A bigot's dream come true

Are you one of the many hateful civilians in the United States that cries in despair every time a federal judge declares a state ban on same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional?

Maybe you are a church official angered that people would dare argue for LGBT people to be treated equally before the eyes of the law?

Or perhaps you’re a politician who thinks we need a ‘tent revival‘ to solve the (imaginary) moral crisis in the US over same-sex marriage?

If you are one of the many homophobic bigots littering the landscape of USAmerican society and you long for the chance to act on your fantasies of crushing the hopes of LGB people across the country, then here’s your chance. Sort of. The interactive online gaming site Comigama has created a game that is sure to bring tears of joy to the likes of Brian Brown and Tony Perkins. And it’s totally free to play. Introducing Sweet Homo Alabama, the game where you get to pretend you are Judge Roy Moore crushing the hopes of same-sex couples as they race to get married:


A bigot's dream come true

4 thoughts on “A bigot's dream come true

  1. 2

    Nope. I did the same thing.

    Btw, do you (or anyone else reading this) know how to embed the game itself into a post? I tried, but was unable to. I figured it was due to my inexperience using wordpress.

  2. Daz

    Well, I just spent a less-than-fruitful hour trying to embed it, but no joy, I’m afraid. Technically you’re not supposed to be able to embed iframes or flash objects (except from approved video hosting sites such as YouTube) in a WordPress.com blog. There are some quite torturous workarounds for embedding flash, but that game doesn’t appear to be flash. Which is annoying.

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