who’s with me?

  154. 594

    Thanks all! We went out for a nice family meal after having a meeting at the nursery about my daughter’s progress (She’s doing very well) and a visit to her school for September.

    I skyped with my brother in France last night. He’s as unhappy about the UK leaving the EU as most of us are (not surprisingly!). One of the things that someone brought up was that those who chose to work away from the UK had somehow ‘stolen’ their education and were somehow disrespecting the UK. It’s the first time I’ve heard that, and I can’t believe that anyone could really think that that was the case.

  155. 596


    I never do anything in church. I get up when everybody else does so I’m not disruptive, but apart from that, well, I just behave myself. Sure, I could mumble the Lord’s Prayer and Amen and whatever, but I always think that if I were a believer then somebody saying that stuff like it was a theatre play or an RPG would feel like sneering, so I keep my mouth shut.

    And talking about church, yesterday was actually nice. The priest kept the godbothering down. And then there was the part where the 9th grade performed a song. Well, actually, one of our refugee kids did, the others supported him a bit with drums. You see, 5 of our refugee kids graduated on the lowest level of school leaving cert as well ( they can now go on to the higher levels) and that is a fucking big thing because there’s kids born here whose entire 9 or more years in school prepare them for those exams and who hardly make it or who don’t make it and those 5 boys made it anyway.
    Now this one boy performed a song about his hometown, playing the drums and singing. It was so beautiful, so moving. There’s not many catholic priests who’d allow an Arabic song they don’t understand in their precious church.
    And afterwards the ceremony was very nice, too. With greetings in German, Arabic and Farsi.

  156. 597

    Giliell, that sounds like a lovely ceremony.

    These days, when I have to deal with a religious event (which isn’t often anymore, fortunately) I regard it as anthropology. I observe, I’m polite, but I don’t believe.

    (Not sure when/if this will show up, but I’m just going to post and hope for the best)

  157. 598


    I’m going to go remove the pits from 3 kilos of sour cherries and make sour cherry jam. Who’s with me?

    Sounds delicious! Hopefully some will make it’s way into the pillow fort, because I’m not leaving.

    (I like jam and also like cooking/trying new recipes/etc, so I may have to look into this “making jam” thing. My first one would probably be blueberry.)

  158. 600


    Whoa, I can’t believe it’s already cherry season in Latvia, and almost in Finland too. It’s been a warm summer east of the Baltic Sea.

  159. rq

    Arctic Ape
    The sour cherries seem to be ripe before the sweet ones anyway. Usually the birds get to them, but this year we have a dog – I think it’s made a difference!
    Also, it has been a warm summer, some might even say hot for about a week or two… 😉
    Waiting on my late raspberries still, but it doesn’t look like a good year for them. 🙁 A weird spring with freezing and thawsing too irregularly, then too little rain at the beginning of the season. Oh well, can’t have it all every year!

    Yah, the Orbit’s been a bit eccentric for me, too, since last night.

  160. 602

    Here people complain about moderately cool, rainy weather because most of the spring was extremely warm and sunny and then it went back to normal when the holiday season started.

    At my work we’re already picking raspberries, which I expected in mid or late July. I was worrying about fieldfares earlier this summer, but they seem to have gone to enjoy wild berries in the woods. I mentioned in June that there was a fieldfare nest outside my office window, it was raided by a crow or somesuch shortly afterwards. I’m so not sorry.

  161. rq

    *googles fieldfare*
    We call that a type of blackbird here (that’s because blackbird is melnais strazds and the fieldfare is a purva strazds (or maybe meža, the internet isn’t being halpful so I’ll have to check the book at home)). I didn’t realize they were so annoying! They’re quite shy around here. You must have got all the outgoing ones. 🙂

  162. 604

    I’m a real noob on birds, but assuming the name is correct, fieldfares are serious pests in soft fruit orchards. Especially garden strawberry, which is ripe before any wild berries, attracts the birds.

  163. 605

    Also had to google fieldflare. Wikipedia tells me it is Turdus pilaris, so our tordo-zornal. I would be thrilled to see one! But that’s because they are very, very rare around here. So, not much of a concern, unlike blackbirds who feed on basically every fruit they can get their beaks on, and there’s plenty of them this year. A couple was bold enough to build a nest on our loquat tree… and I think they ate more loquats than I did this year.

