I don't wanna say you totally wasted your money

But maybe LEGO did…






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I knew that many activities are gendered, but I didn’t know that being into horses was a “girl thing”. For those that don’t understand, what that means is our culture–U.S. culture–deems certain activities to be for girls and certain things for guys. These aren’t official rules.  You won’t necessarily find them being taught in school or at a university. They exist nonetheless as unofficial, socially reinforced rules that define the boundaries of acceptable activities for boys and girls…based on nothing more than their gender.  As the woman in the comic points out, it ain’t hard to appeal to girls. Women (and girls) are not mysterious, unknowable entities that no man (or corporation) can understand. Their motivations, emotions, desires, and interests are not unfathomable. In actuality, they are quite knowable.  You just need to talk less, listen more, and [try to] leave your biases at the door.

I don't wanna say you totally wasted your money

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    Many things that are “for girls” are only “for girls”…providing there isn’t income involved.
    Cooking? That’s a housewifely, “for girls” thing.
    Chef-ing, on the other hand, especially where renown and money are concerned, seems to be more of a “men’s club”.
    I noticed this very sharply years and years ago; that the flute is, apparently, a “for girls” instrument—unless you were talking top-of-the-field, known-by-name, album-selling flautists—in which case, it was all men, again.

    It’s been a few years, but I remember reading (for SCA documentation purposes) that way back in the day, when beer was a non-industrial, non-professional undertaking (like for family use), it was primarily the women brewing it; but as soon as there was money in it, steps were taken to exclude women from it. Same deal with weaving.

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    So all those “box” makers have it wrong? In a word YESSS…. age, gender, race et al! It’s all about the $dollar. We change the mindset by voting with our feet; boycott or otherwise move our money where it aligns with our principles and core values!!

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