Police Behaving Badly 3.26.15

It is an unfortunate fact of life here in the U.S. that a lot of gun owners are reckless and irresponsible in their handling of firearms. It’s one thing when those people are average citizens and another thing entirely when those reckless, irresponsible individuals are law enforcement officers. These are the people who are ostensibly charged with serving and protecting civilians. Unfortunately there are a lot of law enforcement officials who threaten, brutalize, and kill those they are charged with serving and protecting. Former Delaware County cop Stephen Rozniakowski is one such official. With a bulletproof vest strapped to his chest and a gun in hand, Rozniakowski kicked down the door to the home of Valerie Morrow and proceeded to kill her and injure her daughter:

Hours after the 40-year-old mother had obtained the order on Monday, the man she’d feared the most – Stephen Rozniakowski, an enraged Delaware County cop with a history of harassment – grabbed a gun, strapped on a bulletproof vest, kicked down the door to her Glenolden home, ran up the stairs and shot her, authorities said.

“He came up the steps with his gun drawn, and as soon as he saw Mrs. Morrow and her daughter in the hallway, he started repeatedly firing at them in their direction, striking Mrs. Morrow and also hitting her 15-year-old daughter,” Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan said yesterday.

Morrow was pronounced dead in the house. Her daughter, Bridget Cruz, was shot in the left bicep. “Bridget fled into her bedroom, while, unfortunately, her mother lie dying in the hallway,” Whelan said.

Morrow’s husband, Tom, a part-time cop in Morton Borough, then reached into his nightstand for a revolver and returned fire, which Whelan said may have stopped a larger shooting spree. He shot Rozniakowski multiple times, but did not kill him.

When Tom Morrow, who was out of bullets, heard Rozniakowski reloading his gun, he leaped out of the second-story bedroom window and ran on a broken ankle to a neighbor’s house to call 9-1-1.

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Vallejo police kill man with fake gun in Target parking lot

On March 21, representatives of the Vallejo, California police department say they received a report of a man armed with a knife, in the parking lot of a local Target store. According to official police statements, the man was ordered to drop the knife, but didn’t. He then reached for what officers say they thought was a gun, according to police Vallejo police Lt. John Whitney. The gun turned out to be a fake gun.

Police say that a note was found in the man’s vehicle, an advance apology to police, for ‘making them’ kill him.

Police have not released the man’s name, nor the name of the officer, or officers, who shot him. Whitney also did not provide details on the number of times the man was shot by police.

The man later died at a local hospital from gun shot wounds.

The number of officer-involved shootings in Vallejo is dozens of times higher than the national average.

In May of last year, a report from KQED showed that the rate of officer involved shootings in Vallejo is dozens of times higher than the national average, and more than 20 times higher than that of surrounding communities. The report called into question the practices of the police department regarding internal investigations, among other issues.

The practices of every fucking police department in the U.S. need to be called into question. Scratch that. They all need to be completely overhauled. Would that this actually happened.

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Police behaving badly? How about a police department behaving badly?

Drivers as well as their passengers in Topeka Kansas will soon be subject to a new policy requiring everyone to put their hands up during police stops.

Police say they are implementing this policy because “we all want to go home to our families, and this makes it safer for us to approach vehicles to gain that compliance. It gives us a chance to survive these encounters.”

However, the implications regarding this practice are horrid, and many residents are up in arms about being forced to be up in arms.

“Every day somebody’s getting shot by a police officer, and it’s like ‘oh my goodness, will I be next?’, or will I be okay?” said one resident.

Local officers are citing the three tragic shooting deaths of officers in a two year period as the reasoning behind this policy.

“As we all know, we’ve lost three officers in less than 2 years and as a result of that we’ve had to take a hard look at the way we’re conducting business, particularly as it relates to car stops.” said TPD School Resource Officer Matt McClimans.

While this policy may seem like it has good intentions, nearly every aspect associated with it is tyrannical.

First of all, this “policy” was not approved by the taxpayers. No citizens got to vote on its implementation, and it is going to be enforced with potentially deadly force.

Secondly, it treats ALL parties stopped by police as criminals.

One resident summed it up perfectly by saying, “Make us feel safe, not automatically make us feel like criminals.”

“To put my hands up, I mean, I just can’t see how people are not offended by that,” said one resident.

“I think that is too aggressive, and unnecessary, and I don’t agree with it,” said another.

“Police and community interactions are tough enough as it is and the more demands, the tougher it’s going to be, and the more problems you’re going to have,” explained a resident.

Besides treating everyone they come in contact with as a criminal, forcing people to put their hands up creates a slew of other problems as well.

How would someone hold the police accountable by filming their own interactions if they are forced to raise their hands? All too often innocent people are vindicated after being beaten and assaulted by police, only because a cell phone was recording. This would end that.

Imagine a situation in which someone tries to point their phone out of the windows while they attempt to raise their hands, the end result would not be pretty if officers mistook the phone for a gun.

What if a passenger in the vehicle is paralyzed, or temporarily disabled and they cannot raise their hands? Is this an immediate death sentence?

Finally, what about all the people who have been shot by police despite having their hands up? Looking through our archives here at the Free Thought Project, we can see that holding one’s hands up, most assuredly does not protect you from being shot by cops.

The bottom line is, while the deaths of these three officers are certainly tragic, treating every person stopped by police as a criminal is also tragic.

How about looking at WHY police are stopping people and look to reduce those interactions. Do the police really need to pull people over, en masse, for victimless crimes, such as seat belt violations?

Instead of treating everyone like criminals, why don’t police stop acting as strong arms for the state’s revenue collection racket?

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Words cannot accurately convey the level of disgust I have with the actions of the police officers in the next story. 2 police officers in Charlotte, NC beat a 3-month-old so badly that the newborn is in a vegetative state and likely won’t survive. 

A bond hearing was held on Wednesday for Robert Jeffrey Taylor Jr., 45, who worked for the York Police Department as a corporal.

Taylor was arrested for abusing his 3-month-old baby so badly that he is not expected to survive.

The infant’s mother, Audrey Schurig, 36, is also a police officer. She was arrested as well and charged with unlawful neglect of a child or helpless person for leaving the baby in his father’s care despite allegedly knowing about the abuse and failing to protect her child.

Jaxon Jennings Taylor, their 3-month-old son, was abused so brutally on February 15, that he is unable to move or eat without a feeding tube. Despite being in a vegetative state, he “is in some pain” and exhibits “periodic cries,” according to 16th Circuit Solicitor Kevin Brackett.

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A Webster, MA police officer may regret parking in a handicap spot

In a short video uploaded to YouTube on Monday, a Webster police officer, illustrates his above the law mentality.

A citizen with a camera decided to film the officer, who was illegally parked in a handicap spot at a McDonald’s restaurant.

When asked if he’s allowed to park there, the officer confirms that he can do whatever he wants.

“So you get to park wherever you want ?” the officer is asked.

“That’s right” replies the officer.

When he starts getting worked up, the officer seemingly threatens the man filming him.

“Do you know who I am?” asks the illegally parked cop.

But the man filming stood his ground as he was the one in the right.

After a brief exchange, the officer tries to turn the tables on the man. He asks for his name and starts to use his police powers as a means of intimating a man for pointing out his wrongdoing.

Meanwhile unemployed and low-income USAmericans are demonized and vilified for seeking government assistance so they can fucking live.

Police Behaving Badly 3.26.15