Time for a bit of a change

To all my friends and readers,

I’ve decided that I want to change the name of the blog. The term ‘shoop’ was borne out of an in-joke in a Lounge thread at Pharyngula many years ago. I still like the word, and will continue using it for myself, but I’ve decided that I want the name of the blog to be something that visitors can easily understand at a glance and not need to be up on a social thread on another blog from years ago. Given my experience as a bartender, and the multiple friends that have told me they would like to sit at my bar and talk, I’ve decided that the new name of the blog will be: The Progressive Pub.  The name change is easy to grasp, as most people know what a pub is (and we already have a Speakeasy), and well, I think by now the term ‘progressive’ is understood by a great many people. The new name change will occur in the next several days. But don’t worry, the essence of the blog-which is a focus on social justice issues, particularly racism, sexism, and anti-LGBT bigotry, along with news related to popular culture-will still continue.

Time for a bit of a change
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8 thoughts on “Time for a bit of a change

  1. 4

    I kinda liked the previous name better because of its uniqueness (not many shoop roosts out there), but the new name is very apt.

    But what will become now of the Roostergeist?

  2. 6

    I have no plans to do that. There are some really cool things that will be happening with the blog in the next month (and you’ll see why I’m not changing the domain). I will let everyone know when the time is right. Sorry for being vague, but trust me.

  3. rq

    I hope the Roostergeist has been exorcised with the name change. (Almost misspelled that as Roosterheist, wonder what that is?)

  4. 8


    Roosterheist, wonder what that is?

    The plot for a new Ocean movie?

    There are some really cool things that will be happening with the blog in the next month

    Sounds intriguing. I can’t wait!

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