Protests over the death of Michael Brown continue

The protests in Missouri continue. In the wake of Michael Brown’s death at the hands of police officer Darren Wilson-who is still free-citizens of Ferguson, MO have been protesting.

Police harassment.

Police Brutality.

Police indifference to the lives of black people.

Apathy from the local, state, and even federal government.

They’re pissed off, justifiably.  Sadly, police continue to interfere in the protests (they have even deployed a sniper on one occasion). They are also terrorizing the protesters.

The protests have expanded beyond the streets of Ferguson to the St. Louis Symphony

a sit-in at St. Louis University,

and most recently, at Edward Jones Dome, during the second half of a recent St. Louis Rams football game.

I’m sure there are many people who are angered by these protests. I mean who wants social justice warriors to interrupt a precious football game?!

To them, I’ll simply that when when black lives matter, you can have your precious football games, uninterrupted. Until then, I’m glad people are making ya’ll feel uncomfortable. You need to be shocked out of your complacency. You need to realize that this shit is going on all around you and that you need to stand up and speak out. Racism isn’t going to end by itself. It needs everyone fighting against it, especially white people, since they’re the ones who built the system and benefit from it the most.

Protests over the death of Michael Brown continue