The Great Big Pop Culture Link Round Up 11.8.14

Mark Wahlberg is the $6 million Billion Dollar Man!

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Director Peter Berg and “Marky” will join forces to create a 2016 remake of the $6 Million Dollar Man. Obviously things have changed a bit since Lee Majors starred in the popular 70s show. It costs a few billion dollars to make a bionic man these days. I think $6 million would only cover minor changes like bionic lips, ears, or fingers. I think you might be able to get bionic breasts or a penis for that amount too, but that’s probably pushing it.

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Quit trying to wreck my suspension of disbelief!

Suspension of disbelief is essential when enjoying superhero comics. There are certain ideas in comics you have to accept for the sake of enjoying the stories. Take for instance the Flash. We know that no one in the real world could run that fast. We know that the human body could not withstand the impact of hitting the ground thousands of times a second or withstanding the friction while moving at Mach 3. Still, it can be fun to bring some real world knowledge into comic books just to see how far we’re suspending our disbelief.  The Physics Special Topics Journal of the University of Leicester recently published a paper by several students that examined a scene from a recent episode of the CW’s Flash television show. Check out the video below for their findings.

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 Superheroes make the worst roommates!

What if Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Thor, Spider-Man, the Hulk, or Captain America were YOUR roommate? Thanks to Dorkly, now we know!

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 Video games as a varsity sport?

Students are getting paid to game at an Illinois university, and the school says the first season of its eSports team is such a success that the program will definitely continue next year.

There are 35 students on the eSports team at Robert Morris University in Aurora, the first school to categorize playing video games as a varsity sport, even offering scholarship funds for the “athletes.” The team meets every weekday for practice between 4 and 9 p.m., with an hour break for dinner, and competitions are every Saturday, the school’s associate athletic director Kurt Melcher told ABC News.

“It’s going great so far,” Melcher said, adding that the team’s practices are just “like any other sport.”

“The coaches set up different scrimmages, different presentations on tactics,” he said. “And the same dedication is required.”

The eSports athletes are expected to go to class just like any other student, he said.

“The difference is that when they finish class, they walk fourteen steps over the arena for practice instead of going to the gym,” Melcher said.

The high-end gaming arena was built specifically for the eSports team, which was announced this summer. Melcher said the school got more than 100 applications for the 35 spots, and players get up to a 50-percent scholarship covering tuition and room and board.

The eSports athletes play “League of Legends” and battle club teams from other universities every Saturday.

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The Great Big Pop Culture Link Round Up 11.8.14

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