The agenda of the New York Post

That was fast!

I was just musing over what Rich Lowry’s agenda was in writing this New York Post article about the Black Lives Matter Movement.  His disdain for the protesters was apparent in the article. So was his “don’t do it” position on criticism of law enforcement. I suspected there was something…prejudicial or biased going on. Turns out I’m psychic! Well not really. I just came across this 2009 Gawker article:

A former New York Post editor who was fired last month for complaining about a ludicrously racist cartoon has filed a detailed complaint in federal court accusing editor Col Allan of racism, sexism, and all-round dickishiness of the highest order.

Sandra Guzman was an editor at the Post charged with running, among other things, a section aimed at Latino readers. After the paper published a Sean Delonas cartoon depicting President Barack Obama as a chimpanzee being gunned down by white police officers, she complained internally about what she saw as the paper’s persistent and overt racism under the leadership of Australian he-man Col Allan. Then she got fired.

You can read her full complaint here, but here are some of Guzman’s allegations:

  • the Post is a hostile work environment where pervasive sexism and racism are allowed to run unchecked
  • the Post and its parent company maintain, condone, tolerate, and participate in that hostile work environment
  • the Post’s bigotry is directed not just at employees, but PoC and women outside the company
  • complaining about the hostile environment leads to retaliation against the complainant

Rich Lowry’s agenda has become crystal clear.

The agenda of the New York Post