LGBT Link Round-Up 10.17.15

here are some of the informative, entertaining, and frustrating queer-centric stories I’ve discovered in my travels on the internet:



Every year the Oxford English Dictionary [OED] releases its list of newly added words and the second quarter of 2015 saw the addition of over 500 new entries.

Crowdfund, Twerk, Blue-ray, interweb and intersectionality are just a small sample of what has officially entered our lexicon this year, but one word seems to stand out further for the transgender and gender-nonconforming community than any other. The OED has officially added ‘cisgender’ to its revised 2015 edition.


Interweb discussions ranging from, “Cis” is a slur, it doesn’t belong in ANY dictionary,” to “we already have words for cisgender – those are WOMAN and MAN,” have peppered the comments sections of articles using the word ‘cisgender,’ but there has been no organized attempt by any group to discredit the word.

In an recent article published by The Independent in the UK, Bernard Reed, a trustee of the Gender Identity Research and Education Society, said: “We strongly support the use by the gender non-conforming community of a whole range of terms to describe themselves individually. It’s interesting that they have chosen to describe people outside that spectrum as cisgender, which is not a term that cisgender people have chosen for themselves.

Sexual stereotypes enforced through implied dichotomy [people are either cis or trans] can be considered limiting, thus to some people a slur or an insult, but simply having a word that tells people their gender matches their body should by no means be considered offensive.

No doubt the term ‘cisgender’ will be debated for years to come, but for now, it seems to be a welcome entry into the dictionary as the language of gender and gender identification continues to expand.

Glad to see that terminology related to the trans community is entering the mainstream (even though there are fools who think ‘cisgender’ is a slur, which is just so fucking ridiculous).

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 Gay elderly couple ordered to take down their rainbow flag

Murray Sheldrick and his partner James Bellia recently received an email from the Melbourne Inner City Management Property Owners Corporation informing the couple that they could face legal action if they did not remove the rainbow flag flying from their balcony. While the couple has removed the flag for now, they believe the complaint is homophobic in nature. The owners corporation disagrees:

Bellia and Sheldric, who own their property,have been a couple for 50 years. They bought the flag in February and have removed it from their balcony for the time being. Typically, they hang the flag on special occasions: Australia Day, Queen’s Birthday and the Midsumma Festival.

Mr Bellia said he and his partner are convinced the email was homophobic:

“We are positive it is homophobia, there is no doubt about it. Why else would they bother us? The flag is on a huge terrace, it’s not in anyone’s view.”

The owners corporation rejected the suggestion, saying it was only responsible for reinforcing the building’s professional appearance:

“A uniform external appearance is to be maintained. Even curtains, blinds and window fixtures are to be of a uniform nature,” it said in a statement.

Not homophobic, huh?

Their home lacked a uniform appearance with the neighborhood, huh?

That doesn’t seem to jibe with this:

Sent by Fairfax Media, the letter suggested the couple was in breach of the owner’s rules affecting the “peaceful enjoyment” of the other residents. The breach also claims the couple was “displaying advertising materials.”

I don’t believe for one second that the flag has any measurable effect on the lives of others. They are still free to enjoy the neighborhood all they want as there is nothing UNpeaceful about the flag. In addition, the flag is not advertising. It’s symbol of pride in one’s sexuality (or gender identity). This is a country, after all, that has traditionally demeaned, denigrated, and disparaged people for being gay. For most of the history of the United States, gay people could not live openly as they are without fear of social and/or legal repercussions. All for being romantically and sexually attracted to members of the same sex (something that harms no one). The flag symbolizes the freedom to express your identity publicly and proudly (if you so choose) without being marginalized (which is why insipid ideas like “straight pride” are an insult-heterosexual people haven’t been treated as second-class citizens in this country because of their sexuality).


Raising a transgender child

The following short documentary from Cosmopolitan showcases 8-year-old Penel, a trans boy. In the video, his mother discusses how she came to understand and accept that her child, despite being assigned female at birth, was in fact, male. It’s a touching video that highlights the need for trans children to have acceptance, love, and support from their families and loved ones.



The Mormon Church’s own pollster, Gary Lawrence told the Washington Post after Prop 8 passed, “We’re upside down on our image.” That was true for outsiders, but we’ve heard that it was far worse within the Church itself.

Insiders have indicated that over the last seven years the Mormon Church may have lost up to 1 million members because of all it did to end gay marriage. These formerly loyal Church members decided to side with their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) family members and friends instead of their Church. Because of the way the Mormon Church works, you’re either with them 100 percent on everything or you’re out. If you are LGB or T and act on it, then you will be excommunicated, your name will be removed from Church records and you’re no longer a member.

Bleed away LDS, bleed away.


Here’s Batwoman in the newest Batman animated feature

Kate Kane aka Batwoman, will be appearing in the next animated Batman video. I’m not sure, but I think it’s her first appearance in a DC animated movie. Whether it is or not, it’s great. Batwoman is a great character. Reintroduced in 2006 in the DC book 52, Batwoman became one of DC’s highest profile lesbian characters, and under the pen of writer Greg Rucka, was the star of many a well-written story.


LGBT Link Round-Up 10.17.15

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    It’s interesting that they have chosen to describe people outside that spectrum as cisgender, which is not a term that cisgender people have chosen for themselves.

    Reading the Wikipedia article about that word (and others linked from there) gave me no hint whatsoever that Volkmar Sigusch is anything but cis. Now obviously he’s not all cis people, but he does seem to have invented the term in 1991.

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