Second autopsy results for Michael Brown revealed

If you don’t know who Michael Brown was, or if you’ve never heard of Ferguson, MO, please read here, here, here, here, or here.

Those that are familiar with the protests that erupted in and around Ferguson, MO in the wake of the execution of Michael Brown by the still roaming free and not arrested Officer Darren Wilson, may be interested in the results of a second, private autopsy of his body. Doctor Michael Baden and Professor Shawn Parcells conducted an independent autopsy at the behest of the Brown family, who did not trust local authorities to conduct an unbiased autopsy (indeed-I would not trust them either).

An independent, preliminary autopsy performed on the body of Michael Brown shows that the 18-year-old was shot “at least six times,” according to Dr. Michael M. Baden, formerly the chief medical examiner for the City of New York, one of two experts who performed the autopsy.

Dr. Baden said Brown’s family asked him and Prof. Shawn Parcells, a pathology assistant, to conduct the independent autopsy because they did not trust local authorities to conduct an unbiased examination of the teenager, who was shot by police officer Darren Wilson in circumstances that remain unclear. The town of Ferguson, Missouri, has been shaken by angry protests since Brown’s death and police have responded with tear gas and curfews.

Six bullets struck Brown, Dr. Baden said in a press conference earlier today. Two may have exited and re-entered Brown’s body, he said, resulting in multiple wounds.

Darren Wilson feared for his life from a black man that he had to shoot him at least six times.  Remember, after the altercation in the police car, Brown ran away. That means that Officer Wilson fired several shots even after he was out of danger. He didn’t have to kill Michael Brown. He chose to. Scumbag.

Mark Kauzlarich/Reuters (via Newsweek)

The autopsy did not reveal signs of a struggle, Dr. Baden said, which casts doubt on an earlier statement by police that a struggle between Brown and Wilson precipitated Brown’s shooting. Police have said Brown forced his way inside Wilson’s cruiser, where Wilson shot at Brown for the first time.

Dr. Baden said he found no gunpowder residue on Brown’s skin, which could mean that the muzzle of Wilson’s gun was “at least one or two feet away” from Brown when he was shot. However, Dr. Baden was adamant that he would need to examine Brown’s clothing for gunpowder residue to make a conclusive finding.

I’m sure it will come as no surprise that Brown’s clothing was not made available for Dr. Baden. I wonder why. Is there something that the local authorities don’t want people to know? They wouldn’t possibly cover anything up or obstruct justice to protect Darren Wilson, would they? Naaaaah.

Brown’s clothing was not available for Dr. Baden and Prof. Parcells to examine, Baden said, though it was almost certainly examined during Brown’s first autopsy performed by the St. Louis County Medical Examiner. If no gunpowder residue was found on Brown’s clothing during the first autopsy, it will likely throw the Ferguson PD’s timeline of events into question.

Prof. Parcells said a wound on Brown’s right arm was “consistent with a witness statement” that Brown was first shot while facing away from Wilson, but he stressed that he and Dr. Baden could not determine conclusively the trajectories of the bullets that hit Brown—or which direction he was moving—when he was shot. The wounds “could be consistent with going forward or going backward,” Dr. Baden said.

An attorney for Brown’s family said at least some of the shots traced a “back-to-front” trajectory, indicating that Brown was shot from behind.

“Why would he be shot in the top of his head? A 6-foot-4 man?” the attorney asked. “It makes no sense.”

So much about this case makes no sense. Perhaps this question should be added to this list of 15 questions for Darren Wilson.

In related, but largely irrelevant news, an anonymous source familiar with the county’s investigation told the Washington Post that in addition to being shot six to eight times, he had marijuana in his system.  Ah, lovely. People are going to take that character assassination and run with it as evidence that he deserved to be shot. Because marijuana turns black people into violent cop killers (no, it doesn’t; weed makes you lazy as fuck, not aggressive…in either case, the presence of a drug in the body of a victim is no justification for executing them).

Second autopsy results for Michael Brown revealed