Pope's second in command spews homophobia

Raymond Burke is basically the Vice President of the Catholic Church. He is the Cardinal Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura. Ooooh, “respect mah authoritah!” Uh, no.  He was recently interviewed by LifeSiteNews and shared his opinions on homosexual relationships:

In an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews, Cardinal Raymond Burke has responded to a controversial presentation by an Australian couple before 191 of the Catholic Church’s leading bishops and cardinals at the ongoing Extraordinary Synod on the Family this week.

During their intervention, which has turned out to be one of the most widely reported interventions at the Synod, the Priolas asked and answered a question about what parents should do in the case where their son wants to bring his homosexual partner to a Christmas dinner where their grandchildren will be present.

The Pirolas’ response, which they held up as a model for the manner in which the Catholic Church should deal with same-sex relationships, was that parents should accept the participation of the son and his homosexual partner knowing “their grandchildren would see them welcome the son and his partner into the family.”

I’d say kudos for the response, but really, I’m not going to give kudos to people for displaying a basic level of decency towards others.  This is how people ought to react when a gay person brings their lover over for the holidays. It shouldn’t even be controversial. For many religious people, though, it is. They think that there’s a moral component to sexuality (there isn’t). Moreover, they think that other people should be bound by their oppressive, discriminatory views. Fuck that noise. They can have their beliefs, but the minute they start trying to impose them on others, there’s a problem. If they want to persuade people that their beliefs are reasonable, they’re going to need more than the collection of misinformation, lies, and fiction that is the Bible to support such a position.

Speaking to LifeSiteNews on a short break from the Synod yesterday, Cardinal Burke, the Prefect of the Vatican’s Apostolic Signitura, called the Pirolas’ question a ‘delicate’ question that needs to be addressed in a “calm, serene, reasonable and faith-filled manner.”

“If homosexual relations are intrinsically disordered, which indeed they are — reason teaches us that and also our faith — then, what would it mean to grandchildren to have present at a family gathering a family member who is living [in] a disordered relationship with another person?” asked the cardinal.

“If”. Burke takes it as axiomatic that homosexual relationships are disordered. He hasn’t established this. He hasn’t offered any evidence of this. He simply asserts this as truth (backed by the “evidence” to be found in biblical teaching). Moreover, the obvious implication is that heterosexual relationships are intrinsically ‘ordered’. He clearly doesn’t know much about relationships-hetero or homo. This view is arrived at through a god-centric view (specifically the Christian god, bc clearly this guy isn’t Vice President of Mt. Olympus) of humanity that is just assumed to be true. This is another of my problems with religious belief. So many theists take their religious view of the world as automatically true and shape their beliefs to fit that worldview. They never take the time to verify whether or not their worldview accurately represents the world. In the case of every single religion ever, there has yet to be any religious belief system that accurately reflects the world around us.  So far, none of them have been proven to be true. When people wrap their beliefs and opinions around a false or inaccurate worldview, it often leads to problems.  Case in point-the Catholic Church’s opposition to homosexuality.

Also, what the hell is even meant by “intrinsically disordered”?

Burke added, “we don’t want our children” to get the “impression” that sexual relationships outside God’s plan are alright, “by seeming to condone gravely sinful acts on the part of a family member.”

Translation:  Gays are icky. Discriminate and oppress away.

“We wouldn’t, if it were another kind of relationship — something that was profoundly disordered and harmful — we wouldn’t expose our children to that relationship, to the direct experience of it. And neither should we do it in the context of a family member who not only suffers from same-sex attraction, but who has chosen to live out that attraction, to act upon it, committing acts which are always and everywhere wrong, evil.”

All of that is predicated on the view that children are somehow damaged by exposure to same-sex relationships. I wonder if the Vice President of the Raping Children Church has any evidence of that.

Speaking of the Raping Children Church, it’s it’s funny that the #2 guy in the Catholic Church continues to make the unproven assertion that the presence of homosexuals is somehow harmful to children. Not only are his views unproven, they’re contradicted by the evidence that shows that children of same-sex couples may in fact do better than children of mixed sex couples.  Strangely enough, I don’t see much headway in bringing to justice the many priests that have raped children. I continue to see the Catholic Church shielding pedophile priests, yet they think they have the authority to speak about what is good for children.  The “system of morality” that the Catholic Church has in place is flawed to the core. They derive their sense of right and wrong from a behavioral code transcribed centuries ago based on an inaccurate understanding of the world touted as “the truth”.  The Catholic Church’s “morality” is not based on assessing the impact our actions have on people around us, but rather on truths as revealed by an invisible, inaudible, intangible, undetectable entity. The standards set forth by the Catholic Church have brought demonstrable harm to women, children, and homosexuals across the planet. Yet because they think they have the hotline to the man in the sky, they cannot see what is plain to many others:  the Catholic Church has no standing to claim they are the moral arbiters of anything. They are an organization that perpetuates injustice, inequality, and evil.

(hat tip to The New Civil Rights Movement)

Pope's second in command spews homophobia

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    Kudos? Hey, I did NOT take a big dump in my living room during our last Thanksgiving dinner. So kudos to me. Right?

    what would it mean to grandchildren to have present at a family gathering a family member who is living [in] a disordered relationship with another person?”

    That we love them and we want to include them in our celebrations. And that we are glad that they have fou.d someone special. Duh!

    who not only suffers from same-sex attraction

    Poeple like this dipshit is causing the suffering, not the attraction.


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    Ok, i take that as permission. 🙂

    What is the deal with the Pope being a candidate for the Nobel Peace prize?

    Malala? YES! So awesome.
    Kailash Satyarthi? Also good.
    Snowden? Eh, ok. Maybe.

    I’ll stop now. 🙂

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    Also, what the hell is even meant by “intrinsically disordered”?

    Unlawful, in the sense of Law vs. Chaos?
    I had no idea that the Catholic Church subscribed to the 9-place alignment system!

    the Catholic Church has no standing to claim they are the moral arbiters of anything. They are an organization that perpetuates injustice, inequality, and evil.


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