    Speaking of berries, I have 1 kg (well, less than that by now :)) of blueberries in the fridge. But I think I will just eat them fresh.


    So I bought a new mp3 player. It’s charging. It’s about the same size as the old one, but much lighter and has more memory. So, yes, rq, it looks like technology has moved forward :). But I don’t know. It feels weird because of how light it is and the other one was prettier. Oh well. I suppose I’ll get used to it.

  164. 606

    Guess who finally got their paws on the house keys!
    Well, we still don’t have all of them because the bank still needs to transfer the money, but we could start measuring and, most importantly, put up the trampoline.

  165. 610

    I hate hate hate apartment hunting. Literally every available rental unit in the city is at least $100 more than what we’re paying now, and we can’t afford what we’re paying now. I really don’t know how in the fuck we’re going to even manage to sign a lease agreement at this point. My family have been helping us out financially, but there are limits.

  166. 612

    Dalillama, *hugs*
    I hope you can find something more affordable soon.

    rq, I’m not at all surprised that you’ve never had a loquat if there are no loquat trees near you. They have a terribly low shelf life, bruise very easily and don’t resist refrigeration very well. It must be a nightmare to transport them fresh at long distances. I don’t know if it’s done. But they are delicious. I wish I could send some to you through the USB port 🙂

    I thought they’d be related to cumquats, but no.

    Heh. I also thought of cumquats when I looked up the English word for them. But flavorwise they couldn’t be more different. Loquats are very sweet, nothing about them is sour.

  167. 613

    IIRC, a few of you are into D&D, right?
    If so, a FB friend has a question that I thought someone might have an answer to:

    Anyone know any blogs or pages that do D&D or mideval style art of people of color? I’m running a D&D campaign and you know, not trying to make it completely white.

  168. 614

    Here’s a wonderful resource.


    Well, and now to “buying things you were hardly aware existed and never thought you needed. Like electrical garden shears.
    But I always knew I needed a hammock.

  169. 615

    from Dalillama

    I’m so happy for you.
    And you’ll have a garden! That’s awesome.
    Tip about garden shears : When you use them, take care to always keep the cord behind you. Why no, I have never ever by any chance cut through it, why do you ask?

  170. 618

    They offer all their music for free on their website, which is awesome. I’m going to one of their concerts in November and I should probably buy their T-shirt or something while I’m there.

  171. 619

    Good morning!
    Last week of school.
    And no, I still don’t know if I’ll have a job come August. The ministry of education is a pain in the ass and most schools still don’t know who’s going to be there next school year or not. Isn’t that fun?

    OK, you folks wanna tour of the ground floor of the house?
    Let’s see how many links are in one Orbit…

    1. View from the office to the garden with the half finished trampoline. Really cool: we can rent the same size area again behind what you see now for almost no money at all.

    2.My office/craft room. Of course my dad’s first comment was “don’t you think it’s a bit big for you? How dare I to want some actual space for not only my fuckin’ paid work but also my hobby?

    3.The living room. Small but sufficient because we have the big…

    4. …Dining room and kitchen. You can guess the proportions by the position of the grey box.

    Bonus:mouldy spider

  172. 620

    OK, not that many links…

    Good morning!
    Last week of school.
    And no, I still don’t know if I’ll have a job come August. The ministry of education is a pain in the ass and most schools still don’t know who’s going to be there next school year or not. Isn’t that fun?

    OK, you folks wanna tour of the ground floor of the house?
    Let’s see how many links are in one Orbit…

    1. View from the office to the garden with the half finished trampoline. Really cool: we can rent the same size area again behind what you see now for almost no money at all.

    2.My office/craft room. Of course my dad’s first comment was “don’t you think it’s a bit big for you? How dare I to want some actual space for not only my fuckin’ paid work but also my hobby?

    3.The living room. Small but sufficient because we have the big…

    4. …Dining room and kitchen. You can guess the proportions by the position of the grey box.

  173. rq

    Very nice!!
    Everyone always chills in the kitchen anyway, so the large dining room/kitchen space will be perfect; you can segregate the kids in the actual living room. 🙂
    That backyard’s going to be great.

  174. 626

    Number Appearing: As needed
    Area-of-Effect: All willing recipients on-Thread.
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Size: Large

    giliell: Nice pics!

