An unlikely matchup: The Ring vs The Grudge

Horror/monster movie mashups between two properties has been a well Hollywood has occasionally dipped in over the years. Films such as King Kong vs Godzilla, Aliens vs Predator, and Freddy vs Jason featured battles between fan-favorite characters, though none of them were particularly good movies. I enjoyed King Kong vs Godzilla as a kid, but aside from the original Godzilla, most of the Big G’s films haven’t held up well over the years; the other two weren’t all that great either. Here’s hoping the upcoming film, Sadako vs. Kayako, will provide quality entertainment and serious frights. What began as an April Fools Joke last year quickly graduated to an actual, planned film.

The movie pits Japanese spirit Kayako (from The Grudge) against another Japanese spirit, Sadako (from The Ring), in a movie that I’m really interested in seeing, if only bc working out how the mechanics of how the two characters will fight is something I’m interested in. The Grudge (a USAmerican adaptation of the Japanese film Ju-On: The Grudge) is more or less a haunted house movie, involving a murderous spirit created in a home when someone dies in a the grip of powerful rage or sorrow. Encounter the spirit and you die. The Ring (a USAmerican adaptation of Japanese film Ringu) is about an evil spirit borne out of a cursed cassette tape. How will the two evil spirits meet and fight? And who will win? Color me intrigued. Here’s the trailer:

While the June 18, 2016 debuting film is slated for release only in Japan, I’d say odds are strong it will make it to the US at some point. It better, bc I want to see an evil video tape spirit vs an evil haunted house spirit.


An unlikely matchup: The Ring vs The Grudge

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    I had to read the Wikipedia acticle to remind myself how that business with
    watching-the-video-and-passing-it-on worked.
    I’m mildly surprised to be reminded that the 1998 Japanese original and the 2002 American remake were both pre youtube.
    We’ve come a long way in a short time.
    I look forward to seeing how they handle this.

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