When someone is raped, who is responsible?

Content Note: discussion of rape and sexual assault

If you’re a feminist or a socially progressive individual who has spent any time reading comment threads following articles on rape or sexual assault, you can predict with a high degree of certainty that any such article will have someone (several of them, in fact) who will comment about how a rape victim (usually-though not always-a girl or woman) should have dressed differently or drank less alcohol or not been in a bad part of town. Many times a commenter will try to soften such a remark with a disclaimer like “I’m not trying to blame the victim here, but…”. Other times, a true asshole will come along and skip the disclaimer and put all the responsibility of the rape on the woman, leaving the perpetrator (usually-though not always-a man) free of most, if not all, the blame…as if the woman somehow made the perpetrator have non-consensual sex with her. No, it doesn’t make sense, but then rape apologetics only seem to make sense to those who either deliberately or unintentionally misunderstand what constitutes rape. If you’re someone who doesn’t get it, let me help you-RAPE IS NON-CONSENSUAL SEX. That should clear up any difficulties in the future (and if you think consent is difficult, consider what you need from someone to make use of something that does not belong to you-permission).  For those who still don’t understand, well I don’t have much patience left for such fools, so here’s a chart that should be easy to understand for such individuals:

If you ever even *think* there are any other causes of rape, smack yourself and refer back to this chart. And then smack yourself again for even thinking that anyone other than the rapist is responsible. Continue this process until you understand that the only person responsible for rape is a rapist.

When someone is raped, who is responsible?

4 thoughts on “When someone is raped, who is responsible?

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    Thanks for the post, Tony. It’s really simple isn’t it? Yet people need to make it complicated, make consent complicated just to make it easier to blame rape on victims.

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    Clear, concise and short… Who could possibly NOT get this message ?

    Thanks, Tony. Again you captured my sentiments only far more articulately.

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