    Some part of me thinks that these are the death throws of ISIS, because they’re militarily on the retreat.
    Part of me thinks the other part is just trying to keep me from despairing.

    I think they’re trying to make the change from geographically-tangible “State”, to independent franchises.
    Congrats on the keys!

    *pouncehug* for Nightjar.

    *extra-large hug* for Anne.

    And another *extra-large hug* with Beatrice‘s name on it.
    I join bragimike in labeling your Imposter Syndrome a liar.

    Happy Birthday (late) to bragimike!
    *cake&ice cream*

    *hugs* for Dalillama.

  175. 627

    Cicely hugs returned with interest.

    Husband says there shouldn’t be any more settling on the south side of the house now the tree stump is down to inches. He’s using some special alchemy to encourage the remains to rot faster. Anyhoo that means it’s okay to put everything back where it belongs. I’ve already dumped one box of beads. At least they were large, bright blue, and easy to find. I’m taking a tea break, anyone want a cup?

  176. rq

    It’s so fucking humid my nose feels like I’ve been inhaling underwater. Any bets on when the storm will break (i.e. while I’m still safe indoors or just when I disembark from the train with no prospect of shelter until home)?

    *hugs* for cicely, if you ask them nicely or offer treats they might even pounce – unfortunately, the weather is not conducive to high levels of activity.

  177. 631

    I don’t know what a wahoonie is, but I’m going to presume it’s some kind of genitalia.

    Like, I’m going to kick you in the wahoonie(s?).

    I’m not going to google it either.

  178. rq

    Don’t worry, so am I!

    Still not clear on exactly what shape that is, but it looks ugly and prickly. 🙂

  179. 636


    Just out of general interest, what shape is a wahoonie?

    Like this, apparently.
    Alas, I will have to settle for pounce-free *hugs*, as I am way too under-slept to effectively coax them. I would certainly critically fail my Skill roll, and they would savage me.

    Though I see that Dalillama has already provided a perfectly servicable wahoonie link, I will leave mine intact, on the assumption that it is a true depiction of scale.

    Still not clear on exactly what shape that is, but it looks ugly and prickly.

    Like Ankh-Morpork! 😀

  180. 637

    Giliell, I love the mouldy spider. So much that I couldn’t resist faving it! 🙂 Where did you find that?

    Uh oh. It appears there is a new pair of JW around here. I was expecting someone else, so I opened the door without hesitation (should have known better). They left a leaflet and were leaving when one of them turned back and asked if she could give me another leaflet, I shrugged, she gave me something about “how to get and maintain a job” (?) and said “we don’t have a lot of time now, but we will be back, ok?” *sigh* Not ok.

  181. 639

    The wahoonie is certainly not a Humorous Vegetable.

    Sigh. More fallout from the new modem. The scanner won’t talk to the PC over the wireless. I researched myself a headache trying to figure out how to fix the problem, but none of the advice I found seems to apply to our version of Windows or our PC. Well, people can just scan to a flash drive, then reach to the other side of the desk, plug the flash drive into the PC and upload the scan that way, because I am done. Anyone who doesn’t like that is welcome to find the USB cable, wherever it’s been put, and plug it in where it’ll do the most good. It’s too hot today for this kind of aggravation.

  182. 640


    I am willing to sell my soul to the devil for that castle. Restoration included in the price, of course.
    I still haven’t got an offer, though. Do you think I crossed the line with restoration? I am willing to go down on the price a bit .

  183. rq

    I dunno, I slept on it and didn’t get an answer either. So probably (a) we don’t have any actual souls (shocking, I know!) or (b) we’re just too far down the line for now.

  184. 645

    Under the garage. There’s some humidity there and we had a very rainy early summer.

    I’m with you, let’s get that castle!

    I think the local Döner and I will become good friends this summer.

  185. 646

    You’re too busy to cook or it’s too hot to cook?
    over here, it’s boiling. I cook about once to twice a week, devised so that I can eat leftovers the rest of the time (preferably the kind of leftovers that I don’t have to reheat, like leftover meat in cold salads).

    I can’t wait for temperatures to go down.

  186. 647

    Too busy. Temperatures are quite OK here, but once I finished buying stuff we need and taking them to the house and watering my chilli plants it was past seven and the kids were hungry.

