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    But I must admit that I like the idea of a gift that might force my brother to put down the game controller and pay attention to what his kid is doing.

    Yeah, but chances are you’re just forcing your SIL to scrub the walls. Also, please, no stickers, at least not more than 20 and no books/toys that make any sound.
    If you’re looking for books, 2 years is the exact right t. ime to get them hooked on Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler. Their books are cute, imaginative and offer lots to llok at and discover.

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    What happened to those books where you had to slide a small handle to make the picture move. They weren’t noisy and they looked like a fun thing for children to play with. Do they still make them?

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    *waving to all* *hugs* * higs* *scritches* ….

    Reading backwards in comments… latest things first:

    rq to Giliell:
    “There does seem to be some sort of common experience that we share.”
    I’ve noted that,too.
    I’ve also noted parallels (despite rq’s insistence in mentioning our age difference [THANKS A LOT !!] ) with common life/work experiences with rq.

    Huuummm… I’m still thinking the ” I’m sacred” (rq) comment was NOT a coincidence… just Truth (TM) ! 🙂

    *genuflecting commences*

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    Oh. My. Dog.
    I’m so over Sam Harris’ sycophants defending his racism. I’m also over any claims that “Islam is not a religion”. I *know* that. I also know that in the minds of many people in the United States, Muslim=someone of Arab descent.

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