Perfect example of white privilege

“We thought he reached into his pants to grab a gun so we arrested him and he was charged with disturbing the peace and resisting an officer without violence.”

When you hear those words from a police officer, you can be fairly certain they are not talking about a black person. After all, we’re thugs, brutes, and demons (honestly, just ask Darren Wilson). Oh, and we’re violent. But white people? Ya’ll are treated differently:

On Sunday, inside the Miami Beach Convention Center, police said Sherrard joined about 30 people protesting the wealthy. They say he tried fighting off officers who were herding him out of the building, then reached his right hand into his pants and pulled out something unexpected.

“The unknown item was discovered to be a prosthetic penis sex toy,” wrote Miami Beach Police Officer Alex Delgado. “The item was impounded.”

Sherrard, an activist who also happens to be a well-known New York City street performer, was arrested, charged with disturbing the peace and resisting an officer without violence.

Beach police, it seems, didn’t appreciate his particular act. In an interview with The Herald on Monday, he said officers apparently mistook “a prosthetic packing penis for a handgun.”

Wonder why the cops didn’t fear for their lives upon thinking he had a gun…oh wait.  I know the answer to this!

White privilege–granting white people the benefit of the doubt in encounters with the police.

Perfect example of white privilege

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    All these stories of White privilege reminds of that Eddie Murphy SNL skit where he dressed up like a White man in white makeup and wandered around NY surreptitiously getting perks from other White people, like free newspapers and parties on Public transportation.

    We suspected that was true but c’mon?

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