  187. 649

    Hi Cicely and Chigau it’s always nice to have you both around.

    Giliell moving house and getting settled in is a busy time for everyone. I’m sure you’ll get it all sorted soon.

    I wish I had the money to renovate that castle. You’d think that there would be someone in a position to do it.

    I’m trying to write some music at the moment and I’ve even bought a small (read tiny!) USB keyboard to make things easier. Of course, now, my Imposter Syndrome is telling me that any music I produce is not going to be any good. I hope I can get over this. It’s silly really because very few people are likely to hear the music, so it shouldn’t matter what it sounds like!

    I have a theory about Imposter Syndrome: it appears to me that the majority of people suffer from it in all sorts of circumstances. The few people that don’t doubt their ability are the Trumps of this world. So my theory is that those who don’t have any trace of IS are those who are not good at what they do and push on regardless.

  188. 650

    @Giliell: If you were closer, I’d suggest coming over to our place for dinner. We’re moving back across the ocean at the end of the month and have a significant amount of food to get rid of. Who wants some cookies?

  189. rq

    You may be on to something there with your theory about impostor syndrome.
    Also best of luck with the composing, if you ever feel inclined and brave enough to share, I’m willing to listen! 🙂

  190. 652

    Thanks rq ! You’re one of the people with whom I’d be prepared to share my music as I know you’d give it a fair hearing. It may be a while though!

  191. 655

    Did you say cookies?

    Well, sometimes I think Impostor Syndrome makes us work harder (so nobody will know we’Re just faking it


    PSA: Stinging nettles are called stinging nettles for a reason

  192. 656

    I have chocolate, anybody want some? I am currently on the high end of my mood swing roller coaster, waiting for the sudden but inevitable crash. But until then, chocolate for all, tea and cookies!

  193. 658

    Chocolate! Yes!

    Kinda called a project that a colleague managed “in inexcusable state this close to production”. I need a filter in my brain or a muzzle.

    Although, the mistake I pointed out really shouldn’t have persisted until this point. Well, her own problem when she handed me the keys to the car this close to the race. I could hardly say “sure, everything is in working order, you can tell XY it’s all ready” ( except for the engine dying on left turns, but you can fix that by only ever making right turns)

  194. rq

    Someone said chocolate…?

    except for the engine dying on left turns, but you can fix that by only ever making right turns

    What’s more, it’s a simple 3:1 ratio – for every projected left turn, make three right turns. I’m sure the process saves money somewhere down the line!!

    More seriously, and for what it’s worth, I believe your criticism is timely – better now than after submission.


    Well, what can I say, I’m honoured. 🙂

  195. 660

    Gaaaaaahhhh. Now the printer won’t talk to anything – if you shut it down and restart it, it’s okay, but if it goes into sleep mode, it drops off the wireless entirely. I can’t fix it, I tried and tried. Whimper…

    I need a hug. And a drink, even if I try not to indulge except on the weekends. And somebody to do things for me instead of me doing everything for everybody else around here.😠

  196. 661

    *hugs* to everyone here.
    Haven’t been here for a while, so thread ‘rupt.

    I can’t stand when people say “you have to excuse him, he has a very difficult job”. Apparently that’s in contrast to everybody else whose job is being the ceremonial head of state in a constitutional monarchy.
    My response is usually:
    “Yes, that is a difficult job and if he can’t do it without being an asshole then he obviously isn’t the right person for it.”
    And I only say “usually” because sometimes my response is an elaborate hand gesture.

  197. 663

    Anne chocolate is always welcome! And I’ll raise you a banana and chocolate teabread that I made at the weekend. Chocolate is a preservative, right?

    Beatrice sounds like you said something that definitely needed saying.

    Hi AlexanderZ good to hear from you again.

    rq there should be more choral versions of popular music. There is some lovely stuff out there that people get sniffy about because it’s pop. Maybe choirs can introduce a new audience.

    *hugs* to all of you.

  198. 664

    Vanille Kipfeln. I could make some Mahltaschen too just to show the hilarity that ensues when US-Americans try to cook Deutsch.

