Outraged conservatives have a new target

The list of subjects that cause conservatives to bristle with fury is quite extensive. I daresay one could fill up each space on a bingo card with a subject that makes conservatives seethe with anger. In fact, let’s try it out:

  1. The Affordable Care Act
  2. immigrants
  3. queer people
  4. Common Core
  5. Happy Holidays
  6. multiculturalism
  7. black people
  8. President Obama
  9. atheists
  10. liberals
  11. feminists
  12. “entitlement culture”
  13. “PC” culture
  14. anti-discrimination laws
  15. contraception
  16. mainstream media
  17. environmental regulations
  18. people who fail to demonstrate proper obedience to authority figures
  19. Communists
  20. Marxists
  21. Socialists
  22. gun control
  23. evidence-based sex ed
  24. Planned Parenthood
  25. (who needs a free space with all the shit conservatives get pissy over) minimum wage increases

Unfortunately, I’m out of room on my bingo card, and there’s a brand-spanking new addition to the list of subjects that conservatives blow their tops over:  Joss Whedon.

Yup, Whedon has become the latest target of conservative ire. One might wonder what the much-beloved creator of Buffy and Firefly has done to put himself in the conservative crosshairs. Did he reveal that Buffy is secretly a gun control advocate and that she and Obama are going to take all the guns? Did he send out a Tweet saying that Tony Stark is an atheist who believes that no corporation should be able to discriminate against LGBT people? Nope. Joss Whedon did something dreadful.

On the day before Christmas, Planned Parenthood tweeted: “Start your first monthly donation to Planned Parenthood now & Joss Whedon will chip in $50 in your name.” The tweet included a link leading to a page noting Whedon would donate up to $100,000 in $50 increments for each person who signed up to make a monthly contribution to the health organization.

Conservatives pitched a fit and whined that $50 increments were far too low. They wanted him to pony up at least $75, if not $100, but noooo, he’s so stingy! *That’s* why they’re mad!

And in you believe that, feel free to buy this swampland in Florida I have. It’s perfect for a shopping mall.

No, conservatives were, of course, angry that Whedon would dare support the baby-killing, fetus-harvesting-for-money, Planned Parenthood, so they took to Twitter to express their displeasure:

Someone really needs an education in human development, bc fetuses aren’t babies. I know many people call them that, but babies are born. They are *outside* their mothers’ body. When they are inside their mothers’ body, they are fetuses.


Given that Joss is an atheist who introduced a lesbian couple on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, I’m rather surprised he’s ever had the support of conservatives. But please, go ahead and burn your copy of Firefly. You’re only denying yourself some quality television. Also, fetuses ain’t babies.

See above. Re: atheist.

More Bible nonsense. Listen up people-Joss Whedon. Is. An. Atheist. Reciting scripture in opposition to his support of Planned Parenthood is meaningless. He’s not likely to realize the ::ahem:: wisdom of your words and change just bc you can throw Bible verses at him. The best response you can probably hope for is mockery (and to be honest, that’s one of the few responses y’all deserve). And again with this whole babies=fetuses. This is a recurring [and completely wrong] theme.

Then there are those people who still haven’t gotten the word that PLANNED PARENTHOOD NEVER SOLD FETAL TISSUE.

The capper though?

There’s nothing in the Raw Story article that mentions gun control. And a cursory search for “Joss Whedon gun control” turned up no results on the first page of hits. I’m guessing this guiltless white man pulled that out of his ass like conservatives do with their whining about President Obama wanting to take their guns.

Man, but USAmerican conservatives are whiny, clueless, ignorant fools.



Outraged conservatives have a new target

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    This is why it’s not okay to get all your information about the world from only one news source. That man has never made any secret of being an atheist or a feminist.
    In fact, he’s loudly proclaimed both, sometimes even in the shows he writes. These people are so far out of the loop they’re just catching on about things we’ve known for at least a decade.
    Where they been?

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