What. Did. I. Just. Watch?!

Ben Carson.

Ted Cruz.

Carly Fiorina.

Mike Huckabee.

George Pataki.

Marco Rubio.

Rick Santorum.

These are all the GOP contenders clowns hoping to win their party’s nomination as well as a spot in the Oval Office in January, 2017. Oh, wait. I forgot one. This guy:

This is Rand Paul.
This is Rand Paul on some serious drugs. Any questions? (I can think of a few, like “What the hell was the photographer-Gage Skidmore-thinking?” and “Who’s body does that belong to, bc it sure as hell isn’t Rand Paul’s?”)

In an attempt to paint Rand Paul as true patriot will defend mom, apple pie, and the U.S. against President Obama and his nefarious plans, a pro-Rand Paul SuperPAC released a really fucking bizarre commercial. Complete with bald eagles (fire-breathing ones, natch), a bare-chested Rand Paul, and enough explosions to make Michael Bay jealous, after watching this commercial, you’ll probably be scratching your head:

Seriously, what the fuck did I just watch, what demographic was the video aimed at, and why did the SuperPAC think this would help Rand Paul’s campaign?

(h/t Addicting Info)

What. Did. I. Just. Watch?!

2 thoughts on “What. Did. I. Just. Watch?!

  1. 1

    Okay! Seriously. I just made the mistake of watching Kung Fury the other day and this totally reminds me of that hot mess.But that one was deliberate. I don’t know what the hell to think about this.


  2. 2

    Um…I think this would be aimed at those Repubs who admire Putin…and think wrestling is real…and are truly, madly, deeply turned on by burning things down and blowing things up.

    At least, based on the part of it I saw before it froze up.

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