Icelandic markets to demographics other than heterosexual men

It’s no secret that all across society, sex is used to sell products and services. Drive down the highway. Power up the computer. Turn on the television. From overt images that mimic sexual acts to sell food or vehicles to seemingly innocuous images used to sell body enhancement products, our society is permeated with suggestive or provocative images of sex.  What continues to strike me in our culture though, is that so often, sexual imagery in advertising is tailored to the heterosexual male gaze. Where is the marketing for people *other* than hetero men?

Right here, for a start:

In a new commercial for Icelandic Glacier water, Instagram stud Brock O’Hurn emerges dripping wet from the surf and peels himself out of his wetsuit after staking his claim on the beach.


And some very luck ladies (and a few men) crowd to the windows of their office to catch the view.

I don’t buy bottled water much, but this ad may likely remain in the back of my mind for the next time I do.

Icelandic markets to demographics other than heterosexual men

2 thoughts on “Icelandic markets to demographics other than heterosexual men

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    Diet Coke used to market its product in Germany much the same. After all diet coke is for girls (That’s why there’s Coke Zero now: diet coke without the girly taint).
    I like how this one is kind of over the top and still oh so accurate. Still the best way to show how ridiculous gender representation is.

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