  199. rq

    Ooooh, Mahltaschen look good! Another regional variant of the dumpling (we call them pelmeņi here, but I think it’s a loanword). I love dumplings of all kinds.



    there should be more choral versions of popular music

    I agree, but it also has to be done right. You can’t just make a choir sing a popular song, you have to arrange it for choir, otherwise you lose most of the possible magic.
    The funny thing about pop songs is that, while they may sound really simple, they can be quite challenging to sing, because they tend to be a lot more irregular rhythm-wise (feel it, don’t count it), and they tend to have the odd little frills that have to be timed 100%. True, they might have less voice harmony, but that’s an easy fix, with the right arrangement!
    (Choir arrangements are a very popular thing here, what with the widespread choir culture, so even a semi-professional choir will end up singing super-complicated harmonized pieces one concert, and then a mish-mash of popular songs the next.)

  200. 668


    I think you mean Vanillekipferl and Maultaschen (also known as Herrgottsbescheißerle “Foolin’ God Thingies”)
    Which are actually what’s for dinner tonight. You traditionally make them by going to the supermarket and buying them 😉

    Fun with the mailman:

    Step 1: Make sure your tracking says “delivery today”
    Step 2: Stay at home for as long as possible to catch him.
    Step 3: Give up and leave.
    Step 4: Open the front door and see the mail van parked on front of the building
    Step 5: Wish the elevator would go faster so you catch him before he dumps a hell lot of stuff on your neighbours.
    Step 6: Catch him. Take the stuff down again (13 floors) because it’s for the house
    Step 7: Take everything to the house. Notice the coffee machine is missing.
    Step 8: Ambush the mailman in front of the post building, make him hand over your coffee machine (gladly).

  201. 669

    Giliell, good on you, huzzah the conquering of the mailman!

    I lost my temper big-time last night – the refi loan rep needed more information, so I was frantically trying to figure out why the printer wouldn’t print the email with the list in it, it’d stopped speaking to the PC, trying to find the right paperwork, trying to make copies, generally going crazy – all while Husband sat on his arse and watched me. I asked him to help, and he dragged himself out of the recliner grudgingly and sort of half-heartedly sorted through some papers, and I still had to do it myself. And I said it wasn’t fair, because right then it looked like I was going to spend today knocking on doors at city hall looking for information while he and the girls went off to the mountains – and he got mad at me. For being tired and upset and frustrated. Not at him, just at life.

    So I ask for help, and I’m wrong, and I don’t ask for help, and get upset, and I’m wrong. Can’t win.

    Fortunately someone from the city called back, and she’s supposed to send me an email with information today. So I was able to work on my class instead of fighting bureaucracy today. But I’m still pissed off and I have a lovely tension headache and neckache.

  202. rq


    Foolin’ God Thingies

    … is probably the best and most accurate food name out there, ever. *highfive* on the supermarket. The kids want us to try making some from scratch (yup, from the Big Bang on down!) one day; I am holding my position on this one.
    Also, congrats on nabbing the mailperson, they can be sneaky!

    It’s not your fault the printer is an ass.

    And I said it wasn’t fair, because right then it looked like I was going to spend today knocking on doors at city hall looking for information while he and the girls went off to the mountains – and he got mad at me.

    This is a perfectly good reason for you to be upset, and not a perfectly good reason for him to get mad at you. Hope you both got things sorted eventually. :/
    I’d offer a massage, but I think Hobbes is far better at that sort of thing than I am!

  203. 671

    rq, we sort of worked things out. Then a nice lady from city hall called me, got my email addy and promised to send the forms I need today. Which I just got and forwarded to our loan rep, AND I printed copies to put in our files.

    I think I need some chocolate, and maybe a cookie. And more tea.

  204. rq

    So… teachers this year will be receiving a mandate to maintain religious neutrality, while also teaching christian values.

  205. 675

    *hugs* to all.

    Anne, I sent yours via registered mail so as to avoid any wifi issues. Wireless stuff can be very frustrating; I’m the “IT” person in the house. And I have a tendency to throw things when frustrated so I try to do wireless stuff on the sofa or otherwise near soft objects if I can. 🙂

    Giliell, glad you got the mailman dealt with. And the pix of the new place look great.

  206. 678

    JimB, thanks.

    I got stuck being the tech person in our house, or the closest we have to one. Fortunately the Daughters decided to help, but I still get the hard problems. Not to mention that I’m the person they hunt down to complain to, even if they have to walk right by the Husband to find me.

