Grandfather thwarts attempted rape of his granddaughter (TW)

NC Grandfather Shoots Intruders Who Attempted To Rape Granddaughter

According to WSPA, the burglars tried to rape the man’s teenage granddaughter during the home invasion. Investigators said the grandfather was also shot several times but managed to shot all three men.

It all started Monday night after a knock at the door on Yedda Road in Lumberton. The men stormed the house where the grandfather, his wife, and 19-year-old granddaughter were inside. The men forced the grandfather and the wife to open a safe. Investigators also say they attempted to rape the granddaughter. Someone the grandfather managed to get a gun and shot at the suspects.

The men stole the grandfather’s Cadillac. The McLeod Hospital in Dillon contacted the sheriff’s office after two men showed up with gunshot wounds.Deputies later found the body of 20-year-old, Jamie Lee Faison dead inside the stolen vehicle. The sheriff’s office believes the three suspects had also committed other home invasions in the area.**

I first saw this news on Facebook. Some of the sites I saw that ran this headline (aside from news affiliates):

The Revolution
The Blaze
National Association for Gun Rights
Tea Party News Network
Capitalism Freedom
The Inquisitor
Easy Bake Gun Club
Conservative Refocus
The Daily Caller (the story was linked from this site by the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives group on FB)
Sunday World (a gossip rag)

Note how the sites lean toward the conservative end of the political spectrum*. It’s just as bad (if not worse) if you do a Google search for “1 dead after NC grandfather”. Stormfront is one of the results, as is another site called Politix. Google flags both sites as having a bad reputation.  I already knew that from the racist Stormfront, but I knew nothing of Politix.  Good to know. There’s also the Lunatic Outpost and Bearing Arms. That’s just the first page.

But then, it doesn’t surprise me that conservative or libertarian sites are running this headline.  It gives them the chance to talk about how people need guns to defend themselves (nevermind the fact that having a gun in the home increases the risk of injury or death to the people living in the home) and how there are some people in the US who want to take your guns away. All the same bullshit you hear after any incident involving guns. These fucknuggets really think there is a serious chance of their guns being taken away (or that any politician with an ounce of influence is pushing through legislation to take everyone’s guns away). These are the people who hear “School shooting” and automatically, they think “they’re coming for our guns”. For the umpteen billionth time, Gun Control =/= coming to take your damn guns. If you’re a law-abiding citizen, and you already have a gun, most of the gun control legislation isn’t even going to affect you. It might affect your ability to acquire a gun in the future, but it’s not going to result in FBI agents knocking on your door and politely asking for your gun (or even doing so forcefully).  So please calm down with the histrionics people.  Gun control legislation is proposed to keep guns out of the hands of the people who shouldn’t have them (felons, people with a history of domestic violence and assault, and people with mental illnesses*…I wish more people, such as ‘Irresponsible Americans’, were added to this list).

*all three categories are not equivalent to one another

**Did no one proofread this story? It’s on the WFMY News 2 website, not a blog. You’d think an editor would have checked spelling and sentence structure before allowing it to be posted.

Grandfather thwarts attempted rape of his granddaughter (TW)