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Father buys son new gun as a toy–surprised when son ‘plays’ with it, killing two

On June 25, 2010, Lothar Schafer thought it would be a good idea to buy a 0.45 carbine with 100 rounds of ammunition for his son Konrad. He even let his son pick out the weapon at a local pawn shop. In his mind, he was enabling his son to protect himself within their home. In reality, before the day was up, that weapon would be used in a shooting rampage that would last for two weeks. Their home of Poinciana, Florida, just 20 miles south of Walt Disney World, would be gripped in fear until Konrad and his friends were caught, too late for Eric Roopnarine, 22, and David Guerrero, 17, who met their fate at the business end of the weapon.

As reported in court, Konrad stole the family vehicle so he and his friends, Victoria Rios, Juan Sebastian Muriel, and David Damus, could commit their crime wave. They shot at people on their porches, at children’s bedroom windows, at other cars, before moving to the murders. Before he was caught, Konrad Schafer was apparently planning on killing police officers for fun. Konrad is currently set for trial in April.

In his defense, Lothar Schafer claimed ignorance at the weapon’s use, and his son’s nightly activities. He claimed to have no idea how his son got the weapon, despite buying it for him. He claimed to have no idea why his son used it to shoot at people, when it has no other practical purpose. For buying the gun for his son, and the role he played which led up to the deaths of two men, he now is under probation, thanks to a plea deal which Circuit Judge Jon B. accepted, agreeing to withhold adjudication. If he serves out his probation and has no further violations, he will not face conviction.

This is the height of irresponsible gun ownership. He treated the gun like a toy you give your child. Then he acted surprised when this weapon–a weapon designed for death and destruction–was used to kill and destroy.  And he’s not even going to jail.

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FL toddler accidentally shoots his sleeping mother in the leg

Officers were called about 3:45 a.m. Monday to a home in the 4800 block of Southwest 59th Terrace.

“A 3-year-old boy gained access to his parents’ firearm,” Engle said. “The child discharged one round and struck the mother in the leg. She received an injury that was not life-threatening.”

The injured woman left the home and contacted authorities. She was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood. The weapon was a small-caliber, semi-automatic handgun, Engle said.

She had surgery Monday and remained at the hospital, police said.

The Florida Department of Children & Families is involved and Broward Sheriff’s investigators were at the family’s residence on its behalf, an agency spokeswoman said.

The FDCF damn well should be investigating this. The parents kept a loaded gun in their home and a toddler was able to find and use it. That’s not storing a gun correctly (and of course, guns shouldn’t be loaded until they’re ready to be used–to avoid accidents just like this one). I’m just glad the child didn’t kill himself or anyone else as a result of the irresponsible actions of his parents.

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3-year-old finds gun in mother’s purse, accidentally shoots his parents

A 3-year-old New Mexico boy shot his father in the buttocks and the bullet ricocheted and hit his pregnant mother, police said.

The horrific incident occurred Saturday inside a motel room in Albuquerque when the child found the loaded handgun inside his mother’s purse, reports TV Station KRQE.

The boy’s 2-year-old sister was also in the room, but was not injured, police said.

The boy found the 9 mm handgun while looking for an iPad in the purse.

The father was transported to a hospital and released Saturday, police said. The woman, who is 8 months pregnant, was hit in the shoulder and also taken to a hospital.

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 Minnesota man (white) pulls gun on man (black) sitting in his car with his nephew, assumed drug deal

Demetrius T says he was sitting in his vehicle with a friend negotiating a potential car purchase Sunday evening near the intersection of Sheridan Ave N. and N. 35th Ave. in Minneapolis when he noticed a man taking pictures of them.

With his camera phone rolling, Demetrius (he asked we not use his last name) decided to get out of the car, walk half a block down the street and investigate — only to discover, as he drew close, that the picture-taking man had a gun in his hand.

“You just pulled a gun on me!” Demetrius, 29, can be heard saying in the video. “For no reason at all… that’s crazy, that’s crazy.” (Watch the footage at the top of this post.)

An argument ensued, during which the gun-toting man justifies himself by saying, “We have a lot of drug dealing going on… no one is stereotyping.”

But that explanation didn’t satisfy Demetrius, who replied, “You racially profiled me.”

“You saw two black guys having a conversation in the car and you started taking pictures,” he added. “When you see me walking down this street, because I’m black, you got nervous and you pulled out your gun.”

Reached for comment today, Demetrius says that when he noticed he was being photographed in the car, he decided to “confront him about the situation.”

“That’s why I had my video rolling,” he continues. “I never knew he had a weapon. I wouldn’t approach anybody who had a gun.”

Demetrius says he called the cops after the footage ends. But officers told him that since the man was legally in possession of a gun on his own property, there was nothing to be done. (Demetrius acknowledges the man never actually pointed the gun at him.)

Demetrius, who lives in St. Paul but spent part of his childhood living in north Minneapolis (his mom still lives there), says he doesn’t think the man would’ve been taking pictures in the first place if he and his friend weren’t black.

“In my personal opinion, had I been Caucasian, had I been Mexican or Asian, he wouldn’t be taking pictures,” Demetrius says.

Asian is correct, but Mexican is not how you refer to people. The proper term is Hispanic or Latino, with the latter becoming the more acceptable word. In any case, I agree that if he’d been white, this concerned citizen protecting the neighborhood wouldn’t have paid them any attention. Instead, due to subconscious (or possibly conscious) beliefs about African-Americans, this dude racially profiled Demetrius. Because of course when two black people are sitting in a car together it can only be a drug deal. Nothing else. Right, good, and true citizens of this great country of ours (please read the preceding in the snarkiest way possible) know that. They also know that two white people in a car together are never involved in a drug deal. Nope. And of course there are comments at the link from people supporting his actions (thankfully, there are people condemning them too).

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Drunk Florida biker shows he is not a responsible gun owner

According to WFTS in Tampa Bay, the Southern Sons members were hanging around outside the saloon and drinking in the bar’s back parking lot.

A some point a trash can was placed on McDaniel’s head. Club members initially tried to throw cups and bottles into the can, but apparently that got boring.

That’s when Jeffrey Camarda decided it would be a good idea to see if he could use his gun to shoot the trash can off McDaniel’s head instead.

He aimed, fired and missed the trash can. The bullet struck the 43-year-old McDaniel’s in the head, instead. Emergency workers transported McDaniel’s to a local hospital, but he died a few hours later.

Camarda, who fled the scene before the police arrived, was arrested on Tuesday. He was charged with manslaughter and is currently being held on $250,000 bond.

My condolences to the family and friends of McDaniel’s. Camarda will hopefully be convicted and face a stint in jail.

Irresponsible gun owner link round up 3.4.15