Monday’s Maddening Meme 1.10.16

Ok, there’s no reason to spend a lot of time on this ridiculous meme, bc as with most of the shit tumbling forth from the “men’s rights activists” at AVfM, this isn’t based in reality. Here’s  quick rundown of just what is wrong with the image:



1. There is no epidemic of women throwing babies in dumpsters. It does happen, but how often is unknown. President of the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation Dawn Geras, estimates that since 1999, roughly 1400 infants have been found illegally discarded. The actual number is likely higher, but there is no national dataset.

2. There is an epidemic of rape and sexual assault in the United States.


(source: RAINN)

3. There is no serious attempt to dismiss or minimize the disposal of babies in dumpsters. In fact, following a string of infanticide cases in 1999, states across the country enacted Safe Haven Laws, which allow infants to be legally relinquished at hospitals and other locations up to 45 days after birth. No questions are asked. This was an attempt to save the lives of infants by decriminalizing infant relinquishment. The issue was treated with seriousness and attempts were made to resolve it through the law.

4. We are raised in a society that abhors discarding infants in dumpsters. Again, while it does occur, it isn’t happening in a country where it is socially acceptable to do so.

5. We are not raised in a society where respect for bodily autonomy is taught. Nor are we raised in a society were consent is included as an important part of ongoing sex education discussions. As a result, many people do not value or respect the right to bodily autonomy of women and girls and they don’t care whether they have consent to engage in sexual activities. This is one of the many reasons the United States is a Rape Culture. So yes, people need to be taught that rape and sexual assault are immoral and wrong.

6. In addition, our society is one where rape and sexual assault are minimized all the time. Women and girls are often not believed when they say they were assaulted. When they are believed, they are often blamed for their assault. Many people, from friends and family to politicians and pundits, attempt to minimize the severity of sexual assault and play down its harmful, long-term effects. We live in a society that very  much dismisses and minimizes sexual assault and rape.

7. As for those people who need to be taught that rape and sexual assault are immoral and wrong?  We live in a society in which the vast majority of victims of rape and sexual assault are girls and women. Nearly 98% of all perpetrators of rape and sexual assault are male. So yeah, anti-rape campaigns need to target the people most likely to commit rape: MEN.

8. Ultimately, this meme is fucking ridiculous because there is no comparison between the two. Whoever came up with it must have been washing their thinking cap, bc precious little thought went into its creation.

9. Also, fuck AVfM.

Monday’s Maddening Meme 1.10.16

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    What Chigau said.

    Also, can we please start respecting children’s bodily autonomy? No more of the forced hugging/kissing, and we need to a) stop shaming kids for not wanting to engage in a physical display of affection; and b) acknowledge that forced affection is not affection.

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