Now how about all the other issues

The high of yesterday has settled in, and while it hasn’t worn off, I’m reminded that there are still a significant number of problems to overcome in the pursuit of equality. Here are some of the many issues facing the LGBT community:

• LGBT people are still able to be terminated from their jobs or denied housing in 29 states, which is why the passage of ENDA is vital

40% of homeless youth are LGBT kids

trans people who are imprisoned face high levels of sexual assault, extended stays in solitary confinement, and improper (or a complete lack of) medical care

• the staggering suicide rate of trans people

• the everyday microaggressions that plague LGBT people

25% of all students elementary age through high school are victims of bullying. These kids are bullied not only for their sexuality or gender orientation, but their religion, race/ethnicity, gender, and disability status.

All of those are just LGBT-centric issues. Other major problems facing our country include, but are not limited to:

• the ongoing racial crisis in the United States. People of Color (a group that includes, but is not limited to, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans, Indians, and African-Americans) face tremendous levels of oppression, discrimination, and bigotry at all levels of society.

• the ongoing War on Women. Women across the country continue to see their reproductive rights under attack thanks to religious fundamentalists and conservatives who seek to regulate women’s bodies and turn the clock back on women’s rights to the Dark Ages.

• the lack of healthcare for approximately 35 million USAmericans. Despite the ruling in favor of the Affordable Care Act by SCOTUS, far too many U.S. citizens lack healthcare coverage. We need universal health care.

• chronic homelessness. It is cheaper-and more humaneto give homeless people a place to live and a system of support than to leave them on the streets.

• the epidemic of gun violence, which costs this country more than $225 billion a year

• the threat of climate change. We have the evidence that climate change is real. We have a damn good idea of the causes. We know the effects of climate change. There are solutions that need to be implemented.

And those are just the social issues.

Now how about all the other issues

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