Irresponsible Gun Owners of America 5.17.16

The United States is saturated with guns. We have a population of more than 300 million and there are nearly enough guns in this country for every child, woman, and man. Thankfully out of that 300 million, only a minority own guns (source). Unfortunately, among

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that minority exists a number of people who are irresponsible gun owners. Whether its improperly cleaning a gun, carrying a gun into a bar, shooting someone’s pet out of anger, shooting a spouse because they don’t perform housework, or shooting someone because your religious beliefs prohibit the consumption of clamato juice, many gun owners demonstrate a lack of responsible handling of firearms. Here are five recent examples:

Man concealing semiautomatic in his sock accidentally shoots self and woman at high school graduation

The man, whose name was not released to the media, had a permit for his gun. But no firearms are allowed in the Augusta High School football stadium, where a graduation ceremony was being held at about 2 p.m. local time Sunday. So he put the gun in his sock.

However, “it was uncomfortable for him,” Tyler Brewer, Augusta’s director of public safety,told the Wichita Eagle. The man “went to adjust his sock, and the weapon went off, striking him in the foot,” Brewer added.

The bullet bounced off the bleachers and hit a 28-year-old woman sitting nearby. A witness told KWCH the victim’s calf was “bleeding like crazy” before she was transported to a nearby medical center.

Garrett Tipton, 17, told KSNT the shooting sounded like “a really loud firework.” But the Eagle reported that because the gun was small, not everyone in the football stadium heard the shot. The graduation ceremony proceeded as scheduled.

Brewer told the Associated Press the incident was a “knucklehead situation.”

That’s more than a knucklehead situation. That would describe a case where someone shoots themselves bc they’ve been drinking. This situation resulted in an injury to someone else. That makes this irresponsible and reckless. The fuck do you need to pack heat to a graduation ceremony anyway?


Husband charged with killing wife in St. Regis Park 

Amelia Lacambra was fatally shot at a home Sunday afternoon along Woodmont Drive near Statton Road in St. Regis Park.

Damien Lacambra told officers he accidentally shot his wife. He told police he didn’t know the gun was loaded when he pointed it at his wife and pulled the trigger, according to the police report.

Talbott Allen used to be the mayor of St. Regis Park. He’s lived there for more than 30 years.

“Something like a shooting and a killing, that’s foreign to us. We’re not used to that,” Allen said.

Allen and other neighbors want answers. They want to know what really happened behind closed doors but they understand they might never find out.

One of the first rules of owning a gun is to *never* point it at someone unless you plan on shooting them. Another is to know whether or not your gun is loaded. This dude should never be allowed to own a gun again. What sucks is that he’ll probably get off by using the “I didn’t know it was loaded argument” combined with “I didn’t mean to kill her”, as if that undoes her murder. Fucking reckless gun owners piss me off.


 Man whose gun discharged at swim lesson faces misdemeanor

Jackie Kay, of Charleston, whose 17-year-old daughter was giving the lesson, said the incident happened at the Gorman PE Building on the UC campus during a swim lesson. Kay’s daughter was in the pool with several children while parents were around the pool watching.

“This man was sitting not two feet away and his gun went off,” Kay said. “She said he had a huge hole in his pocket.

“Everyone was upset. It could have been a terrible tragedy for many people.”

Weapons are not allowed on UC’s campus.

This is eerily similar to the above story about the gun that went off at a graduation ceremony. In both cases, a man armed with a gun, “accidentally” discharged a firearm in a location that prohibited firearms. Both men did not adhere to the state policies of those locations. At least the guy in this story didn’t injure anyone. But FFS, why the hell do you need a gun at a swimming pool?! I think many people would say “to protect myself”. How trained in firearm use are these people? I highly doubt they have the training of cops. I doubt they know anything about de-escalating a situation. And I bet many gun owners who carry in public have an inflated sense of their skills. Moreover, many folks have a movie mentality where they think that they’ll be able to get a clear bead on their opponent in a hostile situation, and fire off their gun effectively and take down the bad guy. But in reality, having to deal with chaos, people screaming and running, distractions, possible authorities, a guy (and it’s usually a guy) shooting at you or others, and the possibility of missing (bc this isn’t the movies) means most people aren’t going to be anywhere near as effective with their weapon in an active shooter scenario as they think. But noooooooo, people gotta think they’re the shit. And all of that is before we broach the question of the false sense of security firearms bring.


Worshipper Faces Manslaughter Charges in Deadly Church Shooting in Montgomery County

Mark T. Storms, 46, of Lansdale, Pennsylvania, was charged Thursday with voluntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment in the death of 27-year-old Robert E. Braxton III.

Storms shot Braxton inside Keystone Fellowship Church, a non-denominational church on Stump Road in North Wales, on Sunday morning, prosecutors said. The shooting happened in the church’s sanctuary, which was filled with hundreds of worshippers for an 11 a.m. service. Witnesses told NBC10 churchgoers hid under pews as the altercation played out.

Witnesses remember Braxton arriving at church irritated and cursing at an usher in the back of the church, court documents show. Church staff members tried to quiet Braxton, but he refused before heading to a pew that was reserved for two other church members, according to prosecutors.

