Move over Bond, there’s a new tough guy in town

Idris Elba has a lot of fans and many of them would love to see him play the iconic superspy, James Bond. Of course there is vehement opposition to that idea, bc many people are wedded to the idea of their beloved fictional character remaining white bc reasons that I’ve yet to see elucidated. Never fear though. Come April 22, if you like the idea of Elba playing a superspy, you might want to check out “Bastille Day” where Elba plays an ex-CIA agent attempting to thwart a terrorist plot aimed at Bastille Day protesters.

(h/t Black Nerd Problems)

Move over Bond, there’s a new tough guy in town

2 thoughts on “Move over Bond, there’s a new tough guy in town

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    Actually this movie is a good argument against Elba as Bond. One of the more racist arguments is that black people should have their own franchise instead of forcing themselves on “white peoples” franchises. (Stupid argument!)

    Well, this would be the perfect movie franchise for Elba. He has Luther, Deisel has those Furious movies, Will Smith has Men in Black, Matt Damon has Bourne, and Bastille Day could be his, if Elba wanted such a thing. Oh, and he’s already been cast as Roland Deschain in The Dark Tower series.

    After all, success is the best revenge.

    The nastiness of the above argument is that once PoC go out and create their own shit, those same white boys cry racism because they weren’t invited. Like its some kind of “gotcha” moment.

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    This actually perfectly answers my sole objection to Idris Elba as the next James Bond: If I never hear of another James Bond movie being made in my lifetime, it’ll still be too damn soon, no matter who is or isn’t playing him.

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