I could use some help


I’m in quite a bind.

Over the last few years, I’ve been terminated twice and had greater difficulty each time finding a new job. I recently chose to quit my job because my hours were being cut back due to vague “customer complaints”. I took a new job relatively soon after that, but discovered that they don’t pay well at all. The bartenders make very little money ($30 a shift is not enough to live on), so instead of wasting my time and the restaurants time training, I chose to quit. I thought all my bills were taken care of, but it turns out that my rent is not. My roommate is apparently struggling with his two jobs and has been unable to pay his portion of the rent. I really would prefer not to post this on my blog, but the situation is dire. I really don’t want to be evicted. If any of my readers has any money to spare, I’d be eternally grateful.  I have a PayPal account setup for anyone who can contribute. Leave a message in the comments if you can help and I will forward my email account.  Thanks folks.


The crisis has been averted for now. Several people graciously donated money and that kept us from being evicted. Thank you so much to everyone who was able to assist!

I could use some help

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    I just happen to have $20 from yesterday’s paycheck that have no prior claim on ’em. I assume that—in your capacity as Official Operator And Moderator of this website—you can lift my email address from the “fill in your details below” box; then just shoot me an email, and I can dollar you. 🙂

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    Later on, I’ll get The Husband to walk my technologically-impaired ass through the intricacies of the PayPal thingy.

    Gotta keep my favorite Shoop fed! 🙂

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