Police Behaving Badly 12.27.14

Police in Beavercreek, OH act like authoritarian thugs

The Beavercreek, Ohio Police Department has once again escalated force, making an already volatile situation volcanically erupt all over the parking lot of the Fairfield Commons Mall.

The site of today’s protest, organized by Ohio Student Association, is situation directly across the street from the Walmart where John Crawford was shot and killed last August.


Members of the media were threatened with arrest from the start for doing nothing other than photographing and recording the police abusing citizens.


Virgil Vaduva of the Greene County Herald was arrested for “displacing” an orange cone in the parking lot of the mall while he was photographing. Police were asked repeatedly what law he had broken. After being asked no less than two dozen times, one officer replied “I don’t know.”

Other Beavercreek officers were seen violently pushing children as young as 8-years-old, and threatening to arrest a 14-year-old boy for taking pictures in the parking lot with his iPhone. Once they were informed that they were being video recorded by several others, they backed off of him and threatened to arrest those filming their advances towards that juvenile.

Officers also attempted to handcuff a mother pushing a stroller who was simply going to her minivan in the parking lot.

Click the link for two videos showing the cops engaged in their bad behavior.

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Beavercreek police arrest retired law professor at John Crawford protest

The Beavercreek Police also arrested well-known former University of Dayton Law Professor and protester Vernellia R. Randall, said she was arrested by police because police were pushing her and she was not able to get out of the mall when they told her and others to leave.

Video at the link

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Beavercreek police officer stomps on Eric Garner banner

This tells us all we need to know about where this guy’s sympathies lie. #solidaritywithmurderouscops

Beavercreek Police showed solidarity with Garner’s killer, by joyfully stomping on his name, then violently pushing shoppers and protesters alike, even though the exit they were being forced against was clearly blocked by masses of people.

We spoke with several people who witnessed this. The woman who took the pictures of him stomping on it says that she saw the officer approach the banner that said something supportive of Eric Garner.

She asked him, sarcastically “Oh, did you want me to take your picture with this?”

He responded by deliberately stomping on it repeatedly, to answer what he thought about the innocent, unarmed man who was killed for not paying a few pennies of tax on lose cigarettes.

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 TX SWAT team brutalizes innocent man in no-knock wellness check, concocts charges

Chad Chadwick is the man who fell victim to the horrific series of events, which began on the night of September 27, 2011.  Mr. Chadwick was home alone that evening and feeling distraught.  A concerned friend eventually phoned the police to check on Mr. Chadwick’s emotional well-being.  Mr. Chadwick had consumed some alcohol and had fallen asleep in the bathtub in his apartment.

Mr. Chadwick had not threatened himself or anyone else, and had a spotless criminal record.  Nonetheless, police responded to the concerned friend by sending a paramilitary, multi-jurisdictional SWAT team to conduct a no-knock raid on the man’s apartment.  According to Mr. Chadwick, police lied in order to obtain the warrant.

“They told a judge I had hostages. They lied to a judge and told him I had hostages in my apartment and they needed to enter,” Mr. Chadwick explained to MyFoxHouston.


The SWAT team arrived in short order and broke down the apartment door without identifying themselves, then quickly made their way to the bathroom where the resident was bathing.  Their first maneuver was to lob a concussion grenade into the bathroom, causing extensive damage to the furnishings and disorienting Mr. Chadwick.

“While I had my hands up naked in the shower they shot me with a 40 [caliber] non-lethal round,” he recalled.

A second concussion grenade detonated, and SWAT officers swarmed in and attacked Mr. Chadwick.

“I turned away, the explosion went off, I opened my eyes the lights are out and here comes a shield with four or five guys behind it. They pinned me against the wall and proceeded to beat the crap out of me,” he said.

Mr. Chadwick went on to explain the extent of his injuries.

The police “claimed [Chadwick] drew down with a shampoo bottle” and proceeded to respond with heightened levels of force.  Mr. Chadwick was accosted and shot in the back of the head with a taser.

“They grabbed me by my one hand that was out of the shower and grabbed me by my testicles slammed me on my face on the floor and proceeded to beat me more,” Mr. Chadwick told FOX 26.

By the end of the ordeal Mr. Chadwick had suffered a broken nose, bruised ribs, multiple lacerations and bruises, a taser barb in the back of his skull, and permanent hearing loss.  He was hauled off to the Fort Bend County Jail, where he was left in an isolation cell for 2 days.


Rather than admitting a mistake had taken place, police began to file charges against the man in an apparent effort to cover up the incompetence and justify the brutality.  First, Mr. Chadwick was charged with two felony counts of assaulting police officers.  But a grand-jury found no basis for the charges and declined to indict him.

When that didn’t work, the prosecution filed new charges; this time for misdemeanor resisting arrest.  Those charges were dropped as well.

Then a third round of charges were issued.  In total, the prosecution — led by Ft. Bend County District Attorney John Healy — filed six criminal charges against Mr. Chadwick and eventually put him on trial for “interfering with police.”  After more than three years fighting the corrupt system, Mr. Chadwick was cleared by a jury. He was found not guilty of interfering with police on the night he was attacked in his bathroom.

This is a fucking travesty of justice. The lack of accountability in police departments across the country is appalling.

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Police taser and arrest severely autistic black man walking down the street at night

An innocent 34-year-old autistic man was tasered and arrested by police on Christmas eve because he was walking down the street at night.

Greenville City Police were in the area responding to reports of gunshots when they came across Tario Anderson and shined a spotlight in the innocent man’s face. Anderson reacted by walking away from this stressful sensory overload.

“When they put their spotlight on him, he immediately put his head down, put his hands in his pockets and began to walk away from him,” Officer Johnathan Bragg with Greenville Police said. “They then got out of the vehicle and approached him and ordered him to stop at which point he did flee from the officers and they pursued him.”

Anderson had committed no crime but since he did not immediately bow down to the police, he was tasered and cops piled on top of him.

His mother, Carolyn Anderson, said he has severe autism, does not understand much and did not need to be arrested or shocked with a Taser.

“Tario can say yes or no, he might ask for a thing or two, but just verbal, no,” Carolyn Anderson said.

According to WYFF, Carolyn Anderson said the family has lived on Sullivan St. her entire life and he often walks most nights to other relatives’ homes on the street. When neighbors saw Tario shocked with the Taser, Carolyn Anderson said they called her to come outside, but officers would not let her near her son.

“If you had seen my baby was out there, laying on that sidewalk and every time he reached for me, I reached for him- [they’d say] ‘Get back, we gonna Tase you,’” Carolyn Anderson said. “I was trying to make them take me to jail. I curse everything, ‘Take me! I’m the one causing trouble! Take me. He’s not doing nothing.’ No matter what I said, it didn’t make no difference to them.”

Bragg callously stated that Tario Anderson deserved the force he received from officers. He said the officers were not aware that Anderson has a mental handicap, and because he broke the law by running and resisting arrest, they arrested him.

I forgot that in this country, citizens are supposed to obey every single thing a police officer says.  Nothing else matters. Not the circumstances. Not one’s mental state. Not the assurance that one hasn’t committed a crime.  Nope. When the police want you to do something, you’d better do it. Otherwise, you get tasered, arrested, choked, raped, or shot. And they really don’t want to do that to people, so they advise us to just listen to them.

Police Behaving Badly 12.27.14