The truth behind this video will shock you!

This is Timur the goat:

This is Amur the Siberian tiger:

Media sensations Timur and Amur reside at Russia’s Safari Park. The park runs a breeding program for Siberian tigers, and as part of that, they feed their tigers live food every week. Timur was supposed to be dinner for Amur, but apparently, when the dinner bell rang, Amur decided not to consume the goat. In addition, not only did Timur display a striking lack of fear around Amur, but he even took control of the enclosure, forcing the predator to sleep on the roof of his own lair.  Timur has been allowed to stay in the enclosure with Amur, and the two have apparently become friends, as seen in the following video of the two goofing off and romping together:

Officials at the Safari Park would have people believe this video presents two animals, predator and prey, playing around as if they are friends. But that’s a lie. A not-so-clever deception carefully crafted to hide an agenda. This is no friendship. Instead, it is gay propaganda!!!

As you read this, a roving band of Russian prosecutors have banded together to decide whether or not the media’s fascination with an unlikely but nevertheless very real friendship between a male tiger and goat in could be — should be — considered “gay propaganda.”

Lawyer Alexei Krestyanov first expressed his ire to the prosecutor general last month, concerned that this wayward slice-of-life story about a male tiger and goat amicably living together in a safari park could irrevocably harm The Children by promoting “interest in non-traditional sexual relations.”

He wrote, “I think the positive coverage of this topic is nothing less than interference in the personal lives of minors, which is what hidden propaganda is, and public, active imposition of homosexuality.”

Krestyanov is correct. A goat and a tiger having a friendship and living together is not innocuous. It is a violation of all that is good and just. Not only that, but it’s a perversion of the highest order! And despite the fact that Timur and Amur have never engaged in the horizontal mambo, it is self-evident that they are in a homosexual relationship (after all, two male animals of different species cannot be friends, they must be gay fuck buddies). There can’t be any other explanation for their relationship. And the media–oh the media! They’re obviously promoting the relationship between these two animals as a means of influencing young viewers. Children are very delicate and their minds are quite impressionable. If they see a goat and a tiger not-fucking and coexisting peacefully…I shudder to think of the damage this could do to their young minds. This must be stopped, by any means necessary. Only one thing can stop this insidious indoctrination of Russian youth:


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The truth behind this video will shock you!

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    I’ve been telling you that Russia is dangerous! It has its own blend of religious fascism that poisons everything. It’s like Saudi Arabia with nukes!

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