    I got everything done on my class that I wanted to and sorted out stuff for the next lesson, and had a bit of chocolate and a cookie. Now if the phone would just stop ringing, maybe I could get over the headache. Every five minutes or so, no message, just ringing and hanging up when the caller gets the answering machine, all day every day. Damn telemarketers, they’re like cockroaches.

  207. 679


    We have the weirdest flies in the lab.

    Maybe you want to check to make sure all your chemicals are properly contained?

    *hugs* generally, very low on spoons right now. I live in the city with the fastest growing housing costs in the nation, such that it’s completely impossible with my income to find anywhere without a co-signer (other than L). I screwed up my email settings and spent several days in a panic about not getting emails. I’m going to talk to my dad today.
    The other option is to completely uproot our entire lives and move to a different town, where we’ll undoubtedly end up living in my dad’s basement because given how hard it is to find work here, I’ll be years looking down there.
    If we could actually get L his fucking anxiety meds, maybe we could have a roommate again and save money that way, but it’s ridiculously difficult to find a therapist who takes our insurance, and when we do they keep insisting on trying something else that doesn’t work, and asking for the meds that do work is ‘drug seeking behaviour’. I hate this pisshole of a country so fucking much right now.

  208. rq

    It’s okay, I don’t mind being Ra. 🙂

    Religious neutrality just means “we won’t bash other religions too badly”.

    I think this is the basic idea, though I also know that the whole ‘christian values’ thing is mostly about maintaining the twoo definition of mawwiage and making sure none of the kids get infected with homosexuality. *sigh*


    Maybe you want to check to make sure all your chemicals are properly contained?

    Ha! Personally, I blame the UV. At least none are manifesting evil superpowers yet.
    I wish I had a way to help you out of your situation right now. 🙁 *hugs*

    *hugs*, too! 🙂

  209. 681

    Hey all.
    Can someone who is friends with me on FB do me a favor? I’ve been blocked* from posting for three days. I had another friend of mine leave a message on my timeline that I’m in FB prison for a while, though I forgot to mention a specified amount of time. If someone could leave a message on my timeline that I’ll be back on FB on Monday (most likely as that’s about 3 full 24-hour periods from the point at which I was blocked), that being blocked also means I cannot leave comments or communicate via PM, and that if anyone wants to contact me they can drop a line here in the (I was about to say “Lounge”) Speakeasy?

    *I made a couple of comments a month or two ago about ye old TERF asshole, Cathy Brennan and I named her on FB. I didn’t say anything disparaging or abusive about her (and everyone knows I wouldn’t say anything sexist or misogynistic about her, though FB doesn’t ban those kinds of comments anyway). A few days ago, I got two separate messages from FB saying that those comments were deleted bc they violated FB community standards. The day after I got the deletion message, I found I was banned for 24 hours bc of them. After my banning, I posted a message on my wall about how I was banned for saying something about CB. But apparently the act of mentioning her name in the post led to someone(s) reporting my post and thus I’m banned for three days.
    It’s really quite ridiculous. From all that I understand of FB, posts get deleted when a sufficient number of people report them to FB. And if enough people (or sockpuppets) complain or report a person, that person can be blocked from commenting for a period of time from one day to 30 days. But FB doesn’t have a mechanism in place to actually analyze the content of offensive messages. If they had, reading my comments about Cathy Brennan-a public figure btw, who *should* be open to public criticism or mockery-would likely lead to the realization that nothing I said was particularly egregious (really…the first comment I made was something to the effect of “I heard Cathy Brennan was a fake Goth”, which was a meme that was going around a few months ago).
    If FB didn’t allow me to connect with friends in a way that no other social media platform allows, I’d get rid of it (not just bc of this, but for the related issue that they do absolutely nothing about sexist, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, or transphobic comments-those get reported all the time ((though possibly not reported by enough people)) and yet the messages people almost always receive from FB are we’ve reviewed your complaint and found that the message does not violate our community standards…the fuck are community standards that allow for bigoted comments ((or worse, bc threats of rape are also not deleted)), but not for mild criticism or mockery of a public figure?!)

  210. 687

    Yes rq what happened in Nice is horrible. It’s not that far from where my brother lives.

    This world just seems to get worse and worse. If Trump gets elected, I’m calling it!

