At last! White History Month is here!

It’s that time of year again-Black History Month. You know, that month of celebrations of the achievements, skills, accomplishments, and history of one of the largest ethnic groups in the United States. A group whose members do not typically learn of the historical accomplishments of their people in public schools or universities. A group comprised of people whose scientific and artistic achievements are not widely known by the general populace. A group that has traditionally experienced discrimination and marginalization in USAmerican culture. But I’m not here to talk about Black History Month. And why is that? Because it has come to my attention-again-that members of another racial group feel it is unfair that African-Americans get One Whole Month to discuss their history and accomplishments. Leave aside the fact that the history of this other racial group is taught in schools and colleges around the country as the default history. Never mind that the histories of African-Americans are considered ‘electives’, rather than part of the default discussion of U.S. history. None of that is important. What is important is that many members of this other group feel left out (marginalized, even) and believe they too, should get a month to honor their achievements. And who can tell them no? Not I. In fact, I feel kinda sad that white people don’t have an entire month to learn more about their history. It really isn’t fair. Therefore, in response to the calls for fairness that I’ve seen on Facebook and Twitter year, after year, after year, I give you White History Month. Enjoy!

White History Month Calendar
(White History Month calendar created by yours truly)

For the benefit of those white folks who wish to learn more about their history, feel free to explore the following links to expand your knowledge and understanding of white history:

Day 1: Genocide of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas

Day 2: KKK

Day 3: Internment of Japanese-Americans in WWII

Day 4: Trail of Tears

Day 5: Human zoos

Day 6: Forced sterilization of Native American and Puerto Rican women

Day 7: Lynchings

Day 8: Redlining

Day 9: 1921 Tulsa Riots

Day 10: “The Birth of a Nation

Day 11: Civil War

Day 12: Anti-miscegenation laws

Day 13: Minstrel shows

Day 14: Violation of treaties with American Indians

Day 15: Blackface, Brownface, Yellowface, Redface 

Day 16: Jim Crow Laws

Day 17: Labor discrimination

Day 18: Violation of the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978

Day 19: Literacy tests

Day 20: Terrorist attacks on African-American churches

Day 21: Dispossession of Native peoples from their lands

Day 22: Housing discrimination

Day 23: Chinese Exclusion Act

Day 24: Dred Scott

Day 25: Educational oppression

Day 26: Stand in the Schoolhouse Door

Day 27: Dakota/U.S. Conflict

Day 28: Tuskeegee Experiments

Day 29: Cultural appropriation

Day 30: Forced assimilation of American Indians

Day 31: Slavery


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At last! White History Month is here!

4 thoughts on “At last! White History Month is here!

  1. 1

    As a White Person, I soooo appreciate this! FINALLY! We are getting the recognition we deserve!

    Although, I must say that some of my people’s greatest accomplishments appear to be missing. I refer, of course, to:
    -racially skewed mass incarceration, for profit, including legalized slave labor
    -routine racist police shootings with no accountability
    -bombing, invading, destabilizing, and occupying the countries of brown people in illegal wars for resource exploitation
    -the War on (black and brown people who use) Drugs

    I’m sure there are MANY other accomplishments of my people worth of celebrating, too!

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