Now this is unreasonable

Earlier today, I posted about a maddening meme made by someone who believes a host of fucked up (and wrong) ideas about the needs of men and women in heterosexual relationships. The meme was rife with Western-centric, stereotypical attitudes about the role of men and women in society and seemed crafted to make viewers think that pleasing men is such an easy task but pleasing women? Impossible, because women want so many things and need so many things to make them happy that no man could ever truly measure up. Most of the list consists of bullshit ideas thrown together by someone who hasn’t actually listened to anything women have said they’re looking for in a partner (perhaps some misognystic twit on Reddit or /4/chan with too much time on their hands). I’d say the majority of them are rather unreasonable to expect of men, and in fact, I don’t know too many women who would demand that their boyfriend be an interior decorator who moonlights as an electrician while going to school to be a gynecologist. That said, of the 53 items listed that men supposedly need to be in order to make a woman happy, I saw several that were very reasonable (I just took a glance at it again, and counted at least 14). Funny thing though, if the thought of being an honest and passionate lover, friend, and companion is off-putting to the meme maker, they really ought to get a load of this short sci-fi film in which a woman makes an…interesting request of her boyfriend (Content note: the name of the video-‘He took his skin off for me‘-is a tip off about the nature of the short flick; the depiction of the boyfriend may be unsettling to viewers)















As I was watching the film, I wasn’t really unsettled until they showed images of his fingers. Specifically the area around his fingernails. That’s when everything settled in. That’s when I realized how FUCKING CREEPY it is to think of having your skin pulled off. Eyelids, ow! Genitals, holy fuck no! Apparently no computer graphics were involved in the special effects of this movie (which was based on a short story by Maria Hummer).

I can’t help but think that some of the women I know might be able to use this video to fend off the assholes they encounter on dating sites. “Oh, that’s so precious! You messaged me to ask me about sex and I told you I wasn’t interested so you sent a pic of your dick, hoping that would convince me? Well you know what? It did. I’ll definitely fuck you now, but first things first, you have to do this one favor for me.”

(h/t Laughing Squid)

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Now this is unreasonable
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