    Sorry to hear your FB woes Tony . As usual the rules are skewed in favour of the well known and against the individual. Also, no actual thought goes into the process, just dumb software.

    I’m sorry about your situation too Dalilama .

    I hope you get everything sorted Anne . I do think that your husband should be more supportive.

  211. 688

    If Trump gets elected

    Don’t look now, but he’s getting more popular. 538 is currently calling it at about 2 to 1 for Clinton versus Trump, which sounds a lot better if you don’t know it was 3:1 last week, which would also sound a lot better if it didn’t happen to also be more or less the odds against the Brexit vote going through.

    If I understand the Spiegel correctly, the guy in Nice was stopped when a passer by jumped onto the truck and started attacking the (armed) assailant with his bare hands. This gave the police time to shoot him (the assailant, not the passer by, fortunately) 50 times which eventually stopped him.

    Acts like that increase the risk of LePen, Trump, etc getting elected. I wonder, sometimes, if that is their purpose. Maybe the Islamic terrorists want to “heighten the contradictions” in order to increase the number of recruits they get.

  212. 689

    Trumps popularity is worrying on any number of levels Dianne . After the British referendum result I feel that anything is possible!

    The contradictory thing about Islamic terrorist attacks is that they want a backlash to bolster their recruitment. Which means they would be quite happy with right wing Christian governments as it encourages more people to their way of thinking.

    It’s our Russian concert tomorrow. Wish me luck!

    I’m on holiday next week, so I may be away from the lounge/speakeasy for a while.

    Take care everyone. Stay safe.

  213. 690

    Good luck, have a good holiday!

    My current mood is “I want to dig a hole, jump in, and pull it in after me” but that attitude is nearly as dangerous as the world is in the first place, so I’m trying to fight it.

  214. rq

    Good luck and have fun with the concert tomorrow! If there’s a recording, I’d love to hear it, whenever you manage to share. 🙂 Also have a nice holiday, here’s to de-stressing (I hope!).

    Well, good guys with guns apparently couldn’t do it without that one good guy without a gun. 50 times, though? How did they stop the truck?
    I’m really scared for the Clinton/Trump match-up, though. I don’t like those odds, and I’m feeling rather frustrated by all those protest voters who insist Hillary is as bad as Donald. Can’t you see that, just like in the case of the UK, the results of this election will have vastly more far-reaching consequences than just the USoA? And even if it were limited just to the USoA, I don’t like the idea of a Trump presidency and how that will affect no few of my (mostly online) friends. :/


    So it’s nice and cool during the day, so I dress a bit warm (i.e. long pants, sneakers) to go to work, and that’s when the sun comes out and heats everything back up, so of course I’m hot and sweaty by the time I get in. Poo.

  215. rq

    My current mood is “I want to dig a hole, jump in, and pull it in after me” but that attitude is nearly as dangerous as the world is in the first place, so I’m trying to fight it.

    Well, we can dig a hole together, and then fill it up together, and then dig another one together, and then fill it back up together, and then dig another one… At least we can refrain ourselves from jumping in, right? “Just keep digging, just keep digging…” as I paraphrase from the indomitable Dory.

  216. 693

    Hi everyone. Hugs and tea here. I want to hide, too, but it’s laundry day, so I’m going to do that and maybe play with bits of paper and Mod Podge, if the Younger Daughter ever gets up. I need the kitchen table, and she hasn’t breakfasted. Or maybe I’ll just take over the table and she can eat in the den, she eats most of her meals there so she can watch TV anyway.

  217. rq

    I have officially twisted my ankle at work by stepping into a hole in the floor. Guess what this will get me?

    Those of you guessing ‘nothing’ are absolutely correct, since it’s not an injury that interferes with my work.

  218. rq

    (And yes, I am currently crying at my desk like a baby while laughing at myself because mummy it fucking huuurrrrrrtsss…!)

  219. 698

    Why do children need to yell when they’re having fun? And I mean yell, scream or screech constantly?

    I’m trying to study and they have reached critical mass when the noise they produce is… significant.

  220. 699

    Woke up this morning to find that the dog can’t move his hind legs or back half at all. Carried him to the vet, they were closed for a staff meeting. Going back in an hour. I am absolutely terrified, we have no money and I don’t know what to do and I just can’t anymore with everything.

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