The end of the world is nigh

“Some say the world will die by fire. Others say the world will die by ice. They’re both wrong. Rainbows and drag queens. The world will die bc people accept rainbows and drag quens.” -anti-gay bigots everywhere

Bigots of all stripes love to claim that homosexuality is destructive and the cause of so many of the ills in society. World-class bigots like Theodore Shoebat claim that homosexuality is a cancer that should be excised from our culture. There’s Mr. “Legitimate Rape” Todd Akin, who has said[…] there is no civilization which has condoned homosexual marriage widely and openly that has long survived.” And then there are my “favorite people”. Oooh, and who can forget Pat Robertson, who thinks that God uses snow to punish people who want to do gay things. But my favorite are those like Scott Lively, who think acceptance of homosexuality is a dress rehearsal for the End Times:

Anti-gay activist Scott Lively was the guest on VCY America’s “Crosstalk” radio program yesterday, where he asserted that the issue of acceptance of homosexuality within the church is a “dress rehearsal” for the End Times.

“I believe we’re in End Times,” he said, “and that we’re being prepared as a body for a time when the Antichrist is going to appear on the scene and the Mark of the Beast is going to be something that all believers are going to be presented with this challenge. It seems that the issue of homosexuality and the way that it’s being addressed in society and in the church is kind of a dress rehearsal for that.”

Well then, the Canadian Navy recently made a big splash with their own dress rehearsal. After eight months at sea on the HMCS Winnipeg, Master Seaman Francis Legare randomly won the ceremonial first kiss. So when he returned home after 255 days away, the first thing he did was plant a big kiss on the lips of his loved one: his partner, Corey Vautour (a guy if you’ve not figured it out). So lovely. All this acceptance of homosexuality brings a tear to my eye . I do hope Canadians are preparing for the end of the world though, bc according to those like Scott Lively, the acceptance on the part of the people watching this kiss means the end times are coming to Canada. I should hit my Canadian friends up on Facebook and see if they need assistance in planning some debauchery-filled pre-apocalyptic parties.

The end of the world is nigh

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    The most upsetting thing about that kiss, are all the cameras, stuck in their faces. They’re like RIGHT THERE!
    Cameras give me the jeebies.
    Yeah, I got issues.

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