A church member sitting behind Braxton tapped him on the shoulder to let him know the seats were reserved. Another couple put down two Bibles to save their spots before walking away. Braxton retorted the tap and starting yelling “Don’t f—— touch me!” an affidavit reads.

An assistant pastor and ushers came over to try and calm Braxton, but he continued to yell, records show.

In interviews with police, witnesses watched Storms walk over to Braxton, show him a badge and motion to a handgun under his shirt. The badge, police said, was for his concealed carry permit. Braxton exchanged words with Storms before punching him in the jaw. Storms then pulled out his gun and fired two shots, according to witnesses.


Storms, in an interview with police, said he opened fire on Braxton because he felt his “person was in great danger” and that he was worried other people in the church, including the elderly and children, were going to be hurt.

Storms told police he showed off the concealed carry badge with hopes of defusing the situation. He said, according to court documents, he had done that in the past and that man “walked away.”

I’m not certain he or any of the church members were in “great danger”. After all, while Braxton was aggressive, and clearly angry, he didn’t have a gun.  Storms’ idea of defusing the situation involved a game of “my dick is bigger than yours, so calm the fuck down”. I’m going with “that’s not how you calm someone down and de-escalate a stressful situation”.


Man Shoots Up Car With Woman Inside

A 34-year-old Racine man is in custody after he was struck by a woman and he fired an AR-15 rifle at a car she was in at the time.

No one was injured, but the Racine Police Department arrested the man for two counts of reckless endangerment, being armed while drunk, and disorderly conduct.

According to a press release by the Racine Police Department, officers responded to a report of shots being fired at a car in the 3700 block of Clairmont St. at 10:15 p.m. Monday. When officers arrived, they found the man arguing with a woman. They learned that the verbal argument had escalated when the woman struck the man before going into the home.

When he came out, he started shooting an AR-15 at a car the woman was in at the time. Two bullets struck the car and were found in the passenger compartment.

Gotta reestablish that dominant role. She physically assaulted him, so to demonstrate that he’s the one with the power, he had to take things to the next level. For many men, guns are the ultimate expression of power…of manhood. That’s how this reads to me.

Irresponsible Gun Owners of America 5.17.16

4 thoughts on “Irresponsible Gun Owners of America 5.17.16

  1. 1

    being responsible is irrelevant. really.

    guns will inevitably kill people. it’s what they are designed to do, and they do it without much thought needed, which is the much much bigger problem than “responsibility”.

    think about the retired Florida Sheriff.

    I mean, there’s a guy with some serious training in how to be responsible with weapons, right?

    so he shoots someone in a crowded movie theater, and kills them, because?

    they were texting during the movie previews with their daughter.

    now, people will say, ‘Hey… he could have stabbed the guy instead’


    guns give you instantaneous power. They simply should not exist, period.

    being “responsible” 99.99% of the time, is not good enough when that .01% of the time.. you end up killing someone.

    and don’t give me that shit about cars. cars aren’t designed to kill someone at ALL, let alone on a whim.

    let’s just end this madness. YOU DON’T NEED A FUCKING GUN, people.

  2. 2

    Holy hells, story #4 with Mr. Storms. What was this guy thinking?
    “Hey, there is a very angry man here in this church. What this situation needs is some guns. Because guns + angry people + church is always a great combination, and nothing bad ever happens.”

  3. 4

    There’s a really scary mindset that I’ve seen with American gun owners (a lot less so with Canadian gun owners, but I’ve seen hints, which worries me) that, because they have a right to own a gun, any attempt to get them to use it safely is an infringement on that right and is intolerable. It’s especially disturbing since NDs (negligent discharges) usually _don’t_ kill the person responsible for causing them.
    Those first three cases?* Textbook examples of unsafe handling: Loading a firearm unnecessarily, transporting it in an unsafe manner (just because it’s drop safe, doesn’t mean it can’t go off if you stuff in into your pocket or sock), assuming a firearm is safe without verifying it yourself, pointing a firearm (loaded or not) at another human being…
    But every one of these jabbering ass-clowns seems to think that, because they can imagine a reason to carry a weapon, that they should be allowed to do it regardless of who might get hurt. And when someone does get hurt? “Oh it was an accident!” No it wasn’t. There are no ADs. Only NDs.
    That maniac with the AR? He should be charged with attempted murder and every criminal negligence charge they can find that even remotely applies. And if any stray bullet came within fifty feet of hitting a bystander? Add another attempted murder charge. Per bullet.
    I’m seriously weirded out by the character in the church brawl, though. He has a badge that identifies him as an open carry person? When did this become a thing? I mean, I’ve heard gun weirdos talking about this on YouTube for years (“We need a badge so that cops responding to an active shooter can tell that we’re the good guys with guns”) but I never thought that someone in government would actually go ahead and do it. That is absolutely the worst possible thing you can do with a guy who’s got a self-righteous hero complex: Give him a physical token to show that he’s right and approved of by people in authority.
    *That is assuming the man who shot his wife was telling the truth when he said he never meant to kill her. Personally I don’t buy it and if I were the cops I’d be going over this guy’s history with a fine tooth comb for anything that might indicate a history of abuse or some other form of premeditation. Regardless, the guy’s guilty of criminal negligence and manslaughter, IMHO.

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