Speakeasy #11


Welcome to the Speakeasy. I’m your host-the bartender with the mostest. Kick your feet up and relax with the gang. Have a drink (with or without alcohol). Hang out. Socialize. Vent. Share recipes or favorite books. Whatever you feel like doing. You’re not intruding on anyone, so feel free to drop a line. Just keep it civil and kind. Disagreements are fine, but I don’t want any fights (and of course bigotry of any sort is not welcome).

Speakeasy #11
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384 thoughts on “Speakeasy #11

  1. 352

    *gives beatrice a very gentle hug and some Oreo ice cream*

    Feelin’ better?
    There’s more where those came from.

    Talking about adulting, my cousin finally managed to get himself locked up, for the better of everyone involved. It’s a miracle he didn’t get himself killed (pulling a gun on a police officer can have that effect, even if it’s only a light ammunition one).

  2. rq


    I adulted well yesterday by being at a wedding that I really didn’t care about but was super-important to Husband (his sister’s), then adulted poorly today when I let my feelings of discomfort and boredom show through into some mild emotional inability to communicate my desire to go see the trains. Yes, it can be hit-or-miss, but I doubt you can do much worse than me!

  3. 361

    Typically jam is made from whole fruits and jelly is made from just the juice. The terms are often used interchangeably, though.

  4. 362

    I still don’t like peanut butter. I like peanuts, but anything peanuts and sweet is making me gag.

    Now off for a first scouting tour at the Swedish furniture store of choice. I know, it’s probably months until we move, but from the last two moves I know that when you actually move is a very bad time to think about what kind of furniture you still need, what they have and how much it will cost you.

  5. 365

    You have been cleared for one hug.
    It got late because of all the bureaucracy.


    There is no blackberry jelly in my blackberry roulette. What is this travesty?

    Androids stole them!

  6. rq

    I would like to know specifically which Androids, as I have a few strong words to impart to them.

  7. rq

    There was talk of having a link on the sidebar, if you click on the I Ching in the upper left (okay fine three horizontal lines), you can get a link to the Speakeasy. On the front page and in individual posts. I’m not sure how that works on mobile devices, though…

  8. 371

    I’ll answer you here: Depends on how good you’re at biking. 130 km. There’s a train connection (I went to Heidelberg last year)
    Seriously, if you want to and can manage I’ be more than excited to meet you in person

  9. rq

    I think it’s still legal here, too – at least it gets used a lot out in the country (being a cheap leftover material), and this one nightclub that I know of…

    Not that here is any measure of good safety practices or anything like that.

  10. 375

    AFAIK It’s not legal in new construction, but the requirement to remove existing asbestos is very spotty and has many loopholes.

  11. 377

    In Germany you may not use new asbestos (I think that’s actually EU wide…), you got to remove it when it contaminates the air. You don’t have to do anything as long as it stays “untouched”. For example the walls of our home to be still have those old plates that contain asbestos which is basically safe as long as nobody touches it. But to remove it will cost an arm and a leg because nothing must be broken etc, the workers must wear hazmat suits, the plates need to be packed away in special bags…
    And we’re sure as hell going to have them removed now before it becomes even more expensive.
    It came up during a broadcast on TTIP

  12. 379

    Hey Giliell! Where are you? I have the idea that you live in Saarland, but don’t know exactly where. 130 km is at least a 2 day ride for me, but that’s doable…if we haven’t managed to fill up the entire time we’ve got left, which I am not at all sure about.

  13. 380

    Okay, now here’s a problem I never expected to have…I need to find cancers where there has been no progress at all in treatment in the past 10 years and it’s much harder than you would expect. Inadequate progress, that’s easy, but absolutely flat out no progress is trickier than one would think.

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