She was in the middle of the highway with guns pointed at her while having contractions

Picture this:  Your wife is going into labor. You hop in the car and make a mad dash to the hospital, speeding as fast as you can to get there. Along the way, you pass cops.  You probably think they’ll pursue you to the hospital where you’ll be able to explain the situation as your wife goes to the delivery room right? Whoa there pardner. That’s called wishful thinking:

Ben Kohnen told WHO-TV that when his wife, Rachel, went into labor with her fourth child on Tuesday, something was different.

“She says, this is not like the others, this is happening right now,” Ben Kohnen explained.

He admitted that he was going about 30 miles over the speed limit when Manson Police officers tried to pull the couple over.

“He starts following me and he turns on his lights an my wife says we can’t pull over. The baby is coming now,” Ben Kohnen recalled.

Rachel Kohnen said that she told her husband not to stop.

“I think I was screaming, ‘ Oh dear God, we can’t have the baby in the car,’” she said.

The couple called 911, but acknowledged that it was probably difficult for dispatches to understand the expecting mother between contractions.

And as the couple approached the outskirts of Fort Dodge, officer were prepared to use force.

“They had thrown out the tire spikes and so all four tires, I run over those and all four tires go flat,” Ben Kohnen said.

The couple said that they were both forced to the ground and held at gunpoint.

“I was in the middle of the highway having contraction with guns pointed at me,” Rachel Kohnen noted.

But eventually police realized that the situation was a medical emergency.

In the end, Rachel Kohnen made it to the hospital with an hour to spare. Her 10 pound baby girl was said to be “doing really well.”

The article goes on to note that the Police Chief said the couple could have avoided all of that if they’d contacted 911 in advance. I’m sure that completely sensible option passed through their heads in the middle of being panicked.  Sure.

She was in the middle of the highway with guns pointed at her while having contractions