Vapid, ignorant opinions must run in the Palin family


Sigh. Bristol Palin said a thing:

In a blog post on Tuesday, Palin said she agreed with Fox News contributor Stacey Dash opinion that both Black History Month and the BET network should not exist as special privileges for the black community.

“Either we want to have segregation or integration. If we don’t want segregation then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the [NAACP] Image Awards,” Dash told Fox News host Steve Doocy last week.

Well, I don’t much like the thing that she said. Soooooooooo…my turn to say a thing (two actually):

1- I can *almost* see media outlets paying attention to Sarah Palin. She’s a former governor and she was a Vice Presidential candidate. Yes she’s a fuckwit swimming in conservative ideology who suffers from a lack of common sense and poor critical thinking skills who fails to hold evidence-based beliefs, but it makes *some* vague degree of sense for the media to pay attention to her love of word salad. Her daughter though? Not so much. Bristol is not a major public figure, a media mogul, a popular entertainer, or a politician. Giving her opinions a platform in the media elevates them to a position of importance in political discourse by treating them as something respectable. Granted, politicians, businessmen, and entertainers of all stripes express ridiculous, offensive, bigoted, or reprehensible views and the media reports on those beliefs. But again, those are people with some degree of public importance or influence. Bristol is, well, not to put too fine a point on it-she’s just not that important. Making matters worse, her beliefs aren’t being challenged. Her ignorant opinions are sitting there in public for all to see by a media that just regurgitates them without refuting them, probably in misguided attempt to appear fair and balanced. Too many media outlets are trying that “fair and balanced” approach. How about we ditch that approach and go for “educated and informed”? Bc not all beliefs are equal and not all arguments have two equivalent sides worth treating respectably.

2- Now, as for those opinions, I can’t believe this has to be pointed out given #OscarsSoWhite, but Hollywood typically does not recognize and honor the accomplishments of African-Americans. That’s bc Hollywood has a gargantuan bias in favor of white people. That’s why BET exists in the first place. BET was created to give black people a network that focused on their wants, needs, and desires. Duh. Black awards shows exist bc Hollywood refuses to honor the accomplishments of black people. I mean, it doesn’t take the savviest person to figure that out. I guess Bristol and her mother both share the same level of savviness. Which is about the same level as an oak tree.

Vapid, ignorant opinions must run in the Palin family

2 thoughts on “Vapid, ignorant opinions must run in the Palin family

  1. 1

    It’s funny how these nitwits only want to talk about “integration” only after black people take steps to take care of our own business. When we were asking for help and/or inclusion, they get to say, “get your own. quit asking for handouts. pull yourself up, etc…” But as soon as we go out in the world and do that very thing, they then argue that whatever were doing is racis be it doesn’t include them and should be taken away.

    That’s another argument that’s also wrong. Dipwads like Bristol and her mother, fail to acknowledge that the reason these black organizations exist in the first place, I s because white people insisted on acting like assholes towards us. We’ve never excluded white people from our endeavors. At every opportunity, black people have made efforts to be inclusive and magnanimous to all people.

    I’m am heartily sick and fecking tired of these silly ass arguments against all our well being. We can’t do anything right as far as such morons are concerned. If we succeed, we’re cheaters who didn’t earn it. If we fail, then it’s our genetic heritage to be life’s losers, according to them.

    We need to just do what’s best for us anyway, as we will be vilified no matter what we do, it seems.

  2. YOB

    It’s seems kind of like the #alllivesmatter thing. “OMG, black people are doing a thing, we must inject whiteness into it. Or, you know, stop it altogether, cause…black. “

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